“To Anyone Struggling With Depression”

I’m writing this kind of topic here on my blog because I have been noticing a lot of depression issues on Facebook these past few months. To the extent that I was like sending them messages- asking if there’s something I can do to at least help them. To be honest, I’m no expert in giving advice but it’s just letting them know that I will always be here to listen if ever they need someone to talk to. To let them know that they’re not alone. You know, even the simple act of saying “how are you doing” can be an enermous help to someone struggling with depression.

Note: Depression is not something people want to talk about but I’m sharing this because of the latest issue back home about someone who committed suicide due to depression. Hence, this is to remind anyone struggling with depression to don’t let it take control you and don’t ever think of giving up in life. Believe me, there is a life after dejection and that, joy is possible. Thus, life is too precious to let this thing called “depression” take it away.

So if you have a friend who’s struggling with depression, don’t ever mock him/her- please! All a depressed person need is an ear to listen. You may not truly understand their situation but just be there for them, encourage them and again, listen.

So dear anyone struggling with depression,

I want to start off by saying, Maybe, I don’t know you and I don’t completely understand what you’re going through or why but that doesn’t mean that I don’t care.

I know there are days that you feel everything seems dull but please know that you won’t be on that position forever because there’s hope- yes, there is HOPE!

I want to remind you that, depression lies! Hear me!? Yes, depression lies:

Depression says, you’re weak but no, you are strong- it makes you a warrior because you didn’t give up yesterday and you’re not giving up today!

Depression says, you are worthless- WRONG! I’m telling you that you’re wonderful, kind hearted person who deserves all the good things in life.

Depression says, you are a burden so you shouldn’t be here but don’t believe it because you have so much to offer the world. You deserve a place on this planet- we deserve to have you with us.

Depression says, everyone is busy so no one will be there to help you. Truth is, so many people want to help you. You just need to let them know.

You’ve already admitted the first and most important step which is, you have a serious problem so you just need to reach out your friends, family, workmates and for sure, they will be there to help and comfort you!

Depression says, you’re a failure and you will never be successful but hun, I believe that even the most successful people in this world was once a failure because, everybody fails!

You just have to believe in yourself and remind yourself that it’s not the end of your life. There are many people who have failed but refused to give up.

Take it from me, failure doesn’t mean you’re a failure- it’s just part of life. Just keep on trying. Not trying is the biggest failure, I believe!

Depression says, nobody loves you. Hun, I’m so sorry that you are feeling this way but remember how everyone in your family loves you no matter what.

Perhaps, I’m a stranger to you but know that I love you. If you ever need someone to talk to, I’m here for you, I believe in you!

Depression says, you’re alone so you have to end your life but that is not true! God is with you- he calls you to reach out to him and he will listen, care and heal you!

Alas! Depression tells many lies more than I can write down here but truth is, you are worth so much more than your depression. Again, please remember that depression lies- what it says about you is not true and it will never be. You just have to remind yourself who you really are- you do have talents, you have a brilliant mind, you have your dreams, you are strong, you are valuable, you are not alone so you have a purpose in this world. Don’t ever let your inner demons win.

I understand that depression is not easy to overcome and it takes time but you’ll get there. I’m not telling all of these just to uplift you but because it’s true. Bear in mind that you always have control over your emotions so you can do this. Stop doubting yourself and show the world what you got.

Disclaimer: Photo used on this blog post was grabbed from pinterest. Credit goes to its respective owner.

Thank you for reading!

Till then,


2 thoughts on ““To Anyone Struggling With Depression”

  1. Right initiative Filipino. I too want to help people deal with. Maybe we should start some sort of portal where people can talk about their problems without of course revealing their identities.


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