“Cafe Review: Quoted Cafe”

We were looking for a place to relax and thought that we should try the very nice place at Outlook drive. However, we went there on a Monday, apparently, the restaurant is closed on Mondays. So my friend asked the driver to bring us  instead in Quoted Cafe. We have heard so much about this cafe and seen a lot of photos online being one of the newest cafe here in the city of Pines.

(c) Gueshai

19623049_434972463550594_5725313747711426560_n Photo by: PeaPoyy

Photo by: Miss Castro
Photo by: Miss Castro

What can I say about Quoted Cafe?

Well, everything looks awesome here. Most especially their cr, you can see some inspiring quotes on the wall. Again, this cafe is one of the “newest” and I could tell that the place is really new by the quality of service that their staffs provided.  We were nicely greeted by their friendly staffs with a smile on their faces and they were efficient as well when they were taking our orders.

So we ordered Nachos Overload (one of their best sellers, I guess) and Red Velvet Shake.

Nachos : 210 Php
Red Velvet Shake : 140 Php each

Our orders was good. However, the Nachos is quite pricey for my pocket. Hehehe

Quoted Cafe also offers meals, pasta, sandwiches, and others. Nonetheless, we were not able to try since we were already satisfied with what we ordered. But, this might be a good excuse for us to give this place another try another time.

This is a place where you can have a good chit chat with your family and friends. Just enjoying each other’s company over good comfort food with soothing homey ambiance. They have also books that you can actually barrow and read while sitting on their comfortable green couch.




How to get here?

This is located inside V-Hotel, Bukaneg Baguio City.

Facebook Page : Quoted Cafe

What we did was we took a taxi and asked the driver to drop us at Prince Plaza Hotel. Then we just followed the street up and then when we were already in Z Creamy, we just still followed the way until we saw the big sign of V-HOTEL. Prince plaza is just very near here.

Note: If you will going to take a taxi, just tell directly to the driver to take you in V-HOTEL/LEGARDA instead of saying Bukaneg because some taxi drivers are not familiar with Bukaneg.

That’s all for today and thank you for reading.

Till then,

Al Yolly ♥





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