“My Love for Dogs”

Photo Cred: Dallyver Cosileng

Last Sunday, I decided to have a walk in Km.4 Bacbacan which is 1 kilometer away from where I live. I usually do this every Sunday or Saturday because it is one of my favorite rituals as it’s my way to get my body moving, get some fresh air into my lungs, and to grab some time just to be out there-moving.

So  while I was walking, I saw an old lady and she have a dog. It’s a cocher spaniel and it’s only 4-5 months old. I felt really bad for the dog because he was crying, chained and was all wet but her owner won’t even pay any attention to him. I love dogs so much and seeing the little puppy on that condition (only dog lovers can understand this) made me think of buying and having him. And so, I was waiting for the perfect time to ask if I could buy the dog from the old lady because of course, I wasn’t just going to ask“Hey..I want to buy your dog. How much.?” I was thinking on how to begin.

To cut a long story short…the first thing I asked was where did she get the dog, and she said, one of her relatives just sold it for only 200. And I was like 200?!? A pure breed cocker spaniel is worth 7-10 thousand pesos (the puppy is a pure breed) . So I was excited and was thinking that I can just double the price. So I immediately told the old lady that I want her dog and I’m willing to give her a double or even triple the amount of money she paid for the dog. Again, I’m a major dog lover so I also told her that the dog will be taken care of. But then she replied, “No…. If you want, I’ll find you a different one.” then she asked my name.

Hahaha..That was a total loss! Because no matter how I tried to convince her, she still didn’t lend me the dog. Now, I didn’t want a different dog. I wanted her dog. And only because she was not really taking good care of her dog. That’s the only reason I wanted to buy her dog because puppies need a lot of love and care just like human babies. I know that I don’t have the right to question her ways on taking care her dog because we all have different ways but nah.. I can’t imagine a dog owner who would just ignore her wet chained puppy on her backyard- crying.

Furthermore, what upset me was when I told her that she should not always chained up the puppy like prisoners. Let him play sometimes then she said that the puppy is very grumpy, and that he bites. I don’t know what her definition of a “grumpy dog” because he even fell asleep in my arms when I was wiping his head.

Anyway, never in my wildest dreams did I think I could love a dog this much. Because from the moment that I had a dog, I began to have a newly found appreciation for all animals through my love for dogs. “It’s just a dog” you have no idea how many times I’ve heard these words. But well, our dogs are not just dogs, and just because they’re dogs, doesn’t mean we will give them less consideration. Dogs are like family to me.  I even feed them before I feed myself. Spend some of my time to play with them. Let them sleep on my room. Bought them these all dog toys and stuff. Now, I have no intentions of romanticizing on my love for dogs. I simply have the softest spot for one of the most beautiful creatures in this world.  But that’s just me. That’s how I take care and love my dog.



To end this, here’s my advice to all dog owners, please please take good care of your dogs or rather don’t get a dog if you’re not ready to be responsible for another life that will rely on you 100% (Not just dogs but any animals you own in your house). Love them, treat them as family because dogs are amazing animals and this is one of the reasons why there are millions of people around the globe that really love dogs.


That’s all for today and thank you for reading.


Till then,

Al_Yolly ♥

2 thoughts on ““My Love for Dogs”

  1. Thank you for writing this story. So sad to see the way some people treat their dogs. No dog should ever be chained. It should be against the law. I’ll bet the reason it was grumpy and bit was because everyone that owned it was cruel to it.

    Thank you for being a loving pet owner. We are long time dog lovers and have two at present. If you click on my avatar with this comment, you will see them.

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