“Skin Care: Elujai Propolis Myrrh Ample Light Review”

Hi! Today, I will be reviewing a product that I have been using for one month already. I know, that my blog is not about product reviews but I just want to share this with all of you just in case you want to try it. So I have an fb friend who is an …

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“Cafe Review: Lemon & Olives”

Saw Lemon and Olives on my friend's feed when I was browsing her Instagram account and was pretty excited to try since I love the ambiance. It's good that the food community here in Baguio is always progressing.  So we headed to have lunch at this cool place that is located at Outlook Drive which …

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“Product Review: LS BL CREAM”

Hi guys! I'm back with a completely different blog, it's a product review. I was thinking a while back that I will just going to post my review on my Instagram account but I decided to post it here. This is to give a little information about this not so popular (perhaps) product here in …

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“Book Review: The Tiger’s Daughter”

Title: The Tiger's Daughter Author: K. Arsenault Rivera Hi..It's really cold and gloomy outside today and that on top of my terrible body pain which makes today the perfect day to just stay inside and write a book review. So this is the first book of K. Arsenault Rivera that I've tried. Honestly, I am not …

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“Book Review: Couplehood”

Paul Reiser. Well, you probably have heard this name before or perhaps, saw him on TV. He is best known for his role in the TV sitcom "Mad About You" and is also a writer, actor, author and musician. Aside from that, I concluded after reading this book that Mr. Paul Reiser has a fun sense …

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“Cafe Review: Sinner or Saint”

Hi! The City of Pines is now a home of a lot of excellent cafes. I have heard that there are lots of newly opened cafeteria in Baguio and also in La Trinidad. One of which is this Sinner or Saint Cafe that is located in Km.3 La Trinidad, Benguet (just beside the La Trinidad …

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“Cafe Review: Tajimaya Charcoal Grill”

In my search for the best restaurant in Baguio, I asked Martina (my friend) on where does she eat good food here in Baguio. She shared me this Japanese restaurant called Tajimaya Charcoal Grill. According to her, this is again a newly opened restaurant which is located in Military Cut Off, Baguio City just near the …

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“Cafe Review: Quoted Cafe”

We were looking for a place to relax and thought that we should try the very nice place at Outlook drive. However, we went there on a Monday, apparently, the restaurant is closed on Mondays. So my friend asked the driver to bring us  instead in Quoted Cafe. We have heard so much about this cafe …

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“Cafe Review: Lolita Cafe”

Hi! This is one of my favorite spots here in Baguio because of its girly ambiance. Not only will you be welcomed with lots of stuff toys but with the colorful fabric on the ceiling as well. So okey, we came here last last month with my friend (sorry for writing my review only today) for …

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“Cafe Review: Gossip Coffee Shop”

Hi! I have been wanting to try this place when I saw the post of my friend on fb but I only had the chance yesterday. So what can I say about Gossip? Well, Gossip coffee shop is one of the best coffee shops that I've tried not just because of the food and drinks …

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