“Stylish and Luxurious Okada Manila”

I found Okada Manila over instagram and instantly fell in love. Dubbed as Manila’s biggest, stylish and luxurious integrated casino resort and hotel complex- carved in over 44 hectares of picturesque oceanfront. Also, it has been making headlines since they announced publicly the world’s largest multicolored dancing water fountain in the world. Yes, you read it right, in the world! It is one of Okada’s main signature attractions aside from Cove Manila. I came here for the first time last March 2018 and was really amazed with all the fancy decorations that I saw. Then last week, I decided to come here again for the second time since it’s a bit near to Pasay where I stayed. As soon as I entered, I was greeted by their staffs with a great smile while opening the door- “welcome to Okada Manila ma’am, enjoy” they said. Staffs were all awesome. Mind you guys, they assisted me with all I need hence, I definitely felt like a VIP even though I’m not. Well, that’s what we always want right? HAHAHA 😂✌️

Anyways, what really wowed me was the Okada Manila’s lobby- their alluring decorations, big domes on the ceiling, bright pastel color and gold all around. It was like, I got the Alladin and Barbie feels. What do you think? 🤪I noticed that there were a lot of foreigners taking photos as well. I even heard one of them saying, “wow, this is so far my favorite hotel around Manila”. In addition, there were a lot of restaurants inside the hotel so you can find different kind of foods if you’re planning to book here- the Red Spice, Goryeo Korean Barbeque, Ginza Nagaoka and Medley Buffet to name a few. The buffet had numerous stations serving different popular cuisines from all over the world. Expect that foods are very pricey as you are dining in a very luxurious place. And of course, my Okada experience would not be complete without the dancing fountain. Well, it was a world class experience for me as I was like watching in Las Vegas. I am just so thankful that I was able to experience this kind of breathtaking moments here in my own country.

Here’s a video by lhottelariosa.

Fountain show schedules:

Friday to Saturday- every half hour starting 6:00 pm to 12:00 am

Sunday to Thursday- every half hour starting 6:00 pm to 10:00 pmAll in all, this post is just a very short review and not in details since the beauty of Okada could not be summed-up into only one review. All I can say is that, my experience in Okada left me speechless and with eyes glimmering in awe as I saw such beauty for the first time. Okada is located on the entertainment gaming strip in Parañaque, Metro Manila.

How to get here?

From Mall of Asia (MOA) and Megamall, there’s a free shuttle bus going to Okada. They actually have two shuttles, one for the employees and one for the guests so be sure to read the sign before hopping in. Below is a photo of their shuttle bus. I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Feel free to leave a comment below as I love hearing from you. Thank you for reading!

Till then,

Al_Yolly 💞

6 thoughts on ““Stylish and Luxurious Okada Manila”

    1. Very clean and inviting indeed. I only noticed the check in desks when I read your comment. Hehehe 😊 Yep! Everything in Okada is so beautiful.

      Anyways, thank you as well Al for reading. 💞


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