“Vanilla Cafe Review”


Baguio City is a home to many small cafe’s where people can enjoy good food while having a good chat with friends and families.

So here is VANILLA CAFE, a newly opened cafe where you can experience a very cute girly ambiance which is located at KAMISITA HOTEL BAGUIO, #23 VILLAMOR STREET BARANGAY LUALHATI. 

So since the day that I’ve seen the photo of this cafe, I promised myself that it’s a must to visit because I was so attracted with the ambiance. So we tried this just a while ago with my friend and  sorry to say that I was disappointed with my first dining here. The space is not wide so you have  to wait for the others to finish their food before you can sit inside. Or if you want, seats are also available outside where you can stay. But for us, we preferred inside so we have waited for almost 30 minutes.

And then here comes their very poor customer service. We were informed that our food will be served after 15 minutes but it took up to 45 minutes.! Huwa, I was soooo hungry so waiting for that long was tooooo much 😭😪. One thing, you have to repeat several times your favor to them. It was because I told the server  to bring service water (for the third time) before they served my request. Oh-oh 😏😕

Staffs were too busy and they tend to forget what they supposed to do. You have to tell them to clean this, wipe that etc. And then after eating, this one servers came and removed immediately my plate then asked while I was sitting, *MA’AM, MAY HINIHINTAY PA PO KAYO*? KASE YUNG IBA KASE NAKAPILA EH.* So I was like, what the!! Yes! many people were waiting outside but why not let me sit for at least 30 minutes or more for me to enjoy the ambiance, to relax because I paid for that. And not to forced me to go just after eating! 😬👎

Anyway, enough with the negative comments. Overall, the cafe is just sooooo cute. Very cute.


Food was okey especially the CHOCOLATE FUDGE CAKE. I hope that if I’ll comeback here, there would be some improvements with their customer service. ☺

MENU : img_20160923_214821_790 Photo : Jennifer Lud-ayen

Photo : Jennifer Lud-ayen

Photo : Emengson (IG)

Photo : Jennifer Lud-ayen (IG)

PHOTOS BY : Whry, Erick0811, JulizaMDC (IG)

Photo : charm_karm (IG)

To end this, If you are planning to try here then don’t come at around 2-5pm *KASE ANDAMING TAO* . Maybe it’s better to try earlier (morning). And prepare your budget before coming here because it’s a bit pricey. Recommended to try their cupcakes and cakes. ☺☺

Thank you for reading.
Till then,

Al_Yolly ❤

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