“Monthsary in San Juan, La Union”

Located in the province of La Union, the second class municipality of San Juan is one of the perfect places to spend your weekend by the beach. Dubbed as the capital surfing of the North because of its consistent and favorable surfing conditions.I have been noticing a buzz through social media about San Juan for a couple of years now but only got the chance to explore last Tuesday. I used to think that San Juan is only suitable for surfers- this might be one of the reasons why I haven’t thought of coming here before. But it all changed when I did some research about the things to do in San Juan and it was mentioned that you can just swim here if you’re not a surfer or to just sit if you prefer. So Ken and I decided to go last Tuesday mainly because it was our monthsary and of course, we love beach so much. Also, we want to experience life outside- visiting a new place and setting up something for ourselves. Coming from Baguio, getting to San Juan requires a 2 hours bus ride with the fare of 125 pesos per person. What we did was, we took the Partas bus going to Laoag or Vigan and then we informed the bus attendant (konduktor) to drop us in Urbiztondo. So it was exactly 9:00 am when we arrived in the major surfing spot of San Juan- the Urbiztondo beach. Take note that the beach front resort is just along the highway.

After that, we decided to stay in the most popular and affordable Circle Hostel in Urbiztondo. We enjoyed our stay here- the breeze, the calming sounds of the waves and of course, swimming. However, I almost got stripped down from my bathing suit because the waves were pretty hard but still, we enjoyed and we would literally be in La Union every day.Note: You can learn basic surfing lessons here at 400 pesos per hour with free use of surf board. But if you know how to surf, surf board rental is 200 pesos per hour. The overall area of Urbiztondo is brimming with different food spots that you can really enjoy. Also, you can just sit by the beach with a bottle of beer while enjoying the waves and waiting for the sunset as well. There’s more, you can do a side trip to the Pebble beach and Bahay na Bato in Luna, La Union. For those who prefer hiking, then you can hike Tangadan Falls which is located in San Gabriel, La Union. Sadly, we didn’t visit all of these because our time is limited so we are planning to have another trip because I swear, being here make us feel the surge of happiness. I don’t know, there’s just something about ElYu that will make you feel keep coming back so we promise ourselves that we will be back soon. Very soon.

Thank you for reading!

Till then,

Al_Yolly 💞

6 thoughts on ““Monthsary in San Juan, La Union”

    1. It’s just like anniversary. The only difference is that monthsary is celebrated every months while anniversary is once a year.

      Let’s say for example, my boyfriend and I got together on November 16, 2015..our monthsary is December 16, January 16, February 16 until October 16. Then the next 16th which is November 2016 would be our first anniversary. Hope I explained it well. ☺️

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