“Mount Ulap: Traverse Trek”

Mount Ulap is one of the astonishing mountains in BENGUET. It is quickly growing in popularity as a climbing and hiking destination which is located at AMPUCAO ITOGON BENGUET.

So we went there last November 13, 2016.We took a jeep at BAGUIO CENTERMALL just near jollibee. Then we visited the AMPUCAO BARANGAY HALL (just near the school) for us to register. The entrance fee is 100 per head and 400 pesos for the guide whether you are in a group or alone. And then after a quick orientation of our guide, we started the trek at 12:30 pm.
There are 3 peaks in this destination by the way. First is the Ambanao Paoay Peak, second is the Gungal Rock and then third is the SUMMIT.

The first part of the trek was the hardest because we experienced heavy breathing while walking for the reason that the way up is very hard until the ridgeline. But we were still thankful because the place is surrounded by pine tress with a relaxing air.14993469_1449283125099208_9153826080152818924_nAnd then the next trek was actually easier as it was more relaxing. And this is the part where we really enjoyed the most. The views are awesome.15107369_1449287948432059_7748507590202903109_n15107427_1449288115098709_875018681494718954_n15036733_1449288675098653_8367290586603526968_n

This is the AMBANAO PAOAY!


The other side of GUNGAL ROCK!

There were a lot of hikers when we came here so while waiting for our turn for photo, we decided to have some rest first. Then some snacks. And then when we were done for picturesque, we continued our trek going to the last destination which was the summit. We got even more excited of what it looks like.

It took us 3 hours to SUMMIT but it can be done within 2 hours. It was that we took some times having some rest again and again and having photos of course. haha15036423_1449310551763132_8628869966399672787_n

On our way to SUMMIT!

This is it, the SUMMIT!
(c) DAN TRAVELS! The other side of SUMMIT!
15095586_1449307735096747_5197563119846716450_nSo we had our exit at STA. FE which in my own opinion the hardest part because it’s slippery and too steep . There were areas where we were traversing the side of the mountain where one wrong step would have us rolling down the cliff. So extra careful is a must once you decided to take the TRAVERSE TREK rather than the BACK TREK.

We finished the trek for 7 hours and we had body pain after but definitely worth the experience!


Till then,


6 thoughts on ““Mount Ulap: Traverse Trek”

  1. Awesome! I wanna go hiking, but particularly to see the sunrise in there. Can you suggest a hiking place where that’s possible? I guess, I may either have to leave really early in the morning from the city or stay overnight in a cheap transient house near it. Thanks 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If sunrise is your purpose, you can also see it in Mount Yangbew and Mount Cabuyao. But yes you have to really start your hike early in the morning. Or you can also try Mount Pulag (but never been there). We are still planning to hike it one of these days. You can check it on google or some blog post about Mount Pulag.


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