“Cafe Review: Sinner or Saint”

Hi! The City of Pines is now a home of a lot of excellent cafes. I have heard that there are lots of newly opened cafeteria in Baguio and also in La Trinidad. One of which is this Sinner or Saint Cafe that is located in Km.3 La Trinidad, Benguet (just beside the La Trinidad Welcome Arch near Bell Church.) 

So if there is one thing common about staying here in the City of Pines for almost a years, it is cafe hopping.  I was able to try several coffee shops here in the city. So last week, we were able to try this Sinner or Saint Cafe. For me, this place looks like more a dessert place because of the ice cream and cake selection on the menu.

(c) The Cordilleran Sun
20799268_2014354878784517_3002184608565983885_n (1)
(c) The Cordilleran Sun

We ordered pinikpikan pasta, tapey ice cream, (some of their best sellers I suppose because of the great reviews that I’ve read on their fb page) and the nachos with special dipped. That pinikpikan and tapey are very intriguing right? Like ah, wait, whaaaaat? hehehe.

Tapey is a Cordilleran wine which is made from fermented rice while Pinikpikan is a dish of the Igorot ( people from the mountains of Cordillera) and is prepared by beating a live chicken prior to cooking.

Pinikpikan pasta. Photo grabbed from SOS Fb page

It looks like a carbonara but it’s not. For me, it’s just that they made the soup or “sabaw”  of the pinikpikan as their sauce then they added a small slices of pinikpikan meat into it. And mind you guys, the pinikpikan made it tasteful and creamy. Yum yum yum.! Must try!

(c) The Cordilleran Sun

The tapey ice cream. This photo may not be pleasing to the eyes but I assure you guys, it has a very unique taste. Something sweet with a bit alcoholic tasteMust try as well!

Why Sinner or Saint?

I  asked this question to the waiter who served our food and according to her, “It is actually base on the food we are offering. Sinner for the guilty pleasure food and Saint for the guilt free food.”

Are you a sinner or a saint?

This cafe is highly recommended to those who are looking for a very affordable price (youll thank me later :D). It has a good ambiance. We visited this place noon time and I guess much better to try it at night.

Waiters were so so nice for they were always smiling. Wifi is also available. However, “slightly” poor customer service. Yes! Because we have waited for I guess 10 minutes or more before they served our orders (one by one!) hehehe considering that we were so hungry. But anyways, I still enjoyed my first visit to this newly opened cafe and still planning to go visit it for the second time for me to try their other best sellers.

20881861_1779371332090384_6178821280229250939_n (1)
Photo by Yours Truly.
Grabbed from SOS Fb page
Grabbed from SOS fb page.


​Their displayed quotations on the wall made me appreciate more the place. See the above photos. 

P.s, Credit to Sinner or Saint Cafe for allowing me to grab their photos. Thank you for reading.!


Till then,

Al_Yolly ♥


2 thoughts on ““Cafe Review: Sinner or Saint”

    1. Hello there Lailanie! Hindi pa po kase namin natikman yung cakes nila (still planning pa to go and try). Pero yung mga ibang reviews na nakita ko sabi po nila yung Camote cake tsaka blueberry po. 🙂 Yan din po sabi nung nagtanong kami duon about cakes. Thank as well po for reading this blog post.!♥


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