“Cafe Review: Lemon & Olives”

Saw Lemon and Olives on my friend’s feed when I was browsing her Instagram account and was pretty excited to try since I love the ambiance. It’s good that the food community here in Baguio is always progressing.

So we headed to have lunch at this cool place that is located at Outlook Drive which is the street at the Mansion House. My first impression was wow and honestly, this is one of the most aesthetically pleasing restaurants I’ve found myself into. A commanding view of an area that is filled with pine trees which makes the eating experience more conducive. It is a Greek restaurant and the interiors are great as the execution of the chairs and decorations. To be honest, my main reason for coming here was really because of its homey yet modern interiors and its beautiful ambiance. I was not even a fan of a Greek cuisine but it all changed when I already tasted their food.

We ordered their Greek salad- you can see the freshness of the vegetables they put into the salad and I forgot the name of the second picture but it’s a bell pepper stuffed with rice. The food was great and the servers were polite and attentive. I even asked one of them to clean well our table and he immediately came while he was smiling at us. So being a frequent visitors of cafe’s, I’d choose this resto over others.Lemon and Olives is a highly recommended resto to all especially if you are a lover of Greek foods. Add to that, every food on their menu is a must try but be sure to bring some extra money with you because some of the foods are pricey. So I would recommend their salad and souvlaki (which picture is not included) for those who want to budget their money.

Overall, this is worth coming back and I am so happy that I have a new fave resto here in Baguio.
That’s all for today. Thankyou for reading.

Till then,

Al_Yolly 😍

10 thoughts on ““Cafe Review: Lemon & Olives”

  1. I’ve always wanted to try that resto pero I’ve heard nga na IG worthy lang daw and di masyado masarap. Anw, this post made me miss Baguio, even more. How I wish I can go back to the Ph agad! Loved your blog, btw. Would appreciate it if you can check mine also. 🙂


  2. Love this! Found it while searching for reviews since I’m counting this to be part of the itirenary haha. Is it crowded ba there or not so? Thanks!

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    1. Hi Marco! Hindi naman siya crowded during weekdays but on weekends, medyo maraming tao so I suggest, you better go on weekdays. And btw, malapit lang to sa DECADES.. masarap din dun and mas mura hehehe.. But of course, mas maganda na try mo nalang both since iba iba naman tayo ng taste!

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  3. Thanks for such a helpful review. I have visited a lovely Greek food restaurant too. It’s called El Greco and they serve the best authentic Greek food. They got salad, rotisserie chicken, wraps and kebabs which are very Greek. They even gave me some offers because of their dine-in promos.


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