“My Love for Dogs”

Last Sunday, I decided to have a walk in Km.4 Bacbacan which is 1 kilometer away from where I live. I usually do this every Sunday or Saturday because it is one of my favorite rituals as it's my way to get my body moving, get some fresh air into my lungs, and to grab some time …

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“Birthday Greetings: Happy Birthday Love!” 😉

Hi darling! As I sit here and think about you while I'm typing, I can't help but to giggle because nah! Indeed, you are no longer young as you hit the big _ _.! HAHAHAHA. Nevertheless, you still look young. Yieeeeeh. 😛 And since it's your birthday, I would like to take this opportunity to write …

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“Happy Monthsary: Holding On and Never Letting go”

Hi! Just so you know, I've reached my 6 months of being active (sometimes not) in the blogging world and I've received tons of appreciation through the entire months. I just hope that as I continue blogging whatever I want to blog, positivity and appreciations would continue all the way.  So I want to begin this article by greeting …

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“LOVE | How We Started!”

Hi! I've never shared our love story here on my blog. So I think, now is the time as my way to celebrate our 3 years anniversary today as boyfriend and girlfriend. This is just a short summary because if I will going to write every details here, it will take 3-4 hours to read. …

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“Know that Marriage is not a Race!” 

It frustrates me sometimes when people see me and the first questions they ask are, "ARE YOU MARRIED.?" " DO YOU HAVE KIDS.? " If not, GET MARRIED NOW! You are old already. A lot of your friends are getting married so WHEN WILL BE YOUR TURN!?  Heeeeyy, know that getting married is not a race …

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“I don’t want to be that GIRL”

I always dreamt of us to be a perfect couple which everyone will adore. However, I don't want to be the because of all your whys.   I don't want to be one of your priorities all the time because I am in need of dire attention.  I don't want to be that girl who …

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L, is for the love and laughter, you're giving to me everyday just to brighten my day O, is for the overflowing love that I never felt from them, so you're the one I want to keep V, is for the voice you have, to cheer me up when I'm feeling down E, is for …

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