Prose Poetry

“February: Prose Poetry”

Hi! So I decided to add a new category on my blog. As the title of this post explains “Prose Poetry“~ I will be posting my own written prose every end of the month (or whenever I feel so inclined) with a different topic. I am planning to just focus on one topic but I think, it’s quite hard so I’ll try my best to work on it. I myself love reading poems that I can relate to so I challenged myself to write my own.

We all know that poetry is not just an art of creative expression but it’s another way as well to free our inner thoughts and emotions. So finally, I am so excited to share with all of you this first batch of “Prose Poetry“. Okey, without further ado:

That’s all for today. Let me know your thoughts by commenting below.


Till then,

Al_Yolly ❤

5 thoughts on ““February: Prose Poetry”

  1. Well, I certainly remember that time in my life(and it went on for a long time before I settled down with my husband of 30 years.) I think your prose poems get at the crazy mix of emotions that come when the love is not the right one.

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  2. Sad but lovely written thoughts about unrequited love. I understand the pain as I have also gone through similar experiences ( there are only very few human beings who haven’t). Although unrequited love and rejection are so hard, at least the positive part is that such suffering often bears wonderful creations like all these little poems you have crafted. Your blog layout is also very nice. Good job!


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