“Kaparkan Falls in Tineg Abra”

For me, Abra is one of the least visited provinces here in the Philippines. You probably cannot see the name of this place at the top of the most travelers bucket lists. Perhaps, because of its “unsafe” reputation due to political killing.

However, though I’m not from Abra, I can still say that those dangers were all in the past and it is now safe particularly for travelers. This is as well according to the person I know who is now living in Abra.

So where exactly is Abra?

According to google, it is a landlocked province of the Philippines in the CAR (Cordillera Administrative Region) in Luzon. Its capital is Bangued and is bordered by Ilocos Norte on the northwest, Apayao on the northeast, Kalinga on the mid-east, Mountain Province on the southeast, and Ilocos Sur on the southwest.Recently, it became popular on social media due to its viral photos of a “terraced” waterfalls which is located in Tineg Abra. In my own opinion, they probably described this as “terraced” because it is similar to some of the rice terraces view in Mountain Provinceimg_20180307_085252_866473563367.jpgc) theparchipelago via instagram

They named this as Kaparkan or Mulawin Falls and it is now one of the rising attractions in the province of Abra and was later featured on the GMA Tv show Biyahe ni Drew. Since then, the show had given enough reason why Abra should be included in every travelers destination in the Cordillera region.

Because of curiosity, I asked the people if how or where did they get its name- why Kaparkan or Mulawin but apparently, they don’t have any idea as well (I’ll try to do some research about this). Anyways, who would have thought that Abra has this kind of breathtaking view?

(c) c.lavel via instagram
(c) moderndayigorot via instagram
(c) daydreamer1003 via instagram

According to the locals, it is good to come here during the rainy season because there’s not much to see during the dry season. Alas! Don’t come here if you’re not an adventurer. I’m telling you that coming here is not just a walk in Burnham park or just a walk along Session Road but rather like a “buwis-buhay” feat.

Additionaly, coming here requires a lot of stamina, effort, patience (particularly if you’re coming during the rainy season). Of course, don’t forget to bring waterproof clothes, trash bag, camera and the most important, water water water!. Nonetheless, you will be rewarded with such an awesome view once you reach Kaparkan Falls.

(c) Pinterest
(c) daydreamer1003 via instagram

Note: They closed the place back in 2016 for the road improvement and was reopened last 2017. So I strongly encourage every travelers to put Abra on your next travel destinations. There are actually awesome views and hidden gems that can only be seen there. Trust me, it was my first time in Abra and I was really amazed with all the tourist spots that I saw.

Tips: Mostly of the interesting sights require long land travel so I suggest that it’s best to bring your own car if you have. It is best as well to coordinate with the tourism office at the Provincial Capitol in Bangued for the registration before your visit. No one is allowed to go and directly trek the area.

(c) San Josenyong Gala via blogspot

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