It has always been a fascination since I was in my mid twenties to someday visit Hundred Islands. It is a group of approximately 124 islands at low tide and decreases to 123 islands at high tide scattered along Lingayen Gulf.

Being one of the top tourist spots and attractions in Pangasinan, you don’t have any idea how excited I am every time I’m noticing a facebook post about how magnificent Hundred Islands is. Good thing, I’ve got a chance to go and explore the place after so many years.I was in Manila when I decided to book a trip here. You probably know that finding a breathing space amidst the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila can be a challenge so I started searching for a nice place where I can at least relax once in a while. Been thinking between Vigan and Hundred Islands but then, I ended up to have a weekend getaway here via tour agency.So one day before the tour, the travel agency have been sending all their guests about the things to do, what to bring and safety reminders when on tour. This is why I highly recommend Sagada Adventure Travel and Tour because I liked how they handle inquiries- answering all my questions in a friendly and well mannered way. Also, where can you find a driver and a guide that makes a follow up if you’re enjoying while making you feel that you’re comfortable and safe with them. Thanks to our driver Lou and our tour guide Jensen for the great experience- we literally felt the care and safety while touring around Hundred Islands. You’ll experience all of these if you’ll choose Sagada Adventure Travel and Tour as your travel agency. Anyways, we arrived at exactly 4:30 am (not really sure with the time) at Lucap Wharf. This is the drop off and jump off point to Island Hopping. It was very early so our driver told us to have our breakfast while waiting for the boatman.Then it was exactly 6:00 am when they informed us about what to expect, what Island we will going to visit, they also checked if we were in our proper attire as well as, if we were wearing sunblock because it was too hot.

To start off with our Island hopping, we wore our life vest on and left the wharf at past 6:00 am. Our first stop was the Governor’s Island- one of the largest islands in National park I suppose and it is where the longest zipline is situated. So we trekked and reached the view point to see the entire Hundred Islands. View at the top is so breathtaking- you could literally take a picture of everything in this island. Governor’s Island is also connected with a floating bridge in orange color to another island which is the Virgin Island. So our group crossed the bridge going to Virgin Island which was our second stop. It was the exhilarating and fun part of our tour. We’ve been thinking that we might fall once we lose our balance while traversing but we did it after a minutes of crossing just like a drunken person. HAHA 😂

Mind you, the waves could change the direction of the floating plastic bridge so you have to be very careful about your balancing skills not to be toppled by the intermittent waves. There’s nothing more satisfying at the Virgin Island aside from the usual view of the “beach”. Our third stop was supposed to be the Pilgrimage Island. It is home to a 17 meter (56 foot) statue of Christ the Savior. Aside from that, it also features life size statues of the Holy Family and the Last Supper. However, you need to climb the 263 steps from the beach before witnessing all of these which we didn’t even try because coming from Governor’s and Virgin Island, we were already tired. We just took a photo of the statue then proceeded to Quezon Island. So Quezon Island was our fourth stop which was the most crowded and I think largest island among the 5 islands that we visited. Furthermore, this can be considered as the Hundred Islands activity center because it is where you’ll see different fun activities happening. There were people screaming when we came here while riding the banana boat, people laughing out loud while swimming, some were playing volleyball, zip liners hissing sound, water activities such as snorkeling in Coral Garden. You can bring your own snorkel or can rent snorkeling gears and other water activities can be done here for those with bigger budgets.

Stores where you could buy food for lunch are also here with a cheaper (I guess) tables and cottages rent. Nonetheless, I recommend that you bring your own food during the entire Island hopping as the goods are very pricey. Trust me, very very pricey!

So we instead bought ourselves two of the Filipino favorites- the halo halo (50 pesos) and ice cream (25 pesos) since we were not hungry when we stopped in Quezon Island.

Note: The two photos posted in this island are not mine. They were taken by one of my companions Cieren Kiblasan so all credit belongs to her. Here’s a photo that I captured when we were resting in the island. They say that this has the best sand among the rest because it is white and powdery. I guess, every tourist will have their own favorite but I best-loved our last stop which was the Marcos Island as this is the only island where I relaxed the most and enjoyed swimming for almost one and half hour despite the bulk tourists who were also here. In addition, if you want to involve in a 20 foot cliff jump inside it’s cave, you can experience that in this island. Overall, we enjoyed pretty well the whole experience despite the crowd. Although there are more than 100 islands, we only visited 5 islands which again the Governor’s Island, Virgin Island, Pilgrimage Island, Quezon Island and Marcos Island since we only have limited time. With so much more to see and do, one day would not be enough. Hundred Islands is definitely one of the most iconic tourist attractions of the Philippines since every island is unique in its own way. That being said, truly Hundred Islands conveys the saying “It’s more fun in the Philippines”. It’s another place that I would never get tired of coming back.

So if you want to experience paradise this summer, I suggest to don’t ever miss Hundred Islands.

What else to do aside from Island Hopping and Swimming?

Bird watching, parasailing, cliff diving, helmet diving, camping, caving, kayaking, snorkeling, zip line and jet skiing.

That’s all for today. If you have further questions, let me know by commenting on the comment box and I’ll try to answer as promptly as I possibly can.

Thank you for reading!

Till then,

Al_Yolly 💞

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