“Blog Anniversary: Kwento ng Aking Blog”

Alam niyo ba, sa tinagal tagal ko ng nagbloblog, ngayon ko lang naisipan na magbahagi kahit kapirasong kasaysayan kung paano nga ba at bakit nabuo ang blog na ito. Alam ko naman na wala kayong pakialam pero gusto ko parin isulat.. bakit ba!? HAHADala na rin siguro ng kabagalan ng oras sa lugar na kinalalagyan ko. Wala akong ibang maisip kundi ang magsulat habang hinihintay ang dapithapon.

So paano nga ba nag umpisa ang lahat?

Sa totoo lang, hindi ko na matandaan kung bakit ko naisipan na gumawa ng blog. Pero siguro dahil sa mahilig akong magbasa at magsulat ng kung ano ano. Hindi ako mahilig magkwento ng mga nangyayari sa buhay ko at lalong lalo na wala akong lakas ng loob sabihin kung ano man ang nararamdaman ko. Kaya ang tanging sandigan ko noon ay ang pagsusulat. Dito ko nilalabas ang aking kinikimkim na saloobin hanggang sa ginawa ko na itong libangan.

Isang kwaderno ang meron ako noon para sa aking mga kwento. Sa pagkakatanda ko, sinabihan ako ng aking kaibigan na bakit di nalang daw ako gumawa ng blog total mahilig nga akong magsulat. Ganun na nga, ginugol ko ang aking libreng oras sa pananaliksik tungkol sa paggawa ng blog. Sabi nga nila, kung talagang interesado ka sa isang bagay, gagawin at gagawin mo ang lahat.

Hanggang ito na nga, nabuo na itong aking websayt. Kung tatanungin niyo, bakit Promdi? Ang Promdi ay isang salitang balbal na ang ibig sabihin ay Probinsyano/Probinsyana kaya naging Writings of a Promdi Girl dahil isa akong Probinsyana.

Isa pa sigurong dahilan ay nung mga panahon na lugmok na lugmok ako na kung saan wala akong ibang ginawa kundi ang magbasa ng mga artikulo tungkol sa pag-ibig. Nag umpisa sa wattpad hanggang sa napunta kay Colleen Hoover. Hanggang sa naisipan kong magpalit ng aking dyanra kaya ko nakilala si John Grisham at umabot kay Stephen King. Iba’t ibang manunulat ang aking inidolo. Sila ang naging inspirasyon ko kaya ko naisipang gawin ang blog na ito sapagkat gusto ko ring mahasa ang talentong meron ako.

At kung meron man akong natutunan sa pagsusulat, ito ay ang maging malaya sa lahat na hindi ko iniisip kung ano man ang sasabihin ng iba- wala kayong pakialam dahil kwento ko ‘to! Masasabi kong sa pamamagitan ng pagsusulat ay nakilala ko ng husto ang aking sarili. Na kung saan, may kakayahan pala akong gawin ang mga bagay na sa tingin ko’y hindi ko kaya.

Oo, hindi naging madali ang lahat dahil ang hirap mag-isip ng iba’t ibang ideya. Pero dahil talagang decidido ako, unti unti ko na itong nakasanayan.

Mahirap magsimula at mahirap magsulat ng isang magandang kwento lalo na kung walang gagabay sa’yo. Pero paubos man ang tinta ng aking bolpen at papel, nais kong gamitin ang natitira sa mga bagay na nararapat at dapat matuklasan. Sige at ako’y magsusulat na at tuluyan kong ihahayag ang laman ng aking puso’t isipan.

Hanggang sa muli,

Al_Yolly 💞


“8 Random Quotes To Read”

Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone! Yesterday, we celebrated the Chinese New Year (also known as Lunar New Year) here in the Philippines so it was being declared as a non-working holiday. This is to give opportunity to Fil- Chinese in the country to enjoy the celebration. While they continue to uphold their tradition of disposing their old clothes and having new garbs on Chinese new year, we were just so happy to celebrate with them- spiritually.

Anyways, because of the holiday, I just stayed at home and had been writing these 8 random quotes for you guys. Okay without further ado:

That’s all for today. I just hope you enjoyed reading all of them. If so, which one is your favorite? Let me know by commenting below.

Till then,


“January 2019 Goals”

Hi! I can’t believe that 2019 is here already. It’s just like the past year went by too fast. January is one of my favorite months because I was born exactly new year. Also, it is a reminder that it’s a month to start over.

Anyways, I am so glad to be back on the blog and I can’t think of a better way than to share my January 2019 goals with you because you know, it is always great to have small and big goals for ourselves. Also, I think I need to set my goals for every after three months as this might make my yearly goal more attainable. Therefore, I will be updating you all with my goals and if I am achieving them. Okay, without further ado:January 2019 Goals

To make more time for family and friends.

• To practice more patience this year (I’m crossing my fingers).

• I enjoyed eating sweets over the holidays so this month is about getting back into my healthy routine.

• I have been MIA into reading this past year so this 2019, one of my goals is to read more often and to mix up my genres to make it interesting.

• To review at least one new book per month.

• To distance myself from those people that drains me. Swear!

• To go somewhere I’ve never been before. It doesn’t have to be another country, just those new places around me.

• To treat myself to something that makes me happy every single month.

• To learn to manage stress.

• Get in touch with God every Sunday or rather, every night.. at least.

• I will never allow failure to discourage me. Instead, I will take the said failure to do better.

• To accept that life is sometimes not all about happiness. Pain is always there so this 2019, I’ll try to just accept the whatever pain may come and use it for my growth.

• To let go of pride if it comes at the cost of progress.

• Lastly, to read these goals every night to remind myself that there’s something I’m aiming to achieve.

How about you? What are some of your goals for this month?

Thank you for reading.

Till then,

Al_Yolly 💞

“Dear Daddy….”

Well, I’m not here writing this article and telling you guys a lot of good things about my dad just because he is my father. Neither, I am not here to make those who grew up without a father feel envious. But I am here to simply provide my way of giving a letter to my dad. Hence, please, bear with me.

Dear Daddy,

You have been the best thing that has happened to me since I first came to this world.

Thank you for bringing me up to the person I am today- happy healthy and whole.

Thank you as well for always being there since day 1- providing a pillar of strength. Not to discredit mom (moms may be the dearest) but there’s always something special to a daddy- daughter relationship.

You have proven that indeed dads are superheroes because you have been my saviour since then.

I knew from the start that we are not filthy rich and we don’t have any luxuries in life but you pampered me with basically everything I asked for that you can afford.

You treated mom like your queen, you have proven that you are the best husband, best dad and for that, I admire you the most.

You worked tirelessly, relentlessly to fulfill our dreams.

I truly appreciate what you’ve done and what you’re still doing just to provide the things that we need- to keep us happy and safe.

As I’m growing up, I realize just how much you did for me. Without you, I’d be nowhere near the person I am and the person I’m still working on becoming. There are not enough words to describe how thanful I am for having you as my father.

Today Daddy, it is supposed to be our turn. Have I not told you that I want to give you the world one of these days.!?

That I want you to travel one of these days!?

That I want you to enjoy life in return for all that you’ve done!?

I want you to witness and be part of all the success of your children so please daddy be strong!

You have told me that it’s time for me to get married but please, wait until I really want to get married.

Perhaps, I am already at the marriageable age but I can sacrifice my happiness just to have so much time and take care of you daddy.!

Marriage can wait but time does go by extremely quickly and it is so important to focus first on what is imporatant in life- FAMILY!

It really pains me and was bothered too much seeing you in a situation like that.

Daddy! You’re still young, so please..hang on!

P.s, I’m here in Manila and can’t concentrate with what I’m supposed to be doing right now so I decided to write this article. Two weeks ago, my dad (as the tears roll down my face) was diagnosed with mild stroke at St. Theodore’s Hospital and it was like a punch to the stomach for all of us. I have never cried for myself but I am being emotional when it’s about my father. It’s his first stroke so he was confined for almost 7 days. I was there, I saw how dedicated he was to recover from his condition.

His doctor prescribed him medication to keep his blood pressure in a normal range. He was also reminded to have a healthy diet throughout each day. And as well as to not overworking his self.

At first, it was scary. He was looking at me, I don’t know what he was thinking so I cried, I secretly cried while witnessing him in a situation where he can’t properly walk, where he can’t properly move his right hand. However, his speech is okay- it was not affected. It was really exhausting at first but my siblings and I will do anything for our dad. After days of constantly massaging, praying and taking good care of him, of course, I know that it’s a long road and it hasn’t always been easy but at least, I have seen many positive progress- one day, he can’t do something but the next day, he can do it. Amazing..Truly GOD IS GOOD! We owe everything to God. Indeed prayer is one of the greatest healers and all I can say is that, my dad is one of my testimonies that there is God. Hear me!? YES, THERE IS GOD! Just continue to have faith. 💞

As an update, he is now completely recovering at home. Thank you for those who prayed for my dad and I hope that you will still continue to pray for him until he will fully get back to normal. May God bless us all!

Thank you for reading!

Till then,

Al_Yolly 💞

“DEAR PEOPLE: Please Stop Forcing Marriage On Me”

Don’t rush anything. When the time is right, it will happen. ~ Unknown

Last Monday, we were heading to Baguio when I saw this group of “kailyan” in Poblacion, Sagada. They were telling me in Kankanaey…”ay inmali ka ubpay, dat into pay insaam abes is babaro? Kaanu ka pay abes ay makiasawa ta sayang adi nan pintas mo.. Etc. Etc…

Note: Kankanaey is a language used by the Cordillerans particularly people from the Mountain Province and the province of Benguet.

Back, I have heard those words for like a million times already and I’m so so so sick of it!

Dear People,

I have always been a big fan of marriage so this clearly means that of course, I want to get married. All of us want to get married.

Fyi, I have always been dreaming of having a “simple” Igorot wedding one of these days.

But to tell you, I have attended several wedding ceremonies in the past twenty something years and even admired those beautiful brides, their beautiful long white gowns but…I NEVER WANTED TO BECOME THEM YET!

People..I’m fed up of being told how once I turn 28, 29, and hitting the big oh so scary age 3-0.

What is so scary with 30 anyway?

Will I become unsightly if I hit that age?

Perhaps, you may think that I will end up like those who never got married but I won’t people, I won’t!

You may think as well that I’m picky but I’m not.

I know mostly of you got married in an early age.

And this is probably going to sound awful but I’m so sorry if I offend… some of you even got married repeatedly but my parents brought me up different.

I vividly remember a phone conversation I had with my mom – “there’s no reason to hurry, get married at the right time”.

Yes! I am not growing any younger but it’s all about getting ready and I believe, that’s what anybody should think.

I’m realizing more and more while writing this article that perhaps, a lot of people got married probably because of lust, boredom, survival, safety, they felt like they were at the marriageable age, comfort, society demand etc. etc. And they were like, regretting it in the end.

Hence, I should first focus on all the good things I can and should be doing for myself before saying, “ I DO”.

I am writing this to tell you people that marriage is something I would never want to compromise.

Author’s Note:

Marriage is not a game, it’s a lifelong commitment. So even though the people around you are telling that you must get married as soon as possible, never ever allow their toxic beliefs to be projected onto you.

To be continued……

Thank you for reading.

Till then,

Al_Yolly ❤

“Losing and Grieving For My Dog”

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” — Anatole France

Years ago, I was having coffee at one of my favourite coffee shops in Baguio when I saw a girl expressing her anger towards the guy who stole her dog. She was crying, begging him to give back her dog. You know what I said? “It was just a dog!”.

(c) Pinterest

For some reason, I thought of that girl at exactly 6pm this past Tuesday. Yeah right! You will never really understand someone’s pain until you are the one feeling it. Yes, I’ve never understood that girl until now that I lost my dog.

Macky, one of the very special dogs in my life. A baby boy who had been a member of the family for one year and seven months has finally passed away after three weeks of struggling from his illness. He developed a tumor that made using his hind legs difficult so he didn’t have a lot of energy these past few weeks.

He had been with me through the ups and downs in life and even helped me cope with my other losses. He was all I wanted to be around when I was sad because he never failed in letting me know that even when it was hard, even when he was sleepy, he was still there for me. He provided me with daily opportunities to show his love and care. Man! I miss my macky! 😥

To some, this may sound foolish but I swear, the pain of losing him is so suffocating. I felt that the important part of my life have passed with him until last Wednesday, I came home and looked at the spot where he would usually be waiting. I called his name with the balmy notion that he’d appear barking while wagging his long white tail. But of course, it was just another sore reminder that he was really gone. It was just so heavy to let go of someone so sweet, so precious, and so attached to me.

Now, it is just me blistering around this quite house with nothing and no one to care for. Thinking that perhaps, it’s really a sad fact of life that dogs just don’t live as long as human do.

I knew I would get another dog after a months or even a years but a beloved dog can truly never be replaced.

P. S, Losing a pet can be as difficult as losing a human family member and this may seem silly to some but to those who have owned and lost a pet, you know what I’m feeling right now.

To be continued…

Thank you for reading.

Till then,

Al_Yolly ❤

“Don’t Rush: Get Married On Time”

It frustrates me sometimes when people see me and they were like,..Are you married? If not, get married now. You are old already and a lot of your friends were married so when is it your turn?

I was so irritated when I heard these words coming from a not so close “married friend with three kids already”. I was about to tell her that it’s not yet my priority and I don’t want to be competing with everyone around. I mean, just because she’s married or you are getting married, then I should be getting married as well. Like….what the hell!!! I am not so desperate that I will marry just anyone just because people around me are getting married. Besides, I am still young….HAHAHA So I’ll get there soon and not this time

Now, if you were married at a certain age then stop lecturing me to do the same! It’s my life! But let’s be clear, yes we all want to get married and without a doubt, I want to get married. However, this doesn’t have to happen tomorrow, next week, next month and even next .

Marriage is not a race and definitely not easy. Not to mention, I still don’t know how to cook a decent meal etc. so it’s a must to spend a great amount of time preparing for myself. And let me tell you, life is getting very formidable now. So I would never just tell anyone to get married because it is not something that has to be rushed. Hear me!?

I still don’t know when the right age to get married. I would want to get married in my twenties but because I’m in my twenties and perhaps not yet ready, I’m not in a hurry and whatsoever to make an enormous commitment at this time in my life because I am more focus on building myself for greatness before finally deciding to embark a forever journey with someone.

Also, I will be getting married because I know that I am ready and I feel like getting married and not because people around me are getting married. Know that marriage is not a race.

I have listed a few reasons why I am choosing not to get married this time:

1. I am not yet ready to start a family.

2. I want to travel. And if God will permit, to travel the world.

3. I am still learning how to cook a decent meal. But of course, I know how to cook rice, eggs, noodles and hotdogs.

4. I don’t need marriage before I can say that my partner is fully committed to me.

5. I am starting to know myself.

6. What’s the rush!?

Let me end this by telling you that marriage can wait. So don’t jump into hasty decision and don’t rush just because everyone is getting married. It’s important to be ready for it and all the responsibilities and negotiations it contains before saying “I do”.

Disclaimer: All photos was grabbed from Pinterest. Credits goes to its respective owners. 


Thank you for reading.

Till then,

Al_Yolly ❤


“3 Year Blog Anniversary”

Hi everyone! Today marks the third year anniversary of starting this blog. I just can’t believe that it’s been a years already, it feels like I’m still so new to this blogging world with a lot of things to learn.

On March 3, 2015, I started this site just for my pastime and for me to share all the things that I love until I have met incredible people who have helped, shaped and defined my blog and so I am just so grateful that you are on this journey with me.

Today, when I got the congratulatory notification from wordpress, it bring back the memory when I was so happy when I got that first follower and first comment on my first published blog post. Hehehe

So I want to thank every one of you here from the bottom of my heart for following this blog and for all the kind comments that I’ve received. There’s no words that can explain how your love and support has helped this blog to grow.

Again,my sincere thanks to all of you. To my regular viewers, commentators, new viewers, new followers and most especially to my followers who have been here since the beginning. Thank you for sticking around this long and I hope that you will stay a while longer for more poetry, writings, written quotes, cafe reviews, book reviews, Travel and everything else.


Thank you!

Al_Yolly ❤

“Tips To Mend A Broken Heart”

I know that all of us have already experienced heartbreak- we’ve all been hurt. I know as well that when you were still with him, you already thought that he’s the only one for you to the extent that you even believed that person to be your soul mate.

I knew it because I have done that before. He was my everything but I realized only later that we were not good enough for each other. Perhaps because we have a lot of priorities before especially him. So time came when we decided to better end the relationship besides it’s also for our own good. Of course, there were a lot of crying on both our part and from the very last time, we felt that we really love each other but we have to really end it there.

Every day, I felt bad for leaving the person I love. We all know that dealing with breakup is probably one of the hardest things to deal with. There were even times that I wanted to call him but I cannot because I always have to look back on what was best for us.

So after almost a year of healing. I can confidently say that no matter how our relationship turned out, I am still thankful because it was handled in a nice way that allowed me to grow from it rather than to become bitter. No regret at all.

So if you’re one of those broken hearted then this post is for you. I have listed the five (5) keys that would at least help you to heal that broken heart and move on.

Disclaimer: This blog post is based on my opinion and own experiences.

1. Feel the pain

Moving on and getting back on track with your life after a breakup doesn’t take a day. It takes a lot of small steps and the first step for me is to just “feel the pain”. Cry if you want. Shout if you want. You have to allow the pain to get into you and feel it. Because I do believe that when you allow yourself to feeling the pain and moving through it, you will at least feel better.

2. Stop Communicating with your ex

The idea of communicating to your ex is very tempting so when I say “stop communicating”, block them on facebook, their number, all their social media accounts and you may have to change your number as I have done all of these before. I know that not talking to your ex after a breakup maybe exceedingly hard but doing this will help the moving on process much easier.

Note: Try to stay away from your phone even just for one day.

3. Get rid of the things that remind you of him.

Let’s say the gifts that was given by your ex. Simply burn those things, some say it’s therapeutic and a bit odd but it’s the best way for me to get rid of the things that reminds you of your ex. If not, put his picture on a dartboard for a target practice. No! I’m just kidding. Hahaha 🤣✌ Seriously, burn those things or put them in a garbage bag.

4. Focus on your yourself and priorities

Always remind yourself every day of what is truly important. Focus on your work, your family, your friends and most importantly, you should focus and love yourself. I say, ex is an ex for a reason. There are so many people out there so don’t waste your time crying over a one person. You simply deserve better.!

And when I say priorities, let’s say for example you are still studying, then you should focus on your studies and aim high. You have to care about your future so failure in a relationship should not lead to failure in life.

5. Accept that it’s over

Accepting that a relationship is over is incredibly difficult. I know that there are times that you don’t believe it’s over and you’re still holding into hope. But let me tell you, the longer you hold on, the longer you are like torturing yourself. In that, you are less open to knowing and accepting anyone else.

Forget those memories with your ex. Go for a vacation with your friends and family and be the best you can while you are with them. Have fun, laugh, and get back to having a long and exciting conversations with them and start enjoying your life again. Accept that maybe you and your ex are not meant for each other. That maybe someone is destined to be your better half and not him. That maybe God is preparing a plan for you to meet someone new.

To be honest, it took me almost one year to let go about my feelings with my ex. And now, I am proud to say that I’m in a happy and healthy relationship for 51 months now.

So I just want to end this by saying, when you are dealing with a breakup now, take all the time you need to heal emotionally. Then after that, keep in mind that breakup is part of being in a relationship. It’s a platform for us to learn, grow and experience life itself.

That’s all for today. Let me know what you think about this post by commenting below.

Till then,

Al_Yolly ❤

“Looking Forward to 2018: My New Year’s Resolutions”

Hi guys! It’s still January so I guess, it’s still not too late for me to share this blog post that I’ve been writing these past few days. I know that some of you here get very fed up of this typical resolutions posts but I didn’t do any new year’s resolutions last year so I thought to do so for 2018. I love writing this kind of article because it’s something that can help me at what I do in my life. To be honest, I’m still in this weird limbo phase wherein I do feel a bit lost and confused about what’s next? I have a lot of plans so what will I’m going to do first? So I’ve decided to make a public resolutions to help me stick with it.

This past year tested me a lot. I put myself in a toughest situation because deep inside, I wanted to find the true meaning of life. I was involved in a situation even if it meant giving up my career. I made my own happiness a priority instead of focusing on bettering myself. Until..I took myself out of these damaging situations. With all that I’ve learned from the past year, here are the lists of my new year’s resolutions.
This 2018 I promise myself:

To make the decision and to be more focus in all the things that I want to do in my life. And to learn to get some enjoyment out of the process.

To do everything with passion.

To think carefully and to consider the advice of my parents  before pursuing another plans.

To look at the sunny side of everything and make my optimism come true.

To embrace everything..even the hard times.- Breath, pray, relax and just be happy.

To be more hopeful, objective and realistic.

To reserve my energy for the small number of important people  and not for the crappy ones. 

To make an effort to understand something that I can’t understand. 

To forget all the mistakes of the past and focus on greater future achievements.

To have more adventure and to take my love for the mountains to a next level.

To spend more time cultivating peace and spending more time in nature.

To keep up the diet and redouble my effort to lose weight. 

To love all the people who loves me and just don’t care those who hate me.

To show the real me and don’t apologize for it. 

To treat everyone with kindness and love.

To live in faith that God is always on my side.

And of course, to stay happy no matter what happens. 

Overall, to feel blessed for all that I have and who is in my life.

So there you have it! What are some of your new year’s resolutions? Comment and let me know. 

Till then