“Written Poems: Trekking & Elegy of Cynical”


Up the sloppy trail,
I counted my breath.
And in every step
moving forward,
I leave a piece of me
for you to keep.
As the distance
between us lengthen,
the tears that have fallen
was drowned by the
harsh wind.
There on the peak
it was silent.
I can be nothing


Elegy of Cynical

Maybe it was faux
And sweetest it felt for a broken doll
Yet ー a bitterest in the
truest that was buried

Waiting. .no doubt from the pain,
carved on another disaster

Nuh! Must this happen? And afraid your words shan’t leave me
It won’t. .beloved, I’m afraid it won’t
Why, death don’t deserve your soul
If tis’ punishment, then my word I deserve all

Of fear of telling, of fear of hurting, all, I deserve all. .

Thank you for reading. Let me know your thoughts about these two poems by commenting below.

Till then,

Al_Yolly ❤


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