“Random Quotes: Part VI”

Hi! So this is still a continuation of the random quotes that I’ve been posting here on my blog. But before we proceed, let me share with you first the happenings to me at this moment. Right now, I’m blogging when I should be planning my next lesson and I’m sitting in one of my favorite cafes here in Baguio. Sipping my coffee then there’s this one customers who keep on twerking her butt while she’s at the counter  but no one seems to care except me. Hahaha

Anyway, I am feeling really happy. Maybe one reasons is because of this coffee- I tend to be in a good mood when I drink coffee. Also before, my friends and I used to have a coffee date in any of the cafes here in the City of Pines and it always makes me feel like I’m having a coffee “with a friend” even if I’m alone!

Nah! without further ado:



That’s all for today and thank you for reading.


Till then.

Al_Yolly ♥


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