“5 Amazing Tourist Spots in Sagada”

Hi! We all know that Sagada is one of the most popular travel destinations. I suppose, you already heard several times this place which is being labeled as "The Shangri La of the Philippines". I was born and raised in Sagada so I thought of sharing with you guys some of the tourist spots in… Continue reading “5 Amazing Tourist Spots in Sagada”

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“The David Wenham Story: Mountain Love”

Disclaimer : This is David Wenham story and this was written by him. A guy who fell in love with a girl who is from Kalinga. See the whole story below. ​ ​ To David, Be strong. I know that God is doing something better for you as long as you are innocent in this… Continue reading “The David Wenham Story: Mountain Love”


“Continuation: Where to eat in Baguio”

With all the new food places popping up in and around Baguio, it's nice that the old reliable still provide consistently good food and service in the city of Pines. So if you grew up here in Baguio, I suppose, you already tried all (maybe some) the restaurants/cafes and fast food places that are now… Continue reading “Continuation: Where to eat in Baguio”


“Oh Gossipers! Oh Gossipers!”

If you have a problem with me, tell me. Not to everyone else.∼ Quotes Life101 Hi! So here's a truth about some people nowadays, many of them like to spread damaging information or intimate details about others, whether true or not. This is called gossip. Now, have you been in a situation where someone would… Continue reading “Oh Gossipers! Oh Gossipers!”


“Wedding Belief : Tossing of the Bouquet is just for Fun!”

Hi! Let me start by telling you all that I have never been a mythical person. I definitely don't agree that catching a bouquet at the wedding is a sign that you'll be the next bride. According to folklore, the single woman who catches the bouquet at the wedding will be the next person to… Continue reading “Wedding Belief : Tossing of the Bouquet is just for Fun!”


“Happy Birthday To My Bestest Friend!”

"True friends are never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart." Hi baket! (Baket is an endearment to a friend which means SIS, I usually call my friends as sis or baket). I don't know how to start this first ever article about you. But aha! on that February night when we decided to… Continue reading “Happy Birthday To My Bestest Friend!”