“Product Review: Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink”

Hi guys! Today, I will be reviewing another product from Maybelline which I am so obsessed at the moment. For sure, you’ve already heard a lot about the Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink since bloggers all over the world are admiring their awesome shades.

So I bought two shades- the lover and voyager after watching and reading all the rave reviews about how long lasting all the shades are. Okay, without further ado..here’s my quick and short review.

What is it?

Maybelline introduces Super Stay Matte Ink lipstick that gives you an intense color concentration, ultra-chic matte finish and a flawless 12 hours wear in a range of super saturated shades.


Application: Apply liquid lipstick in the center of your upper lip and follow the contours of your mouth. After that, glide the liquid lipstick across the entire bottom lip. And then allow the product to dry.

Note: I am applying lip balm first before any lipstick.

Scent: I don’t know how to describe their scents but for me, lover smells like vanilla while voyager is like a sweet dessert scent but I really don’t know if what dessert. Aha! Just like that.. HAHAHA 😂

Packaging: Super Stay Matte Ink is packaged with a handy nice tube and has an angular shape which make it easier to place on the table without worrying about it rolling all over. Also, the arrow shape of the applicator makes the product easy to apply.Verdict

Before I start this part, take note that this is not a sponsored review so my statements are all based on my personal opinion and observation when using the product.

So let me begin, both lover and voyager has a nice color on my skin type. The shade of lover is a perfect muev-y pink while voyager is a dark red, almost blackened burgundy which I think a perfect shade this colder season. What I’ve come to love about these two are: One application is enough for the entire day so no need for reapplying which means that my Php299 was really worth it. Moreover, I can layer lip balm on top of them without ruining the lasting power and the product doesn’t transfer when wearing, it doesn’t fade even after drinking coffee and eating greasy food which only means that it really stays on perfectly for a long time. Not like the other lipsticks that I’ve tried (not to mention the brand) but I always feel like reapplying again and again after an hours because they seem to clumped up, smudged and dried up my lips.


However, I noticed a two downsides of the two. First, when you applied, it feels sticky for quite a while before it dries but that’s still manageable since 3 minutes is okay for me. So I’ll still give this a 5 stars despite of the “sticky feelings” because once it dried up, it will give you a lovely matte finish wihout feeling too “drying” on the lips. Second, it is so hard to remove so be sure to have a make up wipe handy as that’s the only way to get it off.

Overall, Super Stay Matte Ink really lives up to its name so if you’re looking for a long lasting liquid lipstick, I really do recommend this. Trust me, you’ll end up loving all the shades just like me so I’m gonna buy more shades of this. Naaah! I’m just so thankful for Maybelline. ❤️💗Advise: You only need to apply once, I don’t recommend applying twice.

Here’s a review of those who already tried which I grabbed on Maybelline fb page.Have you tried this Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink? If yes, what shade is your favorite? Let me know by commenting below.

Thank you for reading!

Till then,

Al_Yolly 💞


“Product Review: Garnier Skin Naturals Milky Lightening Dew Toner”

Hi! Today, I will be reviewing my current toner for two weeks now. What I am doing if I’m trying a new product is that, I have to use it first for more that one or exactly two weeks before sharing my thoughts. This is to see if the product really works or not.

Disclaimer: These are all based on my personal experience in using the product and I can assure you that it’s honest and true.So I bought this toner last month during my last visit in Watson. For me, garnier is a great product because I have been using garnier cream, shampoo and lotion and they’re very very good. So when I saw this Garnier toner, I immediately decided to buy it for 170 pesos without any hesitation because I was also attracted with the word “milk”.

About the product?

Its fresh milky formula is enriched with pure lemon essence to help skin smoother, lighter, softer and the complexion more even. It is dermatologically tested on Asian skin.

Garnier milky lightening dew toner comes in an eye catching yellow colored packaging with a flip to open cap.

How I use?

After facial wash, I use it by applying with a cotton pad all over my face and neck avoiding my eye contour.

What I love?

I love it because it doesn’t dry my face and doesn’t make my eyes tear up. Also, I loved the refreshing citrusy scent of this product and I don’t have any problem with its scent because I have been using lemon as my beauty regimen for ages.

Most of the toners that I was using before have a watery consistency but this is different. It is milky and thicker white colored liquid which I love.

What I don’t love?

It claims to lighten skin but it didn’t work for me and I noticed that this product made my face oilier after using it for 5 days in a row .

Final thoughts?

My first impression with this toner was it is for lightening because of the word “light”. So within two weeks of using this product, I didn’t notice any lightening effects so I am less sure of its lightening benefits. Also, I noticed a little breakouts in my forehead and I think, it was because of this product.

I mentioned above that it made my face oilier so I decided to just use it as my foot moisturizer since I don’t want to waste anything. However, I love how it does not leave my face dry and it’s very moisturizing.

Overall, I was not totally impressed with this product and I think, it is not necessary for me. This is the only garnier product that disappoints me. So I think this is only recommended for those with dry skin (it might work for you) but not to those people with oily skin.

Will I repurchase?


Have you tried this? What’s your opinion?

Thank you for reading.

Till then,

Al_Yolly ❤

“Product Review: Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel”

Hi everyone! So today, I will be reviewing this everyone’s favorite soothing gel. The nature republic aloe vera gel. According to studies, aloe vera is very beneficial plant by which it can cure any kind of skin and hair problems. Whether it is acne, hair fall, herpes, and blemishes. It is also effective for soothing sunburn and even cure dandruff.

Before, I was using the aloe vera gel straight from the plant. So I usually cut 1 leaf and then I wash it first before I get rid of the green part. After that, I chop and stir the gel before applying it all over my face and hair for overnight. Now that our aloe plant has no leaves, I decided to try this very famous nature republic aloe vera soothing gel.

Disclaimer: I am not paid to write this review. These are all based on my personal experience and I can assure you that it’s honest and true.

Nature Republic is a South Korean cosmetic brand that utilizes natural ingredients for their product.

So it was my Korean friend who introduced to me this product. So what I did was I searched first if the product is really good. And to be honest, I’ve heard and read so many great reviews about this soothing gel. So I got intrigued and bought my own to try for 280 pesos.

About the Product?

– It is a Korean that made of 92% aloe vera from Jeju island.

– Gently soothe sensitive skin caused by harmful environment.

– Can be easily absorbed into skin due to its cooling and light texture.

– Reduces skin stress, thus creating a healthy skin.

– Improves elasticity of the skin.

– The packaging comes in a green tub full of product in a twist open container and have another plastic lid.
How I use?

Still the same when I was using the gel straight from the plant. I am applying it all over my face, my body and my hair for overnight.

What I Loved?

The main reasons why I am using aloe vera are because of my pimples, dandruff, falling hair, dry skin and dry hair. So after one month of using this product, I concluded that the one I bought is not fake as it has the same effects when I was still using aloe vera that was straight from the plant.

I love the cooling effect upon application and the smell as well. It smells like real aloe. Also, I love how it easily absorbs by my skin because of its watery consistency and doesn’t feel oily afterwards.

What I don’t loved?

The packaging. I don’t like plastic tub containers because I think, it is somehow not hygienic so I suggest to rather use a tube.

Final thoughts?

Well, this product is really a must try especially if you have the same problem as mine. When I was suffering from pimples, I have tried many anti pimple products but none of them worked on my face. Until I started using aloe vera. I am very thankful for my friend for introducing this product. Now, I am regularly using this and I can say that my skin is good. For my hair, believe it or not, it is really smooth and though there are still some falling hair, at least it’s like 3-5 not like before that it was too much. Also, my dandruff is gone.

I think, this product is good for the summer but aloe vera is something I can’t live without. Now, I have this product in my skin care routine.

Will I repurchase?

Of course, of course!

I highly recommend this for you to try.

Photo Cred: Nature republic.store

Leave me a comment if what you use aloe vera gel for if you’re a fan. Thank you for reading.

Till then,

Al_Yolly ❤

“Skin Care: Elujai Propolis Myrrh Ample Light Review”

Hi! Today, I will be reviewing a product that I have been using for one month already. I know that my blog is not about product reviews but I just want to share my thoughts about this product just in case you need this.

So I have an fb friend who is an online seller and she tagged me in a post with her long caption about the positive effects of propolis. As a first timer, I asked a lot of questions and didn’t believe her at first. I even did some research and to be honest, majority of the reviews of those who already tried this product were all positive so I finally decided to give it a try. So I bought one bottle for 180 pesos.

Disclaimer: All product reviews posted on this blog are all based on my personal experience and I can assure you that it’s honest and true.

About the product?

This is a product from Korea and is a multi-purpose premium ampoule that contains propolis and myrrh oil that helps boost skin elasticity and vitality. It has an anti-bacterial property which helps in healing pimples, wounds and also claims to reduce the appearance of warts. Also, it is effective in lightening melasma, freckles, skin pigmentation, and pimple scars.

The packaging is a glass bottle with a glass dropper.

I am using this product by putting two drops on my palm as instructed by the seller and then I spread it first before applying all over my face.

What I loved?

I’m so in love with the smell, it’s like a baby powder scent. At first week of using this, I noticed that it did nothing on my face. But it’s true that you always have to be patient when you’re using a new product before noticing the result. So yes, within the second week of regularly using it, I noticed that it lessened the oiliness of my face and my pimple marks and dark spots started to fade. Also, I love how it easily absorbs by my skin and it leaves it so soft and smooth. Moreover, the price is affordable and it can last up to one month.

What I don’t loved?

So far, I don’t have any negative thoughts about this product.

Final thoughts?

Well, This is one of my favorites skin care and I can say that Elujai propolis can truly treat pimples. However, it doesn’t prevent them from coming so you have to use it frequently. Because I tried to stop using it within the 3rd week and I noticed that my pimples started again to come out. So I decided to use it every night before going to bed and morning before applying my makeup. In short, I’m using it as a moisturizer. So withi month of doing this, I noticed that my dark spots and pimples were finally gone. Believe it or not, I can see the improvement on my face. It’s clearer and smoothier than before. About the oiliness, it’s not totally gone but at least, it has a huge difference now not like before that it’s too oily. I am yet to see if there are still changes.

Will I repurchase?


So I would like to recommend Elujai Propolis Myrrh Ample particularly if you have the same problem as mine. However, take note that what works for me may not works for you because we all have different skin types. But still, there’s nothing wrong on giving it a try.

Photo Credits: Cosmic.skin and tychesksmetics.

Have you already tried this product? Any thoughts? That’s all for today and thank you for reading.

Till then,

Al_Yolly ❤

“Cafe Review: Lemon & Olives”

Saw Lemon and Olives on my friend’s feed when I was browsing her Instagram account and was pretty excited to try since I love the ambiance. It’s good that the food community here in Baguio is always progressing.

So we headed to have lunch at this cool place that is located at Outlook Drive which is the street at the Mansion House. My first impression was wow and honestly, this is one of the most aesthetically pleasing restaurants I’ve found myself into. A commanding view of an area that is filled with pine trees which makes the eating experience more conducive. It is a Greek restaurant and the interiors are great as the execution of the chairs and decorations. To be honest, my main reason for coming here was really because of its homey yet modern interiors and its beautiful ambiance. I was not even a fan of a Greek cuisine but it all changed when I already tasted their food.

We ordered their Greek salad- you can see the freshness of the vegetables they put into the salad and I forgot the name of the second picture but it’s a bell pepper stuffed with rice. The food was great and the servers were polite and attentive. I even asked one of them to clean well our table and he immediately came while he was smiling at us. So being a frequent visitors of cafe’s, I’d choose this resto over others.Lemon and Olives is a highly recommended resto to all especially if you are a lover of Greek foods. Add to that, every food on their menu is a must try but be sure to bring some extra money with you because some of the foods are pricey. So I would recommend their salad and souvlaki (which picture is not included) for those who want to budget their money.

Overall, this is worth coming back and I am so happy that I have a new fave resto here in Baguio.
That’s all for today. Thankyou for reading.

Till then,

Al_Yolly 😍

“Book Review: The Tiger’s Daughter”


Title: The Tiger’s Daughter

Author: K. Arsenault Rivera

Hi..It’s really cold and gloomy outside today and that on top of my terrible body pain which makes today the perfect day to just stay inside and write a book review. So this is the first book of K. Arsenault Rivera that I’ve tried. Honestly, I am not really familiar with this author, it’s just that this book was given by a friend and I have no other choice last month than to read it. According to google, K was born in Puerto Rico and raised in New York. K is a lifelong fan of all things nerdy. She drew on her love of tabletop gaming for her debut novel, THE TIGER’S DAUGHTER. An out and proud lesbian, she lives in Brooklyn with her partner and roommate.


Even gods can be slain. The Hokkaran empire has conquered every land within their bold reach – but failed to notice a lurking darkness festering within the people. Now, their border walls begin to crumble, and villages fall to demons swarming out of the forests.

Away on the silver steppes, the remaining tribes of nomadic Qorin retreat and protect their own, having bartered a treaty with the empire, exchanging inheritance through the dynasties. It is up to two young warriors, raised together across borders since their prophesied birth, to save the world from the encroaching demons.

This is the story of an infamous Qorin warrior (Barsalayaa Shefali) a spoiled divine warrior empress,(O- Shizuka) and a power that can reach through time and space to save a land from a truly insidious evil.

My Review:

The writing to plot in this book is so magical and unique. So for sure, I’m going to re read this because everything here was enchanting and utterly mesmerizing. Honestly, I really enjoyed this book. It’s the first fantasy novel I’ve been able to finish for three weeks. And like any good fantasy, this is a combination of a story that is full of magic, alluring romance, difficult decisions, political machinations and an exciting action made for one addicting novel. The setting is a Chinese, Japanese and Mongolian inspired fantasy world.

In terms of characterization of the two main protagonists, I can say that it’s a well done because the two of them have depth and substance. Also, the protagonist’s mother (Shizuru and Alshara) are interesting. The main characters are lesbian and there are some LGBT characters as well.

So If you want a fantasy book that features the most intense and precious romantic relationship between demon slaying then this book is for you.  Though it has a couple of snags and plot holes, it’s still worth picking up. Basically, The Tiger’s Daughter is my heart and utterly flawless so you should all do yourself a favor and read it immediately. Also, It was also refreshing to see a lesbian romance in a fantasy novel like this.

That’s all for today. Thank you for reading.



Till then<

Al_Yolly ♥

“Book Review: Couplehood”

Paul Reiser. Well, you probably have heard this name before or perhaps, saw him on TV. He is best known for his role in the TV sitcom “Mad About You” and is also a writer, actor, author and musician. Aside from that, I concluded after reading this book that Mr. Paul Reiser has a fun sense of humor and an easy entertaining style of writing. Although I’ve read only one of his book,  I can say that he is a good writer and this is one of the best, funniest books I have ever read.

22708897_2012213972328044_8171216671239831552_n Couplehood, I read this book last year just after I bought it for only 100 pesos at the bookstore. And just last week, I was looking for something to distract me then I saw this “Couplehood” so I decided to read it again for the second time. Well, there’s no big life lessons here. Just those funny memoirs of what a couple really goes through. The ups and downs you get in a relationship, particularly marriage. And to be honest, I am not even married but I enjoyed reading the book. I  was like bursting with laughter on every page of it. Yes….because it was true to life in regards to relationships/marriage.

So young or old, married or not, with or without children, in a relationship or not, I would like to recommend this book to all of you.This is an absolute must read especially those who have been married for a long years. I guarantee that there will be at least one incident (I suppose not only one) on this book wherein you’ll nod your head and say “Gosh! that’s us”.

Also highly recommended to those who are in a relationship. Reading this comedy book will make you realize the power of love and why we crave for it so much.

That’s all for today and thank you  for reading this very short review. Have a good day.


Till then,

Al_Yolly ♥

“Cafe Review: Sinner or Saint”

Hi! The City of Pines is now a home of a lot of excellent cafes. I have heard that there are lots of newly opened cafeteria in Baguio and also in La Trinidad. One of which is this Sinner or Saint Cafe that is located in Km.3 La Trinidad, Benguet (just beside the La Trinidad Welcome Arch near Bell Church.) 

So if there is one thing common about staying here in the City of Pines for almost a years, it is cafe hopping.  I was able to try several coffee shops here in the city. So last week, we were able to try this Sinner or Saint Cafe. For me, this place looks like more a dessert place because of the ice cream and cake selection on the menu.

(c) The Cordilleran Sun
20799268_2014354878784517_3002184608565983885_n (1)
(c) The Cordilleran Sun

We ordered pinikpikan pasta, tapey ice cream, (some of their best sellers I suppose because of the great reviews that I’ve read on their fb page) and the nachos with special dipped. That pinikpikan and tapey are very intriguing right? Like ah, wait, whaaaaat? hehehe.

Tapey is a Cordilleran wine which is made from fermented rice while Pinikpikan is a dish of the Igorot ( people from the mountains of Cordillera) and is prepared by beating a live chicken prior to cooking.

Pinikpikan pasta. Photo grabbed from SOS Fb page

It looks like a carbonara but it’s not. For me, it’s just that they made the soup or “sabaw”  of the pinikpikan as their sauce then they added a small slices of pinikpikan meat into it. And mind you guys, the pinikpikan made it tasteful and creamy. Yum yum yum.! Must try!

(c) The Cordilleran Sun

The tapey ice cream. This photo may not be pleasing to the eyes but I assure you guys, it has a very unique taste. Something sweet with a bit alcoholic tasteMust try as well!

Why Sinner or Saint?

I  asked this question to the waiter who served our food and according to her, “It is actually base on the food we are offering. Sinner for the guilty pleasure food and Saint for the guilt free food.”

Are you a sinner or a saint?

This cafe is highly recommended to those who are looking for a very affordable price (youll thank me later :D). It has a good ambiance. We visited this place noon time and I guess much better to try it at night.

Waiters were so so nice for they were always smiling. Wifi is also available. However, “slightly” poor customer service. Yes! Because we have waited for I guess 10 minutes or more before they served our orders (one by one!) hehehe considering that we were so hungry. But anyways, I still enjoyed my first visit to this newly opened cafe and still planning to go visit it for the second time for me to try their other best sellers.

20881861_1779371332090384_6178821280229250939_n (1)
Photo by Yours Truly.
Grabbed from SOS Fb page
Grabbed from SOS fb page.


​Their displayed quotations on the wall made me appreciate more the place. See the above photos. 

P.s, Credit to Sinner or Saint Cafe for allowing me to grab their photos. Thank you for reading.!


Till then,

Al_Yolly ♥


“Cafe Review: Tajimaya Charcoal Grill”

In my search for the best restaurant in Baguio, I asked Martina (my friend) on where does she eat good food here in Baguio. She shared me this Japanese restaurant called Tajimaya Charcoal Grill.


According to her, this is again a newly opened restaurant which is located in Military Cut Off, Baguio City just near the Sage Cafe.  But with the severe condition of traffic, it took us some minutes to decide whether to check it out or to try others because I was thinking as well that I am not fond of Japanese foods. Then after a few minutes, we finally decided to give it a try.

Well, I guess, Tajimaya is a place for many Manila residents, this maybe a place that they’d want to go and eat everyday.  But for us (some) Baguio locals, this is a bit new to us. Yes! Because Baguio is saturated by a Korean and a lot of simple restaurants (simple but well known) like Good taste, Sab-atan and others that’s why I wrote above that I’m not fond of Japanese food.



Tajimaya actually offer an unlimited serving of their pork, beef, chicken, lettuce and sausages. And of course with the sidings kimchi, and bean sprout at 499 Php. My first experience here was so good and we really did enjoy our meal. However, 499 per person for me is kinda bit expensive. I’m also confused because it’s Japanese overall but there are lots of Korean options as well.


Their serving was good. The requirement was to finish the first batch of food that they serve and then you can re-order whatever you wanted. And you can have as much of what you most prefer to grill. After grilling, the first batch, we ordered was the beef and others until we were full.


368b9cbc-5895-4c8f-bf6f-a1cafd9fbf19Best are the beef, chicken and sausage. The lettuce they served was okey but it was only 5 leaves so we had to get a refill every now and then. Their kimchi was also good and that made me wonder if Tajimaya is really a Korean or Japanese hehehe. Staffs were attentive. Ambiance is also perfect. Overall , this is a good place to dine with family and friends. But expect to smell like food when dining here.


Author’s Note:

♦ You can request for less fatty beef if you prefer.

♦ They have a time limit on their buffet (2 hours).

♦ Yes the price is a bit pricey but to experience a good quality of foods is very well worth it.

♦ Wifi available.

♦ Opening Hours (11:00AM – 11:00PM).

Thank you for reading!

Till then,

Al Yolly ♥

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“Cafe Review: Quoted Cafe”

We were looking for a place to relax and thought that we should try the very nice place at Outlook drive. However, we went there on a Monday, apparently, the restaurant is closed on Mondays. So my friend asked the driver to bring us  instead in Quoted Cafe. We have heard so much about this cafe and seen a lot of photos online being one of the newest cafe here in the city of Pines.

(c) Gueshai

19623049_434972463550594_5725313747711426560_n Photo by: PeaPoyy

Photo by: Miss Castro
Photo by: Miss Castro

What can I say about Quoted Cafe?

Well, everything looks awesome here. Most especially their cr, you can see some inspiring quotes on the wall. Again, this cafe is one of the “newest” and I could tell that the place is really new by the quality of service that their staffs provided.  We were nicely greeted by their friendly staffs with a smile on their faces and they were efficient as well when they were taking our orders.

So we ordered Nachos Overload (one of their best sellers, I guess) and Red Velvet Shake.

Nachos : 210 Php
Red Velvet Shake : 140 Php each

Our orders was good. However, the Nachos is quite pricey for my pocket. Hehehe

Quoted Cafe also offers meals, pasta, sandwiches, and others. Nonetheless, we were not able to try since we were already satisfied with what we ordered. But, this might be a good excuse for us to give this place another try another time.

This is a place where you can have a good chit chat with your family and friends. Just enjoying each other’s company over good comfort food with soothing homey ambiance. They have also books that you can actually barrow and read while sitting on their comfortable green couch.




How to get here?

This is located inside V-Hotel, Bukaneg Baguio City.

Facebook Page : Quoted Cafe

What we did was we took a taxi and asked the driver to drop us at Prince Plaza Hotel. Then we just followed the street up and then when we were already in Z Creamy, we just still followed the way until we saw the big sign of V-HOTEL. Prince plaza is just very near here.

Note: If you will going to take a taxi, just tell directly to the driver to take you in V-HOTEL/LEGARDA instead of saying Bukaneg because some taxi drivers are not familiar with Bukaneg.

That’s all for today and thank you for reading.

Till then,

Al Yolly ♥