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“Birthday Blog: Dear Twenty Something Year Old Self”

Hi! Happy happy new year everyone. I hope and pray that this year 2018 will bring you so much happiness and luck.

So yesterday (January 1) was my birthday. Yes! Time flies tremendously like it was never there. Here I am, embracing another year of awesomeness for my dear self. Nah! I never thought that I am finally welcoming my new age which consider not old enough, nor young enough. Lol 🤣😂Dear Twenty something year old self,

It is currently 09:07 am and you’re feeling nostalgic about the year that you just had. 2017 have taught you to be more focused, determined, hopeful and confident for all the things that you do.

You can’t imagine that it is again your birthday. Swear! It’s like, it was only yesterday that you were a teenager. Now, you feel so grown up.

This is why sometimes, you hate January 1 because it’s a sign of getting older and older.

But technically, you’re still 18 years old and you’re still young as ever. Choooos! Age is nothing but a number right.!?

Congratulations because you made it to twenty something and you’re still alive and kicking.

Thank you for making the decision to take care of yourself- eat healthier foods and exercise.

Pick the people who inspire and encourage you and most of all, love you for who you are. They’re worth it. And please, don’t waste so much time trying to force friendships with the crappy ones.

You are no longer in elementary or high school so that means you do not need to be everyone’s bestfriend.

You know that you’re a little bit weird but that’s ok. You’re a little bit behind compared to some others but that’s ok.

It’s your day today so take a minute and stop being harsh on yourself. Feel comfort in knowing that even though things are not all how you expected, everything will going to be okey.

You’ve survived hell. And for sure, there are still going to be tough days, tough weeks, tough moments but don’t let any of the past pull you back down again. Stay strong!

Change for the better. Embrace each change with gratitude and consider it to become a better woman. Learn to define yourself not by the mistakes you’ve made but by where you go from them. And never let fear of the past stop you from trying something new.

Take control of the things you can and plan for success. This will allow you to make time for things that bring you happiness.

Never change your true image just to fit in other people’s opinion. Their opinion doesn’t matter anyway. BE YOU!

Always fight for your right! And never silence yourself just to make someone else happy.

Stay strongly in your beliefs no matter people may try to destroy you. You’ve been through a lot of this and they never succeeded for destroying you.

Make someone smile, smile to stranger, and be nice to people..though they are harsh and unkind  to you, be nice and kind anyway.

Don’t forget to thank God for giving you another year of life- for all the experience of this past year (whether good or bad), for times of success which will always be a happy memories.

You are the person who always deserves the best and obviously nothing less.

You always dream big so I wish on your special day that all your wishes will come true. Also, it will give you the best memories till the next one.

I love you so much and Happy birthday!


Al_Yolly ♥

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