About Me

In Outlook.

Hi! My name is YOLLY, and here’s a  few things to know about me:

My interests include writing, swimming,  social media, fashion, mountain climbing, and cafe hopping with a good book ☺

My main purpose in creating this blog is because I love documenting the things that interest me.


I love dogs, being-a-girly-girly, long hugs, laughing till it hurts, and unexpected moments.

I am a hopeless romantic which means I love those romantic movies.

I love blogging because it’s pretty amazing to connect with minded people across the world.

Thank you for dropping by! Click away and enjoy!

Al Yolly ♥


8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. hello there yolly..i’m a fan of yours and i’m enjoying reading your blog hope i read more from your blog and i’m so madly deeply in love with you uhmwahhhhh hope you all the best..sorry for my bad English…muwahhhhh

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  2. Hello Yolly, I am a Grisham fan as well. I have never read anything by Plath or Kirking I will have to check them out. Favorite King book…..Mr. Mercedes. I also love pretty much anything by Ted Dekker – Blink would be my favorite.
    So glad I found your blog because you visited mine! I also love everyone of those food pictures you have!

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