“5 Amazing Tourist Spots in Sagada”

Hi! We all know that Sagada is one of the most popular travel destinations. I suppose, you already heard several times this place which is being labeled as "The Shangri La of the Philippines". I was born and raised in Sagada so I thought of sharing with you guys some of the tourist spots in… Continue reading “5 Amazing Tourist Spots in Sagada”

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“Comeback Post: Random Quotes Part V”

Hi! So this is one of my first ones blog post after almost a two months break away from my blog due to many reasons - priorities, exhaustion and most of all, lack of self motivation. However, now finally is the time for me to make a comeback to blogging. Motivated, pumped and ready than… Continue reading “Comeback Post: Random Quotes Part V”

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“The David Wenham Story: Mountain Love”

Disclaimer : This is David Wenham story and this was written by him. A guy who fell in love with a girl who is from Kalinga. See the whole story below. ​ ​ To David, Be strong. I know that God is doing something better for you as long as you are innocent in this… Continue reading “The David Wenham Story: Mountain Love”


“Continuation: Where to eat in Baguio”

With all the new food places popping up in and around Baguio, it's nice that the old reliable still provide consistently good food and service in the city of Pines. So if you grew up here in Baguio, I suppose, you already tried all (maybe some) the restaurants/cafes and fast food places that are now… Continue reading “Continuation: Where to eat in Baguio”


“Tajimaya Charcoal Grill : Review”

In my search for the best restaurant in Baguio, I asked Martina (my friend) on where does she eat good food here in Baguio. She shared me this Japanese restaurant called Tajimaya Charcoal Grill. According to her, this is again a newly opened restaurant which is located in Military Cut Off, Baguio City just near the… Continue reading “Tajimaya Charcoal Grill : Review”