“Batangas: Dive and Trek”

Located in San Pablo, Bauan Batangas, Dive and Trek is a great place for you to explore the mystery of a deep blue ocean. It is a great place to go for family vacation because the scenery is stunning, especially the sunset. Also, a great place to snorkel or dive and you can see that the… Continue reading “Batangas: Dive and Trek”


“Book Review: The Tiger’s Daughter”

Title: The Tiger's Daughter Author: K. Arsenault Rivera Hi..It's really cold and gloomy outside today and that on top of my terrible body pain which makes today the perfect day to just stay inside and write a book review. So this is a first book of K. Arsenault Rivera that I've tried. Honestly, I am not… Continue reading “Book Review: The Tiger’s Daughter”


“Types of Footwear every Girl must have”

Hi everyone! It's already do I begin? Sorry..I haven't posted in a while again because things were awful and I really felt down these past few weeks. I wasn't going to the gym not like before that I was so excited to hit the gym every break time. There were times when I was… Continue reading “Types of Footwear every Girl must have”


“5 Amazing Tourist Spots in Sagada”

Hi! Sagada is one of the most popular travel destinations in Mountain Province. I suppose, you already heard several times this place which is being labeled as "The Shangri La of the Philippines". I was born and raised in Sagada so I thought of sharing with you guys some of the tourist spots in my… Continue reading “5 Amazing Tourist Spots in Sagada”

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“Comeback Post: Random Quotes Part V”

Hi! So this is one of my first ones blog post after almost a two months break away from my blog due to many reasons - priorities, exhaustion and most of all, lack of self motivation. However, now finally is the time for me to make a comeback to blogging. Motivated, pumped and ready than… Continue reading “Comeback Post: Random Quotes Part V”

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“The David Wenham Story: Mountain Love”

Disclaimer : This is David Wenham story and this was written by him. A guy who fell in love with a girl who is from Kalinga. See the whole story below. ​ ​ To David, Be strong. I know that God is doing something better for you as long as you are innocent in this… Continue reading “The David Wenham Story: Mountain Love”