“Random Quotes: Part VII”

Hi! It's been a while since my last post about this topic. To give you a recap, random quotes is another series of my blog that talks about my own written quotes. It's "random" because I don't have a particular topic and that is because I just want to write whatever I want. That, I …

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“Random Quotes : Part IV

Hi everyone! I guess, I need to accept the reality that I will no longer update this blog for more than 3-4 months for the reason that I will take on more responsibility and will be busier in other parts of my life. So it seems that maintaining this blog will be a very low priority …

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“Random Quotes : Part III”

Hi! I'm so excited to share my "Random Quotes : Part III" with you guys because as usual, it's raining here in the city of Pines (Baguio, Philippines) and there's none other way to enjoy this rainy afternoon than to sit on my bed while taking a sip of fresh brewed coffee with a hot …

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“Random Quotes : Part II”

Hi! I haven't blogged lately and it's because I have been very busy. But here, I would like again to share these "written quotes" to update this blog. Actually, I made all of these last week but because of being busy these past few days and couldn't find time to blog, I am posting it …

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“Random Quotes : Part I”

Hi! It's already 7:00 pm here in the Philippines and I spent the whole day being lazy here in our house. Eating, watching, cleaning and talking to my dogs hahaha. I was thinking a while back to watch any Korean movies on my younger sister's laptop (she's a die-hard-fan of Korean actors especially LEE MIN …

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