“Shilan’s Blooming Attraction: Dar Jane’s Sunflower Farm”

I was scrolling my newsfeed on facebook when I stumbled upon the photos of Dar Jane’s sunflower farm that was posted by the Cordillera page. I was amazed upon seeing because finally, no need take the four hours trip going in Tayug, Pangasinan just for this kind of view. You probably know that Tayug is very famous for its sunflower farm so good thing that we also have it nearby Baguio. So I promised myself to come here when I saw the photos of this place and voila, I just did!

According to the owner, the sunflowers are intended for valentines day but some didn’t fully bloom last February 14- “hindi umabot” says the girl that I asked there- daughter of the founder I suppose. So I guess, this is why they opened for the visitors with of course, entrance fee since now, all the sunflowers are in fully bloom. There were actually many people when we came here since this place was being hyped by social media two weeks ago. But then, we still enjoyed taking photos despite the crowd just after savouring their delicious free kamote (sweet potatoes) and coffee. Mind you guys, it’s UNLIMITED! Yes, you read it right- unlimited coffee and sweet potatoes so eat and drink all you can! Dar Jane’s sunflower farm offer a one of a kind experience to visitors who love to take photos with the sunflowers as their background. Just 18 minutes away from Baguio and you will find this beautiful place in Shilan, Tublay, Benguet. I’m telling you, everything I saw was good including the founder, the boy at the registration area, and the girl who’s in charge with the coffee and sweet potato- they were all so polite while talking to us. But, I highly suggest February to March are the perfect months to come here.Take note that this is a sunflower farm, a garden so don’t expect too much with the view because it’s all about sunflowers. So please, don’t go ranting on facebook saying, “I was so disappointed with the view because like this and like that etc. etc.” just like the review that I read about Northern Blossom. Hey! It’s a garden, a sunflower farm to be exact you know!

However, I assure you that you’ll not regret coming here since the sunflowers are very inviting and instagrammable.Entrance fee:

Regular- Php120/head

Student- Php100/head

Kids- free

How to get here?

Ride a jeep from Magsaysay that is bound to Shilan or Acop and tell the driver to drop you off at Tacdian Elementary School. Landmark is the waiting shed. Then from there, just follow the street going down until you see the sunflower farm. Walking distance from the waiting shed to here will only take 5-10 minutes. But if you want, you can ride an available garage at the waiting shed but fare is 50 pesos per head.

That’s all for today and thank you for reading.

Till then,

Al_Yolly ❣️

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