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“Comeback Post: Random Quotes Part V”

Hi! So this is one of my first ones blog post after almost a two months break away from my blog due to many reasons – priorities, exhaustion and most of all, lack of self motivation. However, now finally is the time for me to make a comeback to blogging. Motivated, pumped and ready than ever before.

Yes! I have to admit that before, I am one of those “never been the most active blogger” but I really hope that it will going to change. And of course, I want to congratulate myself because most people who decide to take a break from blogging never actually make a comeback so, congrats Yolly! Hahaha.

​So while I am sitting here with a cup of coffee, I decided to share with you guys these another batch of my written quotes that  I’ve been writing during my almost two months break from blogging. I hope you guys will enjoy reading them.

That’s all for today. I will be posting more on my future blog post. Thank you for reading!


Till then,

Al_Yolly ♥

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