“Dear Daddy….”

Well, I’m not here writing this article and telling you guys a lot of good things about my dad just because he is my father. Neither, I am not here to make those who grew up without a father feel envious. But I am here to simply provide my way of giving a letter to my dad. Hence, please, bear with me.

Dear Daddy,

You have been the best thing that has happened to me since I first came to this world.

Thank you for bringing me up to the person I am today- happy healthy and whole.

Thank you as well for always being there since day 1- providing a pillar of strength. Not to discredit mom (moms may be the dearest) but there’s always something special to a daddy- daughter relationship.

You have proven that indeed dads are superheroes because you have been my saviour since then.

I knew from the start that we are not filthy rich and we don’t have any luxuries in life but you pampered me with basically everything I asked for that you can afford.

You treated mom like your queen, you have proven that you are the best husband, best dad and for that, I admire you the most.

You worked tirelessly, relentlessly to fulfill our dreams.

I truly appreciate what you’ve done and what you’re still doing just to provide the things that we need- to keep us happy and safe.

As I get older, I realize just how much you did for me. Without you, I’d be nowhere near the person I am and the person I’m still working on becoming. There are not enough words to describe how thankful I am for having you as my father.

Today Daddy, it is supposed to be our turn. Have I not told you that I want to give you the world one of these days.!?

That I want you to travel one of these days!?

That I want you to enjoy life in return for all that you’ve done!?

I want you to witness and be part of all the success of your children so please daddy be strong!

You have told me that it’s time for me to get married but please, wait until I really want to get married.

Perhaps, I am already at the marriageable age but I can sacrifice my happiness just to have so much time and take care of you daddy.!

Marriage can wait but time does go by extremely quickly and it is so important to focus first on what is important in life- FAMILY!

It really pains me and was bothered too much seeing you in a situation like that.

Daddy! You’re still young, so please..hang on!

P.s, I’m here in Manila and can’t concentrate with what I’m supposed to be doing right now so I decided to write this article. Two weeks ago, our father was diagnosed with mild stroke at St. Theodore’s Hospital and it was like a punch to the stomach for all of us. I have never cried for myself but I am being emotional when it’s about my father. This is his first stroke so he was confined for almost 7 days. I was there, I saw how dedicated he was to recover from his condition.

His doctor prescribed him medication to keep his blood pressure in a normal range. He was also reminded to have a healthy diet throughout each day. And as well as to not overworking himself.

At first, it was scary. He was looking at me, I don’t know what he was thinking so I cried, I secretly cried while witnessing him in a situation where he can’t properly walk, where he can’t properly move his right hand. However, his speech is okay- it was not affected. It was really exhausting at first but my siblings and I will do anything for our father. After days of constantly massaging, praying and taking good care of him, of course, I know that it’s a long road and it hasn’t always been easy but at least, I have seen many positive progress- one day, he can’t do something but the next day, he can do it. Amazing..Truly GOD IS GOOD! We owe everything to God. Indeed, prayer is one of the greatest healers and all I can say is that, my dad is one of my testimonies that there is God. Hear me!? YES, THERE IS GOD! ✨

As an update, he is now completely recovering at home. Thank you for those who prayed for my father and I hope that you will still continue to pray for him until he will fully get back to normal. May God bless us all!

Thank you for reading!

Till then,

Al_Yolly 💞

6 thoughts on ““Dear Daddy….”

  1. Be strong sissy q for unkle.. God is really good and great.. Ada man nagkurangan tayo as tao but let’s continue to trust His plans.. Let’s pray more, love and care them more, keep hoping and be still.
    Kakayanin natin sissy.. I love you❤️. Uray kasta sitwasyon unkle he wants the best for you din, so have ur focus and do what makes you happy. 😇Mwuahugs

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    1. I am guessing, this is laica? Awan gamin agparang nga nagan. Anyways, whoever you are, thank you so much for the kind words. And yes, kakayanin for I do believe that nothing is impossible with God. Thank you once again and I love you more. 💞


      1. Hahaha! Very good sissy wen xak.. Han q gamin naikabil name q ket inpost qun…
        And I indeed agree with that! Amen..


  2. I am so impressed by this tribute to your dad. I hope you help him remember to take his blood pressure medicine. I am in the United States where our hospitals are much too formal. We would all benefit from having our friends talk to us through an open window. Our hospital windows don’t even open. I also love all the people who are there to encourage your dad.

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