“The Venice Grand Canal Mall At Mckinley Hill”

I heard so much about this grand canal mall which is located in Mckinley Hill, Taguig City. I was even impressed when I saw the photo of this place on social media so I decided to visit it once I’m back in Manila because I am so eager to see how it looks like in reality.

It was April 30, 2018 when we came here- dealing with the traffic and very hot weather of Manila. I was not expecting too much but was totally surprised with the cleanliness and layout of the place. Now I know why other people are saying that it’s like in Venice, Italy.Call me ignorant but since I haven’t been outside the country yet, I googled it to compare if it has similarity to Venice, Italy and I can say that, yeah perhaps.

Note: The place is an attempted recreation of Venice Italy according to some. It’s up to those who already went in Italy if you will agree or not.I think the most popular here is the gondola boat rides that cost 300 pesos per head with an Italian music as the background which we didn’t try because there were a lot of people lined up and I think, 300 pesos per head is a bit pricey.We stayed here for almost an hours just roaming around and taking pictures. After that, we decided to eat since we were so tired already. The place is sorrounded with so many restaurants varying from high end to cheap eats. Like the TGIF, bulgogi brothers, Tim Hortons, 24r Denny’s, Korean restaurant, kfc, mcdo, jollibee and so on..We really enjoyed our first time visit here and coming from a first timer, the place is just astoundingly beautiful. It was like we entered in a different world hehehe. I loved the fact that you almost cannot take a bad photo of this place.

However, I think it would be better if they will add more activities for the people to try.According to my friend, the best time to come here is at night for more amazing view. But we were thinking that it might be crowded (I hate crowded places) so we instead visited it in the morning and luckily, there were few people. There opening time is 11 am. However, you have to deal with the very hot weather if you are planning to come here in the morning.Here’s a photo of the place at night that was taken by my xam_sha.

There’s also the love locks area.So this place is highly recommended once you’re in Manila. Who doesn’t want like going abroad without spending too much!? Aha! No wonder why people come here just for taking pictures. Takenote that roaming around here is for free (no entrance fee) so go ahead and enjoy your day.

How to get here?

1. From Pasay, you can take a bus and tell the driver to drop you in Ayala Station.

2. From Ayala station, take a bus going to BGC (Bonifacio Global City). You need to buy the ticket first which is 12 pesos per head.

3. Once you are in BGC, tell the driver to drop you at Mckinley road.

4. Ask the guard or people there for the jeepney terminal that is bound to FTI gate 3. This will pass in Mckinley Hill. And once you are in gate 3, then walk going down until you see the big sign of Mckinley Hill.

Thank you for reading.

Till then,

Al_Yolly ❤

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