“Short Poem: Elegy of Cynical”

Maybe it was faux  And sweetest it felt for a broken doll Yet- a bitterest in the truest that was buried Waiting...no doubt from the pain Carved on another disaster Nah! Must this happen? And afraid your words shan't leave me? It won't beloved..I'm afraid, it won't Why death don't deserve your soul If this … Continue reading “Short Poem: Elegy of Cynical”


“I Promise”

And 16's the day When I said yes And within you I feel complete ♡※♡※♡※♡※♡※♡※♡※♡※♡※♡ You're always there To cheer me up And make me smile When I am sad ♡※♡※♡※♡※♡※♡※♡※♡※♡※♡ I sometimes wonder Where have you been? Why only now? Why not before? ♡※♡※♡※♡※♡※♡※♡※♡※♡※♡ But anyhow I'm still thankful Because of you I feel, … Continue reading “I Promise”