“Sagada: Blue Soil Hike”

I am from Sagada but within my 20 something years of existence, I never been to Blue soil yet. Yes! It was a shame that I never had the chance to go in one of the famous tourist attractions of my hometown. I remember one time when my friend and I were talking about the tourist spots in Sagada- mind you guys, she’s from Baguio but she visited almost all. It was even her who gave me an idea about the beauty of Kaman-utek when I was supposed to be the one telling her that Blue soil is something like this and like that because again, it’s in my hometown so yeah, it was really a shame! 😅

Note: Blue soil is also called Kaman-utek or Caman-utek. However, we finally visited it with my cousins the day after the halloween. I am an outdoor person so the trek was not really hard considering that the trail is covered by pine trees so it kept us safe from the harsh rays of the sun. And then upon reaching our final destination, we had of course a mini photo shoot. But to tell you guys, the color of the soil is not really exact blue but more on bluish-green color.According to the guide who was there, the bluish-green is because of the high copper sulfate content of the soil. It is much better to visit when the temperature is cooler or perhaps, after raining because it looks “more blue”.

And so I’m presenting my beautiful cousins stepping on the bluish-green soil for the first time showing their own signature poses taken by no other than, yours truly. HAHA 😂The area where the blue soil hills is not that big but picturesque nonetheless. Blue skies, bluish-green, cool wind, monkey on the way, cows and the ever green pine trees were so refreshing to see.

Just in case you want to visit this unique wonder of my hometown, you could drop by the Sagada Genuine Guides Association or SAGGAS office which is located near the Yogurt House in Poblacion, Sagada.

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“Hike in Mount Cabuyao!”

Mount Cabuyao started its popularity since “Sitio La Presa” (part of Mount Cabuyao) became the shooting area of the ABS-CBN for their teleserye which they titled as “FOREVERMORE”. Since then, tourists began to go there to explore Mount Cabuyao and it is now one of the famous hiking destinations in Tuba Benguet.It is overlooking some parts of Baguio City (Philippines).

So we hiked this mountain with my hiking buddy just a few months ago. Mount Cabuyao is accessible either by a private car, taxi or a jeepney. What we did was, we took a jeepney ride going to Green Valley (jeepney terminal is located near the Sunshine Supermarket). Then we told the driver to drop us at the Green Valley Police Station (jump off point ). It was 9 o’clock in the morning when we arrived, and we started the trek right away.

The City of Baguio.

I guess this mountain has a bit similarity to Mount Pulag (The Sea of Clouds). Although, I’ve never been to Pulag but I have seen lots of pictures about Pulag and yes! I can say that it has indeed “a bit similarity”. Mount Cabuyao is almost constantly engulfed in a sea of clouds even on a clear summer day.

See the pictures below!16386985_1546746742019512_2573257712560601148_n

Also, this is where the CAFE IN THE SKY is located. You can dine here for lunch, dinner and snack.

Note: There is nothing new here so I’d rather call it “Karinderya” than a cafe. Plus, their foods are very pricey and you will not be satisfied with their servings. But if you still want to try then go. The ambiance is awesome though.

At Cafe in the Sky. See those clouds?
Still at Cafe in the Sky.  It was actually very hot here but as you can see..CLOUDS CLOUDS and CLOUDS.
Still at Cafe in the Sky.
And still.

How can I describe Mount Cabuyao’s trail?

Well, the trail going to the summit is very easy. We just followed the road (yes! the cemented road) until we reached the main highlight of our trek, The Radar!

Note: Getting inside the radar is not possible.

The place has a nice view with an overlooking view of the forest and the mountains.

There, the radars!


Then after the radar, we still followed again the road until we reached the residences water reservoir. We took some pictures then we finally decided to go home.

There are also carrots along the way. Not only carrots but potatoes as well.
The Reservoir. (c) Batang Lakwatsero

The Authors Concerns:

  1. Guides are not necessary.
  2. No entrance fee
  3. There are few vehicles that pass from Mount Cabuyao going back to the jump off point (police station) if you feel like hitching a ride but per schedule .
  4. From the police station, jeepneys going back to plaza are rare. Ask the residences for the time

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“Mount Kalugong : Short But Relaxing Hike!”

Which mountain’s next!? ☺😉

Hi! Because I love hiking, Mount Kalugong is one of the mountains that I’ve tried which is located at La Trinidad, Benguet. It is considered to be one of the most popular mountains in Benguet.

So we hiked this mountain last Sunday, it was just a 15-20 minutes hike and the trek was pretty easy as the road going up is established. What we did was we just followed the street until we arrived in an area where there were some sort of small village. It is the “Mount Kalugong Echo Park” yes it is a park . However, it is still a mountain top of sorts. The care taker let us logged in to their guest book then we paid 50 pesos per head for our entrance fee.

The way going up, Be sure not to wear white shoes and wear shoes that you don’t like. As you can see, the way is muddy.

Almost there.
We are now entering the peaceful and awesome Mount Kalugong!
This is it, the registration!

After we registered, we immediately went to the area where there were nipa huts, table for picnics and seesaw for picture taking. After that, we decided to have our lunch first before we started the “ROCK CLIMBING”. Mount Kalugong is famous because of it’s different rock formations and it is the highest part of the area overlooking the La Trinidad Valley.

The Ifugao’s Nipa Hut!
Table of picnics made of woods! (Echo Park)
And he’s preparing our lunch.
All Time Fave! Priiiiiiiiiiiingles!

So I will now show you the main highlight of our trek, “ROCK CLIMBING”. Rocks, rocks, rocks and more rocks. These pictures may not be pleasing to the eyes but once you’re on top of these rocks, you’ll appreciate God for creating such a wonderful nature.!


Rock Formations!

We climbed those sharp weird rocks for us to see the view of La Trinidad Valley. It actually excites me since it was my first time to do it.

There he is!
Still, Rocks!
Another rocks!
And more rocks!


We are now near to the main highlight of the hike!

This is it! The Summit!
He’s enjoying the view of the Valley!
I am afraid to go and sit on top of those rocks. LOL 😂😁


So How can I describe Mount Kalugong?

KASILJAS – is an IBALOI term of COMFORT ROOM/TOILET ☺☺ PHOTO CREDITS TO : The Official Traveler! ☺

I was a bit disappointed with their comfort room because it was so dirty. I don’t want to put in detail my review about this part. I just hope that they will maintain the cleanliness of their comfort room. Hygiene hygiene hygiene! Nevertheless, Mount Kalugong is good for nature relaxation and is a place if you want to get out of the stress, noise and crowded city life. I guess, this place is intended for picnic, group activities and camping. Try their improvised wooden swing~ RELAXING!

 How to get here?

From Baguio City, ride a La Trinidad jeep going to Camp Dangwa or any jeep that passes Barangay Upper Cruz La Trinidad. Then get down at Baguio Memorial Services (BMS) in Upper Cruz. After that, walk your way up through the road. Just keep on walking until where the Echo Park is located.

Note: If you prefer the rocky way which I guess is fun, you can start at Balili La Trinidad then ask the folks there for directions.

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“Mount Yangbew : A 30-45 Minutes Hike!”

Before, I thought hiking would be hard and boring but I was wrong!. Because since the day that I tried hiking, I have come to love and enjoy it with my hiking buddy. Now, I often encourage my friends to go for a hike and I always feel like “TO LOOK FOR ANOTHER MOUNTAIN” as our next hiking destination.

So just after the holidays, we hiked the one of the famous mountains in Benguet which they named as Mount Yangbew. We started the hike at 1:30 pm and we paid 30 pesos per head to the locals who were there at Yangbew as our environmental fee.

How can I describe the Hike?

The hike going to this mountain is not hard and it is an uphill hike throughout . So we reached the summit after 45 minutes. They have horse for rent. For me, this mountain is perfect for warm up if you wan’t to hike Mount Ulap.( Click here to view my Mount Ulap hike.)purple-flowers-border-6be6d978e3c631d2d011f0c6b7f1cb06 Keep this in mind! MAINTAIN CLEANLINESS!

15871670_1525296767497843_8424025909690049600_n (1).jpg
My hiking buddy!

Mount Yangbew is located at Barangay Tawang in La Trinidad and has become one of the favorite hiking destinations due to its proximity to Baguio City. This is a grassy mountain over looking La Trinidad and is the best spot for campers, photographers, nature lovers and is also a perfect place for those people who loves chasing the sun.

According to some, they named this as Jumbo or Jambo because this mountain was used by the American Boy Scouts for the National Scout Jamboree. I’ve heard several times that the name of this mountain is either JUMBO, JAMBO, YANGBEW and YANGBO. But it has been given last year that the official name of this mountain is “MOUNT YANGBEW” to avoid confusion.15977521_1525291444165042_7983551106746297653_n The 5:30 pm scenery!

Sooooo windy!
Captured this while waiting for the sunset!
The Summit!

We ended our hike by of course, picture piture. 😃 The “YES! I SURVIVED MOUNT YANGBEW” pic.

After 2 days of consecutive hiking, his skin color became like that. LOL. Nevermind love, you’re still handsome. lol!

My last picture at the summit before we left!


If you’re from Baguio, you can take a La Trinidad jeepney at Rizal park or below Centermall and tell the driver to drop you off at Pines Park km.4. Then at Pines Park, take a jeepney going to Tawang and tell the driver that you’re going to Mount Yangbew for them to know. From the city,  it takes 30 -45 minutes to get to Barangay Tawang.

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“Palm Grove and Mountain Resort!”

Palm Grove Hot Springs And Mountain Resort is the newest resort in Asin Tuba, Benguet. It was my second time going to a swimming pool in this area. It was quite good. Maybe because there were few people when we came here so we enjoyed the pool without being disturbed by others.

This is located along km. 16 Nangalisan Asin Tuba, Benguet and 30 minutes (by taxi) away from Baguio City. They have cottage rentals for day trips, overnight and accommodations available.



The kiddie pool!
The adult pool!
(c) Pinay Travel!
(c) Tripadvisor!
The other pool for adults!



  • To get here by public transport, look for jeepneys going to Asin Hot spring near Baguio Public Market and in front of Julies bakeshop. Fare is 26 pesos.
  • To those who will be going with their own car, you just need to find Asin Road all the way. And you will pass by Bencab Museum.


I like this resort because it is really nice, clean and relaxing. However, if there is one that I don’t like about this resort, It would be THE COTTAGES ARE FAR FROM THE POOL. But still, we enjoyed our stay here.

All in all, I would recommend this place to those who are looking for a place to relax-away from the noise and crowded city. This place is also good for family or group outings.Also, this is a secured place because NO LIQUOR ALLOWED.!

For more information :

Their telephone number is (074) 446 5758.

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“Mount Ulap: Traverse Trek”

Mount Ulap is one of the astonishing mountains in BENGUET. It is quickly growing in popularity as a climbing and hiking destination which is located at AMPUCAO ITOGON BENGUET.

So we went there last November 13, 2016.We took a jeep at BAGUIO CENTERMALL just near jollibee. Then we visited the AMPUCAO BARANGAY HALL (just near the school) for us to register. The entrance fee is 100 per head and 400 pesos for the guide whether you are in a group or alone. And then after a quick orientation of our guide, we started the trek at 12:30 pm.
There are 3 peaks in this destination by the way. First is the Ambanao Paoay Peak, second is the Gungal Rock and then third is the SUMMIT.

The first part of the trek was the hardest because we experienced heavy breathing while walking for the reason that the way up is very hard until the ridgeline. But we were still thankful because the place is surrounded by pine tress with a relaxing air.14993469_1449283125099208_9153826080152818924_n

And then the next trek was actually easier as it was more relaxing. And this is the part where we really enjoyed the most. The views are awesome.



This is the AMBANAO PAOAY!


The other side of GUNGAL ROCK!

There were a lot of hikers when we came here so while waiting for our turn for photo, we decided to have some rest first. Then some snacks. And then when we were done for picturesque, we continued our trek going to the last destination which was the summit. We got even more excited of what it looks like.

It took us 3 hours to SUMMIT but it can be done within 2 hours. It was that we took some times having some rest again and again and having photos of course. haha

On our way to SUMMIT!
So while walking, I was telling to myself “CAREFUL YOLLY, CAREFUL”! The way is a bit slippery.!
This is it, the SUMMIT!
(c) DAN TRAVELS! The other side of SUMMIT!
Sunrays at SUMMIT!

We had our exit at STA. FE. Never been to MOUNT PULAG but the trek going to STA. FE is the hardest not the first part according to our guide because it’s slippery and too steep . There were areas where we were traversing the side of the mountain where one wrong step would have us rolling down the cliff. So extra careful is a must once you decided to take the TRAVERSE TREK rather than the BACK TREK.

We finished the trek for 7 hours and we had body pain after but definitely worth the experience!



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