It has always been a fascination since I was in my mid twenties to someday visit Hundred Islands. It is a group of approximately 124 islands at low tide and decreases to 123 islands at high tide scattered along Lingayen Gulf.

Being one of the top tourist spots and attractions in Pangasinan, you don’t have any idea how excited I was every time I see a facebook post about how magnificent Hundred Islands is. Good thing, I’ve got a chance to go and explore the place after so many years.I was in Manila when I decided to book a trip here. You probably know that finding a breathing space amidst the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila can be a challenge so I started searching for a nice place where I can at least relax once in a while. Been thinking between Vigan and Hundred Islands but then, I ended up to have a weekend getaway here via tour agency.So one day before the tour, the travel agency have been sending all their guests about the things to do, what to bring and safety reminders when on tour. This is why I highly recommend Sagada Adventure Travel and Tour because I liked how they handle inquiries- answering all my questions in a friendly and well mannered way. Also, where can you find a driver and a guide that makes a follow up if you’re enjoying while making you feel that you’re comfortable and safe with them. Thanks to our driver Lou and our tour guide Jensen for the great experience- we literally felt the care and safety while touring around Hundred Islands. You’ll experience all of these if you’ll choose Sagada Adventure Travel and Tour as your travel agency. Anyways, we arrived at exactly 4:30 am (not really sure with the time) at Lucap Wharf. This is the drop off and jump off point to Island Hopping. It was very early so our driver told us to have our breakfast while waiting for the boatman.Then it was exactly 6:00 am when they informed us about what to expect, what Island we will going to visit, they also checked if we were in our proper attire as well as, if we were wearing sunblock because it was too hot.

To start off with our Island hopping, we wore our life vest on and left the wharf at past 6:00 am. Our first stop was the Governor’s Island- one of the largest islands in National park I suppose and it is where the longest zipline is situated. So we trekked and reached the view point to see the entire Hundred Islands. View at the top is so breathtaking- you could literally take a picture of everything in this island. Governor’s Island is also connected with a floating bridge in orange color to another island which is the Virgin Island. So our group crossed the bridge going to Virgin Island which was our second stop. It was the exhilariting and fun part of our tour. We’ve been thinking that we might fall once we lose our balance while traversing but we did it after a minutes of crossing just like a drunken person. HAHA 😂

Mind you, the waves could change the direction of the floating plastic bridge so you have to be very careful about your balancing skills not to be toppled by the intermittent waves. There’s nothing more satisfying at the Virgin Island aside from the usual view of the “beach”. Our third stop was supposed to be the Pilgrimage Island. It is home to a 17 meter (56 foot) statue of Christ the Savior. Aside from that, it also features life size statues of the Holy Family and the Last Supper. However, you need to climb the 263 steps from the beach before witnessing all of these which we didn’t even try because coming from Governor’s and Virgin Island, we were already tired. We just took a photo of the statue then proceeded to Quezon Island. So Quezon Island was our fourth stop which was the most crowded and I think largest island among the 5 islands that we visited. Furthermore, this can be considered as the Hundred Islands activity center because it is where you’ll see different fun activities happening. There were people screaming when we came here while riding the banana boat, people laughing out loud while swimming, some were playing volleyball, zip liners hissing sound, water activities such as snorkeling in Coral Garden. You can bring your own snorkel or can rent snorkeling gears and other water activities can be done here for those with bigger budgets.

Stores where you could buy food for lunch are also here with a cheaper (I guess) tables and cottages rent. Nonetheless, I recommend that you bring your own food during the entire Island hopping as the goods are very pricey. Trust me, very very pricey!

So we instead bought ourselves two of the Filipino favorites- the halo halo (50 pesos) and ice cream (25 pesos) since we were not hungry when we stopped in Quezon Island.

Note: The two photos posted in this island are not mine. They were taken by one of my companions Cieren Kiblasan so all credit belongs to her. Here’s a photo that I captured as well when we were resting in the island. They say that this has the best sand among the rest because it is white and powdery. I guess, every tourist will have their own favorite but I best-loved our last stop which was the Marcos Island as this is the only island where I relaxed the most and enjoyed swimming for almost one and half hour despite the bulk tourist who were also here. In addition, if you want to involve in a 20 foot cliff jump inside it’s cave, you can experience it in this island. Overall, we enjoyed pretty well the whole experience despite the crowd. Although there are more than 100 islands, we only visited 5 islands which again the Governor’s Island, Virgin Island, Pilgrimage Island, Quezon Island and Marcos Island since we only have limited time. With so much more to see and do, one day would not be enough. Hundred Islands is definitely one of the most iconic tourist attraction of the Philippines since every island is unique in its own way. That being said, truly Hundred Islands conveys the saying “It’s more fun in the Philippines”. It’s another place that I would never get tired of coming back.

So if you want to experience paradise this summer, I suggest you to don’t ever miss Hundred Islands.

What else to do aside from Island Hopping and Swimming?

Bird watching, parasailing, cliff diving, helmet diving, camping, caving, kayaking, snorkeling, zip line and jet skiing.

That’s all for today. If you have further questions, let me know by commenting on the comment box and I’ll try to answer as promptly as I possibly can.

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“Monthsary in San Juan, La Union”

Located in the province of La Union, the second class municipality of San Juan is one of the perfect places to spend your weekend by the beach. Dubbed as the capital surfing of the North because of its consistent and favorable surfing conditions.I have been noticing a buzz through social media about San Juan for a couple of years now but only got the chance to explore last Tuesday. I used to think that San Juan is only suitable for surfers- this might be one of the reasons why I haven’t thought of coming here before. But it all changed when I did some research about the things to do in San Juan and it was mentioned that you can just swim here if you’re not a surfer or to just sit if you prefer. So Ken and I decided to go last Tuesday mainly because it was our monthsary and of course, we love beach so much. Also, we want to experience life outside- visiting a new place and setting up something for ourselves. Coming from Baguio, getting to San Juan requires a 2 hours bus ride with the fare of 125 pesos per person. What we did was, we took the Partas bus going to Laoag or Vigan and then we informed the bus attendant (konduktor) to drop us in Urbiztondo. So it was exactly 9:00 am when we arrived in the major surfing spot of San Juan, the Urbiztondo beach. Take note that the beach front resort is just along the highway.

After that, we decided to stay in the most popular and affordable Circle Hostel in Urbiztondo. We enjoyed our stay here- the breeze, the calming sounds of the waves and of course, swimming. However, I almost got stripped down from my bathing suit because the waves were pretty hard but still, we enjoyed and we would literally be in La Union every day.Note: You can learn basic surfing lessons here at 400 pesos per hour with free use of surf board. But if you know how to surf, surf board rental is 200 pesos per hour. The overall area of Urbiztondo is brimming with different food spots that you can really enjoy. Also, you can just sit by the beach with a bottle of beer while enjoying the waves and waiting for the sunset as well. There’s more, you can do a side trip to the Pebble beach and Bahay na Bato in Luna, La Union. For those who prefer hiking, then you can hike Tangadan Falls which is located in San Gabriel, La Union. Sadly, we didn’t visit all of these because our time is limited so we are planning to have another trip because I swear, being here make us feel the surge of happiness. I don’t know, there’s just something about ElYu that will make you feel keep coming back so we promise ourselves that we will be back soon. Very soon.

Thank you for reading!

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“Dear Daddy….”

Well, I’m not here writing this article and telling you guys a lot of good things about my dad just because he is my father. Neither, I am not here to make those who grew up without a father feel envious. But I am here to simply provide my way of giving a letter to my dad. Hence, please, bear with me.

Dear Daddy,

You have been the best thing that has happened to me since I first came to this world.

Thank you for bringing me up to the person I am today- happy healthy and whole.

Thank you as well for always being there since day 1- providing a pillar of strength. Not to discredit mom (moms may be the dearest) but there’s always something special to a daddy- daughter relationship.

You have proven that indeed dads are superheroes because you have been my saviour since then.

I knew from the start that we are not filthy rich and we don’t have any luxuries in life but you pampered me with basically everything I asked for that you can afford.

You treated mom like your queen, you have proven that you are the best husband, best dad and for that, I admire you the most.

You worked tirelessly, relentlessly to fulfill our dreams.

I truly appreciate what you’ve done and what you’re still doing just to provide the things that we need- to keep us happy and safe.

As I’m growing up, I realize just how much you did for me. Without you, I’d be nowhere near the person I am and the person I’m still working on becoming. There are not enough words to describe how thanful I am for having you as my father.

Today Daddy, it is supposed to be our turn. Have I not told you that I want to give you the world one of these days.!?

That I want you to travel one of these days!?

That I want you to enjoy life in return for all that you’ve done!?

I want you to witness and be part of all the success of your children so please daddy be strong!

You have told me that it’s time for me to get married but please, wait until I really want to get married.

Perhaps, I am already at the marriageable age but I can sacrifice my happiness just to have so much time and take care of you daddy.!

Marriage can wait but time does go by extremely quickly and it is so important to focus first on what is imporatant in life- FAMILY!

It really pains me and was bothered too much seeing you in a situation like that.

Daddy! You’re still young, so please..hang on!

P.s, I’m here in Manila and can’t concentrate with what I’m supposed to be doing right now so I decided to write this article. Two weeks ago, my dad (as the tears roll down my face) was diagnosed with mild stroke at St. Theodore’s Hospital and it was like a punch to the stomach for all of us. I have never cried for myself but I am being emotional when it’s about my father. It’s his first stroke so he was confined for almost 7 days. I was there, I saw how dedicated he was to recover from his condition.

His doctor prescribed him medication to keep his blood pressure in a normal range. He was also reminded to have a healthy diet throughout each day. And as well as to not overworking his self.

At first, it was scary. He was looking at me, I don’t know what he was thinking so I cried, I secretly cried while witnessing him in a situation where he can’t properly walk, where he can’t properly move his right hand. However, his speech is okay- it was not affected. It was really exhausting at first but my siblings and I will do anything for our dad. After days of constantly massaging, praying and taking good care of him, of course, I know that it’s a long road and it hasn’t always been easy but at least, I have seen many positive progress- one day, he can’t do something but the next day, he can do it. Amazing..Truly GOD IS GOOD! We owe everything to God. Indeed prayer is one of the greatest healers and all I can say is that, my dad is one of my testimonies that there is God. Hear me!? YES, THERE IS GOD! Just continue to have faith. 💞

As an update, he is now completely recovering at home. Thank you for those who prayed for my dad and I hope that you will still continue to pray for him until he will fully get back to normal. May God bless us all!

Thank you for reading!

Till then,

Al_Yolly 💞

“Stylish and Luxurious Okada Manila”

I found Okada Manila over instagram and instantly fell in love. Dubbed as Manila’s biggest, stylish and luxurious integrated casino resort and hotel complex- carved in over 44 hectares of picturesque oceanfront. Also, it has been making headlines since they announced publicly the world’s largest multicolored dancing water fountain in the world. Yes, you read it right, in the world! It is one of Okada’s main signature attractions aside from Cove Manila. I came here for the first time last March 2018 and was really amazed with all the fancy decorations that I saw. Then last week, I decided to come here again for the second time since it’s a bit near to Pasay where I stayed. As soon as I entered, I was greeted by their staffs with a great smile while opening the door- “welcome to Okada Manila ma’am, enjoy” they said. Staffs were all awesome. Mind you guys, they assisted me with all I need hence, I definitely felt like a VIP even though I’m not. Well, that’s what we always want right? HAHAHA 😂✌️

Anyways, what really wowed me was the Okada Manila’s lobby- their alluring decorations, big domes on the ceiling, bright pastel color and gold all around. It was like, I got the Alladin and Barbie feels. What do you think? 🤪I noticed that there were a lot of foreigners taking photos as well. I even heard one of them saying, “wow, this is so far my favorite hotel around Manila”. In addition, there were a lot of restaurants inside the hotel so you can find different kind of foods if you’re planning to book here- the Red Spice, Goryeo Korean Barbeque, Ginza Nagaoka and Medley Buffet to name a few. The buffet had numerous stations serving different popular cuisines from all over the world. Expect that foods are very pricey as you are dining in a very luxurious place. And of course, my Okada experience would not be complete without the dancing fountain. Well, it was a world class experience for me as I was like watching in Las Vegas. I am just so thankful that I was able to experience this kind of breathtaking moments here in my own country.

Here’s a video by lhottelariosa.

Fountain show schedules:

Friday to Saturday- every half hour starting 6:00 pm to 12:00 am

Sunday to Thursday- every half hour starting 6:00 pm to 10:00 pmAll in all, this post is just a very short review and not in details since the beauty of Okada could not be summed-up into only one review. All I can say is that, my experience in Okada left me speechless and with eyes glimmering in awe as I saw such beauty for the first time. Okada is located on the entertainment gaming strip in Parañaque, Metro Manila.

How to get here?

From Mall of Asia (MOA) and Megamall, there’s a free shuttle bus going to Okada. They actually have two shuttles, one for the employees and one for the guests so be sure to read the sign before hopping in. Below is a photo of their shuttle bus. I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Feel free to leave a comment below as I love hearing from you. Thank you for reading!

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“Mercado Del Lago: A Food Park By The Lake in Bicutan, Taguig”

Since they opened Mercado Del Lago to the public as their newest attraction last May 2018, I have been noticing photos of this place all over social media particularly here on wordpress. I was not impressed at first because it’s something that is not already new to me but yesterday, I was searching for a place to visit and even asked some of my friends if what are the newest attractions all over Manila then Mercado Del Lago is on their number one list so I decided to try as I was intrigued. Well, it is basically a food park that sits on the water- literally translated as market by the lake. It even have a stilt houses which I think to complete the “by the lake” dining experience. I was reading comments on facebook and some were saying that this is a resort and something like a “high class restaurant” but mind you, it is not. Again, it is just a food park with a fantastic view of the lake.As you can see, the theme is very Filipiniana because it was made with native materials like those bamboos and rattans. The way it was set up is upon entering, there’s a very wide main dining hall where the food stalls are located and they have adequate tables and chairs but you can have your meals on those stilt houses. However, it’s a first come, first serve basis so be there early if you want to have a good spot.

Also, the various food stalls offer different kind of foods like the Bisdak Grill House, A taste of heaven milkshake hub, Lord of the wings and Tikka Tikka to name a few. Besides festing on delicious food here, you can also enjoy live music and of course taking a lot of photos as the view is very instagrammable. I read that before, the smell of the water stinked but when I was there, the smell wasn’t even bothering me. So okay, I was impressed. 😂 There were also guards roaming around in the vicinity to make sure that all visitors are safe. My only complain is, there were no fan in the dining area. I even asked the guard, Kuya, wala ba kayong fan kahit man lang dito sa main dining area? Then he replied, “wala po ma’am. Because of course, Manila’s weather is extremely hot so I think, it will be nicer if they will address this concern soon for the visitors to feel comfortable while dining. So expect that dining here particularly during summer days could fast become very uncomfortable.All in all, had a very nice experience in Mercado Del Lago and the view made my experience really special. It is located by the entrance of Laguna lake Highway in C6 road, barangay lower Bicutan, Taguig city.

How to get here?

From Sm Bicutan, go to DOST side then look for the tricycles that are bound to lower Bicutan- fare is 8 pesos per head. Tell the driver to drop you off near jollibee. Then you need to walk a bit- just follow the street going down.

Operating hours:

4PM to 12MN

4PM to 10PM (stilt houses)

Let me know your thoughts on this post by commenting below. Thank you for reading!

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“My Top 3 Attractions To Visit in Intramuros, Manila”

Manila is a city that you will either love or hate. But no matter how you hate this city, it is still a stopover between flights on the way to another destination so you have no choice haha.

Anyways, Manila is the capital of the Philippines and is composed of no less than 16 cities- all portraying a unique character. It is also the most densely populated city in the whole world as well as a destination for more than a million tourists per year. I suppose, you have heard a lot of negative news about this city but hey, why not just give this city another try. Perhaps, Manila is so popular in terms of taxi scams, crime rate, crowded, heavy traffic, purse snatching but I guess, all travel destinations around the world have those too. Isn’t it? I have been reading blogs about Manila and I found out that majority of travel bloggers have fallen in love with it no matter what the circumstances are and some of them even considered moving here.

I don’t know what happened to those who are saying that this is the worst, scariest, craziest city that they have been to but whatever happened to you during your first visit will make you change your mind if you will give this city another try. So for today, I will be sharing my top 3 favorite tourist spots that are located in Intramuros, Manila.

History: Intramuros means “within the walls” in Spanish that’s why it is called as the Ciudad Morada or “The Walled City”. It is said to be the oldest district and historic core of the municipality of Manila, Philippines. In the late 16th century, the purpose of this defensive walls was to protect the city from foreign invasions. The original structure of Intramuros was heavily damaged during the world war II and renovated in 1951 after being declared as National Historical Monument. (c) Jeric Par Esplana

1. Fort SantiagoThis is one of the oldest fortifications in Manila that was built in 1571 by Spanish conquistador Miguel Lopez De Legazpi. Much like as any of the defensive structures in Intramuros, the Fort Santiago was also destroyed during the Spanish period and the second world war II. Even Dr. Jose Rizal was imprisoned here before his execution in 1896.This place will take you back to the Spanish era, world war II and all the memories of Dr. Jose Rizal. It will also reminds us how our heroes fought for our freedom.

Entrance fee: Php75 for adults and Php50 for students (with ID)

Open: Everyday (including holidays) from 8am to 9pm

Address: 1002 Intramuros, Manila

2. Casa Manila MuseumThis is a reconstruction of the Spanish colonial home of the 19th century that showcases the opulence of the former Filipino aristocracy. This is as well reconstructed by the then first lady Imelda Marcos- here you will not see thousands of her shoes but a truly colonial home dating way way back in time.So if you’re into old Spanish and Filipino house, surely you will appreciate Casa Manila Museum. I can say that this place is interesting and I am recommending to those who are interested about history.

Entrance fee: Php75 for adults and Php50 for students (with ID), senior citizens and teachers.

Open: From 9am to 6pm. The museum is close on Monday.

Address: Plaza San Luis Complex, Cor. Real & Gen. Luna Street Intramuros, Manila

3. Baluarte De San Diego

This is another historical landmark in Intramuros and is a bastion which is part of the Spanish colonial fortification in the walled city of Manila that was then designed and built by a Jesuist Priest in the late 16th century.

Note: There are railings provided for safe passage of visitors going up and down in this bastion.According to wikipedia, the bastion is a protruding structure with facing flanks built along the cortina. The purpose of its projection was to ensure a clearer view of the cortina for the artillery in order for them to prepare against invaders.

In 1593, it was renovated to join the walls of Intramuros.

Entering Baluarte De San Diego gives you an old heroic feels and vibes because I guess, because of the ancient and sturdy walls with the circular structure.Also, with inviting gardens, it has a good spot to take selfie, photoshoots, weddings, seminars and other gatherings.

So if you’re planning an Intramuros tour, be sure to make a stop at Baluarte De San Diego and be amazed with its amazing architecture and long rich history.

Entrance fee: Php75 for adults and Php50 for students.

Open: Daily from 8am to 5pm

Address: Sta. Lucia Street Intramuros, Manila

P.s, Intramuros is the most beautiful spot in Manila in my own opinion and it will always be my favorite.

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“Dealing With Manila Airport Taxi Scams”

“Getting around Manila is easy but you should know some of the basics about taxis in Manila because taxi scams happen often there. You know you are being scammed when the taxi driver does not turn the meter on and asks for fixed rates” ~ Haley DasovichIt was September 12, 2018 when we delivered our aunt to the airport who’s heading to Israel. She boarded at around 7:00 pm in NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) terminal 1 so after that, we decided to take a taxi going to Pasay. I was telling my cousin (she’s a first timer in Manila I guess) that it’s better to take the airport bus or rather take a grab taxi but she insisted. She’s not aware of the airport taxi scams I suppose.

Upon entering the white taxi, the driver was like “san po kayo?” then I replied “Kuya sa Pasay po, terminal ng victory”. And then he was telling us that we will going to pay 350 pesos so no need for him to turn on the meter. I knew from the start that this was going to happen so I argued with him.

Note: Taxi fare from NAIA terminal 1 to Pasay area if I’m not mistaken is less than 200 pesos, traffic or not.

“Ang lapit lang ng Pasay Kuya! Kung traffic na naman rason mo i on mo yang meter! Dahil sigurado akong hindi aabot sa 350! Sa Baguio walang ganyan, ni barya na piso binabalik nila. Try mo umakyat dun sa amin ng mahimasmasan ka jan sa pinagagagawa mo!

And then he sounded very amiable- kept on explaining that I was making a fuss about nothing! So I told him “sige, pwedeng pwede ko picturan ‘tong taxi pati yang pagmumukha mo at ipost!”. From that, he immediately said “sorry pero ang hirap kase ng source of living dito sa Manila”. In english, sorry but it’s because the source of living here in Manila is so difficult. Yes! Given the fact that living in Manila is kinda heartbreaking- poverty is very visible. You will generally see street children begging, sleeping and selling any items on the road. Therefore, you can’t survive Manila if you don’t have any source of income.

However, I told him that scamming other people is not the right way- don’t just think about yourself, think about them as well. I was so in love with this city to be honest since the first day that I came here but because of the people like you, you have given me main reason to hate Manila in general. Now I know why majority of foreigners were saying that Manila is a shithole city and I agree with them just because of you… I said in a not so loud angry voice!

He was looking at me and was saying again sorry. To cut the long story short, my cousin decided to give him 350 pesos instead of 200 so the rest will be his early Christmas gift. HAHAHA 😀 Alas! I never expected this to happen in one of my favorite cities. Nevertheless, I still admire the driver’s sincerity when he was apologizing. I guess, it’s the main lesson here- to always apologize if you know that it’s your fault. So okay, I’ll still give this city another try.

Disclaimer: Over the years, taxi drivers have been notorious in scamming people particularly if they knew that you’re new in Manila. Airport taxi scams are so common so you better watch out once you’re in this city. I suggest, you better book a grab taxi or wait for the airport bus, although the waiting time is sometimes so long but I guarantee you that you are safe.

Anyways, Manila is still a good place to visit despite of what happened to us- you can still meet a wonderful people out there and enjoy so many great tourist spots. You just have to be extra careful to a few rotten apples.

What about you? Do you have the same experience? Could you share?

Thank you for reading!

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“DEAR PEOPLE: Please Stop Forcing Marriage On Me”

Don’t rush anything. When the time is right, it will happen. ~ Unknown

Last Monday, we were heading to Baguio when I saw this group of “kailyan” in Poblacion, Sagada. They were telling me in Kankanaey…”ay inmali ka ubpay, dat into pay insaam abes is babaro? Kaanu ka pay abes ay makiasawa ta sayang adi nan pintas mo.. Etc. Etc…

Note: Kankanaey is a language used by the Cordillerans particularly people from the Mountain Province and the province of Benguet.

Back, I have heard those words for like a million times already and I’m so so so sick of it!

Dear People,

I have always been a big fan of marriage so this clearly means that of course, I want to get married. All of us want to get married.

Fyi, I have always been dreaming of having a “simple” Igorot wedding one of these days.

But to tell you, I have attended several wedding ceremonies in the past twenty something years and even admired those beautiful brides, their beautiful long white gowns but…I NEVER WANTED TO BECOME THEM YET!

People..I’m fed up of being told how once I turn 28, 29, and hitting the big oh so scary age 3-0.

What is so scary with 30 anyway?

Will I become unsightly if I hit that age?

Perhaps, you may think that I will end up like those who never got married but I won’t people, I won’t!

You may think as well that I’m picky but I’m not.

I know mostly of you got married in an early age.

And this is probably going to sound awful but I’m so sorry if I offend… some of you even got married repeatedly but my parents brought me up different.

I vividly remember a phone conversation I had with my mom – “there’s no reason to hurry, get married at the right time”.

Yes! I am not growing any younger but it’s all about getting ready and I believe, that’s what anybody should think.

I’m realizing more and more while writing this article that perhaps, a lot of people got married probably because of lust, boredom, survival, safety, they felt like they were at the marriageable age, comfort, society demand etc. etc. And they were like, regretting it in the end.

Hence, I should first focus on all the good things I can and should be doing for myself before saying, “ I DO”.

I am writing this to tell you people that marriage is something I would never want to compromise.

Author’s Note:

Marriage is not a game, it’s a lifelong commitment. So even though the people around you are telling that you must get married as soon as possible, never ever allow their toxic beliefs to be projected onto you.

To be continued……

Thank you for reading.

Till then,

Al_Yolly ❤

“The Venice Grand Canal Mall At Mckinley Hill”

I heard so much about this grand canal mall which is located in Mckinley Hill, Taguig City. I was even impressed when I saw the photo of this place on social media so I decided to visit it once I’m back in Manila because I am so eager to see how it looks like in reality.

It was April 30, 2018 when we came here- dealing with the traffic and very hot weather of Manila. I was not expecting too much but was totally surprised with the cleanliness and layout of the place. Now I know why other people are saying that it’s like in Venice, Italy.Call me ignorant but since I haven’t been outside the country yet, I googled it to compare if it has similarity to Venice, Italy and I can say that, yeah perhaps.

Note: The place is an attempted recreation of Venice Italy according to some. It’s up to those who already went in Italy if you will agree or not.I think the most popular here is the gondola boat rides that cost 300 pesos per head with an Italian music as the background which we didn’t try because there were a lot of people lined up and I think, 300 pesos per head is a bit pricey.We stayed here for almost an hours just roaming around and taking pictures. After that, we decided to eat since we were so tired already. The place is sorrounded with so many restaurants varying from high end to cheap eats. Like the TGIF, bulgogi brothers, Tim Hortons, 24r Denny’s, Korean restaurant, kfc, mcdo, jollibee and so on..We really enjoyed our first time visit here and coming from a first timer, the place is just astoundingly beautiful. It was like we entered in a different world hehehe. I loved the fact that you almost cannot take a bad photo of this place.

However, I think it would be better if they will add more activities for the people to try.According to my friend, the best time to come here is at night for more amazing view. But we were thinking that it might be crowded (I hate crowded places) so we instead visited it in the morning and luckily, there were few people. There opening time is 11 am. However, you have to deal with the very hot weather if you are planning to come here in the morning.Here’s a photo of the place at night that was taken by my xam_sha.

There’s also the love locks area.So this place is highly recommended once you’re in Manila. Who doesn’t want like going abroad without spending too much!? Aha! No wonder why people come here just for taking pictures. Takenote that roaming around here is for free (no entrance fee) so go ahead and enjoy your day.

How to get here?

1. From Pasay, you can take a bus and tell the driver to drop you in Ayala Station.

2. From Ayala station, take a bus going to BGC (Bonifacio Global City). You need to buy the ticket first which is 12 pesos per head.

3. Once you are in BGC, tell the driver to drop you at Mckinley road.

4. Ask the guard or people there for the jeepney terminal that is bound to FTI gate 3. This will pass in Mckinley Hill. And once you are in gate 3, then walk going down until you see the big sign of Mckinley Hill.

Thank you for reading.

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“A Short Visit In Mall Of Asia”

Hi! I was thinking yesterday to post this but apparently, we were included to the electric service interruption due to relocation of secondary poles because of road widening. However, it’s back so I decided to share now our short visit in MOA.

MOA stands for Mall of Asia which is located in Bay City, Pasay Philippines. It is just 10-15 minutes from Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) and is the largest mall in Asia that’s why it is called MALL of Asia.

It was our first time to visit this mall and nah, it is very spacious with a huge supermarket, dining area, a lot of salons, nice stores, cafe’s and many more so you can have great meals here or even have some good coffee because this mall really has it all.We were craving for siomai so we decided to eat in Chowking and after that, as a first timer who is not familiar with the place, we got lost inside because there are many indoor and outdoor part of the mall so we were like asking the people if where is the exit which I think, it was soooo embarrassing hahaha 😄.

Anyway, at the back of the mall is the scenic view of the Manila Bay which I really enjoyed. Take note that it is not polluted so you can walk along the coastline without worrying about the smell.With free entrance, there are also few amuzement rides (including the farris wheel) which we didn’t try any of them because our purpose was really the view of Manila Bay. There were those that were participating with the rides but I observed that most people prefer to just sit while waiting for the sunset. It’s the favorite reason to be here. But I have no photo of the sunset because we left the place at around 4:00 pm.Aside from that, there are also plenty of food stands here. The bay view on the side and stalls on the other side which I think, it’s a great place to have some rest after spending so much time shopping at the mall of Asia.

It was 4:00 pm when we decided to go home because we were thinking about the traffic. If you have been in Manila, then you probably know that rush hour or not, traffic has become a normal scenario in EDSA these days. Here’s a photo that I took when we were along EDSA dealing with the Manila traffic.

And here’s a photo of traffic in EDSA taken by pbatara.

Anyway, We enjoyed our short visit in MOA despite of the traffic. So if you want to relax when you are in Manila then I would suggest you to try in Mall of Asia. They say that it is better to visit the place at night because of the fireworks display. It is accessible by bus, jeepney, and taxi. Just ask if where the mall of Asia is and everyone in Metro Manila knows. Fronting the mall is a big iron globe. Here’s a photo of it taken by whoa.leo.

So if you saw this, then it’s an indication that you are already in Mall of Asia. Have fun.! 🙂

Thank you for reading.

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