About Me

2017 Photo with my MESSY KINKY HAIR! Please excuse the eyebrow. HAHAHA!

Hi! My name is YOLLY, and here’s a  few things to know about me:

My interests include writing, swimming,  social media, fashion, mountain climbing, and cafe hopping with a good book ☺

My main purpose in creating this blog is because i love documenting the things that interest me and to learn how to write well through interacting with other bloggers. 


I love dogs, being-a-girly-girly, long hugs, laughing till it hurts, and unexpected moments.

I am a hopeless romantic which means I love those romantic movies.

 I love foods 😀

cake+pizza+burgers+fries =  haaaaaaaappiness!

I love blogging because it’s pretty amazing to connect with minded people across the world.

So Thank you for dropping by. Click away and enjoy!


10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. hello there yolly..i’m a fan of yours and i’m enjoying reading your blog hope i read more from your blog and i’m so madly deeply in love with you uhmwahhhhh hope you all the best..sorry for my bad English…muwahhhhh

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  2. Hello Yolly, I am a Grisham fan as well. I have never read anything by Plath or Kirking I will have to check them out. Favorite King book…..Mr. Mercedes. I also love pretty much anything by Ted Dekker – Blink would be my favorite.
    So glad I found your blog because you visited mine! I also love everyone of those food pictures you have!

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      1. OMG! I’m sorry I misunderstood it. “BLINK” and what you meant was “YOU LOVE READING ANY OF HIS BOOKS” okey got that.. hehehehe

        I will then search for that author (TED DEKKER) I might as well love his books! ☺

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