About Her

Hi! First of all, the fact that you’ve reached this far and clicked this button means so much. So thank you! Here’s a  few things to know about the author:2018-03-07-21-39-01-282She’s a girly girly who loves fine things and was born and raised in the Philippines. She’s a major dog, nature, coffee and book lover. Stephen King, Cheryl Kirking, Sylvia Plath and John Grisham are her favorite authors. She’s a twenty something, a promdi girl (promdi is a Filipino slang word which refer to someone who grew up in the province), a talker, a hopeless romantic, a baker wanna-be, she’s in love with fashion, and a believer in turning ordinary moments to extraordinary ones. Her name is usually mispronounced, misspelled but her identity will never be misplaced.

                   Her name is Yolly! 😍

About the blog?

She always put on hold to have her own blog but finally she pushed her own self and voila!- here it is.

This blog is about her activities outdoor, written quotes, book reviews, product reviews and everything else that may come along.

So whether you’re a follower, a new follower or you just happened to find yourself here, welcome welcome! Click away and enjoy!



6 thoughts on “About Her

  1. yourlovingbestfriendboyfriend

    hello there yolly..i’m a fan of yours and i’m enjoying reading your blog hope i read more from your blog and i’m so madly deeply in love with you uhmwahhhhh hope you all the best..sorry for my bad English…muwahhhhh


  2. Hello Yolly, I am a Grisham fan as well. I have never read anything by Plath or Kirking I will have to check them out. Favorite King book…..Mr. Mercedes. I also love pretty much anything by Ted Dekker – Blink would be my favorite.
    So glad I found your blog because you visited mine! I also love everyone of those food pictures you have!

    Liked by 1 person

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