“DINGALAN, AURORA: Batanes of the East”

Dingalan is one of the municipalities in Aurora that was being featured in the GMA tv show Biyahe ni Drew- dubbed as Batanes of the East because of the mountain landscapes, the lighthouse and the ocean sceneries that seems like you’re in Batanes. So because of curiosity, Ken and I decided again to book a trip through a travel agency and as usual, the Sagada and Tour Travel Agency. You know, I realized that joining a group tour is much better than doing it solo or only by pair because of course, less expenses, you will not be worrying about the bus and boat transportation, to meet a lot of new friends and most importantly, you will never be bored during the trip.Anyways, we arrived in Dingalan at exactly 6:00 am after a 4-5 hours drive from Baguio. So we had our breakfast first since there were many eateries before our guide oriented us about the places we will going to see. He also explained further details about the background of the places. Before getting a wonderful view, we rode a pump boat going to Lamao Cave, the first stop on our itinerary. So from Feeder Port, the boat ride took us half an hour before we reached Lamao Cave but we still enjoyed it since the view is spectacular. However, we were not able to enter the cave because the waves was a little rough as the waters inside the cave according to our guide are part of the undoubtedly huge pacific ocean.So we instead decided to go in Suah rock formation which is just a minutes away from Lamao cave. It was the second stop on our itinerary. This is where I enjoyed the most because of its oddly picturesque view. I haven’t been to Ilocos so I can’t really compare but they say that this has a bit similarity in Kapurpurawan rock formation in Burgos, Ilocos Norte. I guess, the only difference is the color and formation of rocks. Because in Ilocos, they are so white while in here, it’s like a “blackish- brownish” or the usual color of rocks. See those naturally rock formation? Best for picture taking right? Note: Lamao Cave and Suah rock formation are accessible depends on waves to be determined by your guide and boatman.

So after taking lots of photo here, we proceeded on the third stop of our itinerary which was the White Beach- this is the jump off point to the Batanes of the East view deck. It says “white” so I was expecting that the color of the sand is really white but I was disappointed. It’s just an ordinary beach with cottages that you can rent. We had rest upon reaching the white beach and then freshened up ourselves with a fresh buko juice. To be honest, this is the part of our itinerary that I didn’t really appreciate but of course, this is only my side. Still, this is worth visiting.

Note: According to our guide, this beach is really white but it turned to color brown or beige due to recent typhoons that caused soil erosion in the area.

Anyways, the fourth stop of our itinerary was the mountain view deck aka Batanes of the East. We had a 30-45 minutes hike starting from white beach before we reached this view deck. Luckily, the hike was not really hard for me as the way going up was not muddy. So I suggest that the best time to come here is during summer days. This is also where the lighthouse is located. Our group decided to stay here for almost 30 minutes just taking photos as the view is really instagrammable. It’s just quite surprising to see such view in this province.The lighthouse and the mountain view deck are the main attractions in Dingalan.Alas! It was already 12:30 pm so we went back in White beach to have our lunch. We did a boodle fight (a mixture of fruits, vegetables and seafoods). After lunch, we headed to the last stop of our itinerary which was the Tanawan falls. I grew up in Sagada and you probably know that one main reasons if why Sagada is so popular is because of its waterfalls. So I grew up almost sorrounded with real waterfalls. I’m not saying that Tanawan falls is not real but I can’t consider this as a falls but rather, a river? A creek? Perhaps!…..anyways, this is just again my side. Also, it was too crowded when we came here. There were a lot of tourists taking photos, swimming so I only managed to take one photo but it’s fine. We were as well supposed to swim here as it was part of our itinerary but our group decided to leave since it was too crowded. At least, we were able to see it with our own two eyes.

Anyways, despite of the 2 places that I didn’t appreciate, Dingalan is still recommended since getting around this province is truly fun and worth the travel.

Our Itinerary:

Dingalan Day Tour

1,499 per person


✅ Round trip van transfer (all-in; fuel, toll fees, parking fees, drivers meals and allowances)

✅ Environmental fee, entrance fee, guide fee, registration fee, boat rental and lunch (boodle fight).

Tour Itinerary:

1:30 am – Assembly

2:00 am – Estimated time of Departure and pick up at Malcom Square, Lower Session Road, Baguio City.

6:00 am – Arrival and breakfast in Dingalan.

7:00 am – Registration at Feeder Port.

7:30 am – Boat ride to Lamao Cave

8:00 am – Arrival at Lamao Cave and Suah rock formation

– picture taking, snorkeling and cliff diving

10:00 am – boat ride to White beach

– trek to mountain view deck and lighthouse

12:30 am – Lunch at White Beach

1:30 pm – Depart to Tanawan Falls

2:00 pm – Arrival in Tanawan falls

– swimming

– picture taking

4:00 pm – Shower

5:00 pm – Dingalan marker

5:30 pm – Departure in Dingalan

11:00 pm – Arrival in Baguio


That’s all for today. If you have further questions, let me know by commenting on the comment box and I’ll try to answer as promptly as I possible can.

Thank you for reading!

Till then,

Al_ Yolly 💞

One thought on ““DINGALAN, AURORA: Batanes of the East”

  1. When you go on a group trip like this do you already know the others, or do you get to meet them for the first time on the trip? It looks like a lovely day. I keep being surprised by all the different geology in your country.


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