“Sagada: Blue Soil Hike”

I am from Sagada but within my 20 something years of existence, I never been to Blue soil yet. Yes! It was a shame that I never had the chance to go in one of the famous tourist attractions of my hometown. I remember one time when my friend and I were talking about the tourist spots in Sagada- mind you guys, she’s from Baguio but she visited almost all. It was even her who gave me an idea about the beauty of Kaman-utek when I was supposed to be the one telling her that Blue soil is something like this and like that because again, it’s in my hometown so yeah, it was really a shame! 😅

Note: Blue soil is also called Kaman-utek or Caman-utek. However, we finally visited it with my cousins the day after the halloween. I am an outdoor person so the trek was not really hard considering that the trail is covered by pine trees so it kept us safe from the harsh rays of the sun. And then upon reaching our final destination, we had of course a mini photo shoot. But to tell you guys, the color of the soil is not really exact blue but more on bluish-green color.According to the guide, the bluish-green color is because of the high copper sulfate content of the soil. It is much better to visit when the temperature is cooler or perhaps, after raining because it looks “more blue”.

And so I’m presenting my beautiful cousins stepping on the bluish-green soil for the first time showing their own signature poses taken by no other than, yours truly. HAHA 😂The area where the blue soil hills is not that big but picturesque nonetheless. Blue skies, bluish-green, cool wind, monkey on the way, cows and the ever green pine trees were so refreshing to see.

Just in case you want to visit this unique wonder of my hometown, you can drop by the Sagada Genuine Guides Association or SAGGAS office which is located near the Yogurt House in Poblacion, Sagada.

Thank you for reading.

Till then,

Al_Yolly 💞

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