“MARIVELES, BATAAN: Batanes of the West”

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since my last post here on my blog. Whoa! It’s been such a long time! But, hello there all of you- I’m back and started writing again. So this year 2020, I will be sharing all my journeys with you since I’ve been MIA on the blogosphere this past year. If you dig on my instagram and facebook account, I’ve shared a lot more there. I’ve been active on social media but neglected my little space here on wordpress. However, I’m back to writing- FINALLY!So today, I will be sharing a wrap up of our Mariveles, Bataan trip. As usual, through a travel agency but this time, we decided to try Kielan Travel and Tours since Sagada Adventure is yet to open a day tour to Mariveles- HOPEFULLY!Unlike most of our getaways, this is a little bit hesitant at first and to be honest, disappointed but somewhat turned out as a good choice.

So just a little info, Mariveles is a first class municipality in the province of Bataan which is being dubbed by the travellers as Batanes of the West. I’ve been to Dingalan (which is a well known Batanes of the East), and I conclude that it has a bit similarity to Mariveles since both places are gifted with scenic views and a rugged yet mesmerizing landscapes like those in Batanes. Well, never been to Batanes yet but I’ve been doing a research as I’ve read that mostly bloggers were comparing Batanes to Mariveles and Dingalan. So there, at least, I have an idea that Batanes looks like this and like that.Anyways, it was 8:00 am when we arrived at Porto Del Sol so our tour coordinator advised us to change in our proper swimming attires getting ready to be splashed by seawater!

Laki Beach is our first stop and the main destination of our tour which is located in an area surrounded by mountains and forest so as usual, the only way to come here is through a bangka (boat). Hence, we arrived in this area after a 30 minutes boat ride from Porto Del Sol to here. It was 8:30 am so the boatman informed us to stay in this place until 12:00 noon. Here, you can have an overnight stay for camping and you can as well bring your own tent. That was the downside of the coordinator as we were not informed about the tent. He should have at least gave all the details on what to bring as we have our own tent so that you know, less expenses. Overnight rent of tent here is 500 so it’s better to bring your own if you have.

For day tour, you can just stay under those coconut trees as there are only 5 or 6 cottages in this area. Anyways, how do I describe Laki beach? They say that it’s a white beach but well, not to burst your bubble, the sand is not that white compared to that in Hundred Islands. In my own opinion, it just looks like normal without the sun but has a better view when there’s a sunlight. It’s like a grayish or silver sand? Aha! I really don’t know the exact color but here’s the thing I’m really sure about, it’s not really that white!However, what I enjoyed here was the both sides of Laki beach because of the instagrammable mini lagoons and rock formations that are similar to those what you see in El Nido, perhaps!? This one’s really a good choice for photo ops.Just a little note, Laki beach is a private property but is open to all tourist for exploring.

Five Fingers cove to cove hopping

So after in Laki Beach, we proceeded with our cove to cove Hopping. The name five fingers according to our guide refer to the five coves namely Apatot Bat Cave, Pulong Kawayan, Tinalakan Cliff, Nagbintana Arch and Kryptonite Rock. It was named five fingers as the coves are just separated by thin strips of land that looks like five fingers from above. Here’s a photo that I grabbed from google to at least show you. Credit to the owner of this photo. 1.Apatot Bat Cave

So Apatot bat cave is our first stop and as said by our tour guide, the view is just like those in underground river of Puerto Princesa but uhhhhmmmm me personally, it is almost the same in Dingalan as I’ve never been to Puerto Princesa hehehe. Hence, we just stopped here and took a photo of the cave while the others jumped off the boat to swim. However, it is not advisable to swim further into the cave.2. Pulong Kawayan Cove

This is our second stop and it is where the real adventure will begin because yeah, cliff diving time!The edge of that flat rock formation is where you’ll start the 10ft cliff diving which I didn’t even try because you know, I’m really afraid of heights so I just enjoyed watching others as they jumped off the cliff. Never will I try this kind of activity. HAHA And here’s the other side of Pulong Kawayan Cove. Incredible rock formations right!?3. Nagbintana Arch

Aaaaand Nagbintana Arch is our third stop and they named it as “nagbintana” since there is a window like tunnel in the middle of the rock formation and that’s probably why it’s called “nagbintana” because of the window. Window in tagalog is “bintana”. Be sure to wear your aqua shoes or sandals when coming here as some of the rocks are sharp edged and some sharp broken shells are stocked on some part that could do a scratch if you are not that careful. The photo below is simply an indication that I was so happy during the tour. Bataan is one of those places that I will never forget, for sure!4. Tinalakan Cliff

If Pulong Kawayan is a 10ft high, this is an area with a 40ft high cliff diving spot. Again, I’m really afraid of heights so I didn’t even dare to try- next destination please! HAHAHA 😂

This is only for those adrenaline junkies out there. I’m telling you, this area is only for brave souls so don’t ever try if you’re not used to it as it will totally make you feel dizzy.Note: Photo not mine. Photo Credit to iamranyboy (IG)

5. Kryptonite Rock

Alas! Here’s the last part of our tour– the Kryptonite rock! This is where I enjoyed the most because of the incredible rock formations that looks like those on Game of Thrones, perhaps? Also, you can practice your climbing skills here while you get your way to the top for a better view. Oh well, I just can’t stop taking pictures of this place for my instagram, of course! Ehehehe 🤗I was actually screaming when I was on the top because it was very windy and the view once you’re on top is so scary. There were areas where I was traversing the side where one wrong step would have me rolling down that even superman can’t save me here. Hehehe, it was fun nonetheless.

Day Tour Budget

1,699 per head


Van service, driver, gas, tollgate fee, parking fee, boat rental, boatman, entrance fee, environmental fee, life vest.


Foods/snacks/meals and shower fee (Php20)

So that’s the wrap up of our Bataan tour. One of the best things I love about travelling with a travel agency is of course, less hassle and less expenses. Oh Bataan, you filled me with the sense of awe..till next time!

Thank you for reading!

Till then,

Al_Yolly 💕

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