“A Special Love- Nurtured Yet Torn”

It all started so well when we were young

A perfect time, a perfect match

A perfect story, a love sublime

I met your gaze tantalizing blink

Dazed by your wit, dulcet voice so sweet

The warmth of your hands around my waist

We hugged all night and seem not to care

Then distance feel in between- it was ruined!

I gave in and gave my all

Everything- even my soul

Now, I’m alone in the darkroom of toil

Teary eyed as you were my world

You were my felicity and now a tainted glass

Our love became hopeless and then became a trash

Fear of losing you- torments in a dash

The smiles, the lies- agony of a lass!

This excruciating pain, again and again!

Still many WHY’S, how this had been?

Me? Or you’re just weak as the broken string!?

Plans together- shattered and forgotten!

To hold on still? or let go then?

A special love, nurtured yet torn- once magical, now ruined!

But love is love when endures to stand

Despite a storm that shakes and blasts

It doesn’t rattle when troubles strike

For love is kind, forgiving and right

And yet still, would there be hope!?

Would there be hope!?

Thank you for reading!

Till then,

Al_Yolly ♥

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