“Holding On And Never Letting Go!”

Hi! Just so you know, I've reached my 6 months of being active (sometimes not) in the blogging world and I've received tons of appreciation through the entire months. I just hope that as I continue blogging whatever I want to blog, Positivity and Appreciations  would continue all the way.  So I want to begin this article by… Continue reading “Holding On And Never Letting Go!”


“Mount Kalugong : Short But Relaxing Hike!”

Hi! Because I love hiking, Mount Kalugong is one of the mountains that I've tried which is located at La Trinidad, Benguet. It is considered to be one of the most popular mountains in Benguet. So we went there last Sunday, it is just a 15-20 minutes hike and the trek is pretty easy as… Continue reading “Mount Kalugong : Short But Relaxing Hike!”