“Hike in Mount Cabuyao!”

Mount Cabuyao started its popularity since “Sitio La Presa” (part of Mount Cabuyao) became the shooting area of the ABS-CBN for their teleserye which they titled as “FOREVERMORE”. Since then, tourists began to go there to explore Mount Cabuyao and it is now one of the famous hiking destinations in Tuba Benguet.

So we hiked this mountain with my hiking buddy just a few months ago. Mount Cabuyao is accessible either by a private car, taxi or a jeepney. What we did was, we took a jeepney ride going to Green Valley (jeepney terminal is located near the Sunshine Supermarket). Then we told the driver to drop us at the Green Valley Police Station (jump off point ). It was 9 o’clock in the morning when we arrived, and we started the trek right away.

The City of Baguio.

I guess this mountain has a bit similarity to Mount Pulag (The Sea of Clouds). Although, I’ve never been to Pulag but I have seen lots of photos about Pulag and yes! I can say that it has indeed “a bit similarity”. Mount Cabuyao is almost constantly engulfed in a sea of clouds even on a clear summer day.

See the photos below!16386985_1546746742019512_2573257712560601148_n

Also, this is where the CAFE IN THE SKY is located. You can dine here for lunch, dinner and snack.

Note: There is nothing new here so I’d rather call it “Karinderya” than a cafe. Plus, their foods are very pricey and you will not be satisfied with their servings. But if you still want to try then go. The ambiance is awesome though.16406670_1546740745353445_932598984594455216_n16406800_1546739762020210_7141023441104727946_n16299538_1546738565353663_5216047489237282024_n16387926_1546740858686767_2006360091711055972_n

How can I describe Mount Cabuyao’s trail?

Well, the trail going to the summit is very easy. We just followed the road (yes! the cemented road) until we reached the main highlight of our trek, The Radar!

Note: Getting inside the radar is not possible.

The place has a nice ambiance with an overlooking view of the forest and the mountains.16265669_1546742705353249_4690619090752369948_n16299075_1546742908686562_4369168461099834888_n16265172_1547106378650215_4597032575901631490_nThen after the radar, we still followed again the road until we reached the residences water reservoir. We took some photos then we finally decided to go home.16388264_1546738262020360_7267387736888687555_n

There are also carrots along the way. Not only carrots but potatoes as well.
The Reservoir. (c) Batang Lakwatsero

The Authors Concerns:

  1. Guides are not necessary.
  2. No entrance fee
  3. There are few vehicles that pass from Mount Cabuyao going back to the jump off point (police station) if you feel like hitching a ride but per schedule .
  4. From the police station, jeepneys going back to plaza are rare. Ask the residences for the time

That’s all for today! Thank you for reading.

Till then,


One thought on ““Hike in Mount Cabuyao!”

  1. There is a 1pm jeepney from the highest point of Mount Cabuyao to Plaza. And I found out that if you want to go up there easily without the hike, you can just ride this jeep instead of the ones labeled Green Valley which will drop you off before Tuba Police Station. Anyhow, I enjoyed the one-hour-thirty-minute-hike uphill although it was really foggy.

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