“I’m sorry but I still love you”

I still remember how the days that end, the weeks and months that we were together for so long.

I haven’t noticed that we were falling down too fast.

If I could take it all back, I still want you by my side.

If only I could bring back those time, promise..we won’t say goodbye.


I never really moved on, No! not this time….

Remember that day when I said yes?

I still remember how nervous I was.

You were calling you were calling.

So I kept on counting 1,2,3 just to keep me relax.

You were so excited coz it’s your birthday.. 

I know, I know so I said yes!

Then we just realized that we were so happy and we were so in love.

Time passed by and we were  moving to the next level of our life.

We texted and called each other twice a week.

We dated during Saturday not like our past months that we were always together.

Months, days passed.. the 2 times of calling and texting turned into once a week.

The Saturday date turned out to be a lazy day.

Until one day…..no texts and calls from you.. 

I felt my face turned to red, my hands started to shake and I just realized that I was crying.

I took a deep breath and kept on praying that everything will be alright.

I tried calling you but you ignored me.

I tried chatting you on Facebook but you unfriended me.

You left me without even giving a word!

You left me without even explaining why!

How could you? All I thought was that you love me..

But I was wrong.”

I felt so hopeless before, I felt the pain and all.

There was nothing more painful than dealing with a break-up that I never knew was going to happen.

Then, I realized that why would I waste my time to the person who even wasted my love?

And so, I was finally feelin okey. Remember?

But then, you came again.

You gave me an explanation and your acceptable reasons.

So we tried fixing our relationship but the more we tried to reconcile,

To push ourselves to be happy the way we were, the more we will hurt ourselves.

Yes! maybe you were right..that we are not meant for each other.

We have accepted that and ended being friends instead.

We have stopped hoping that we can still be together.

We have accepted the fact that the possibility of us in the future will never going to happen.

So I have created a life for myself without you.

Away from you and I am certainly happy with it.

I’m happy with my life right now.

I’m happy with all the love that I’m getting from the people who loves me unconditionally.

Now, it’s been a years already.

I thought I accepted the fact that there will never be you and me.

I thought I totally moved on.

But..No! I guess, not this time!


Why..I eventually had this feeling when I heard that you’re courting someone!!


I’m hurting again..I’m hurting!

Please don’t ever think that I am crying while writing this! No! No!

It’s just that…

I hate this feeling of… I guess..

I still love you. 

I admit.

I’m sorry but I still love you…

P.s, Photo above was grabbed from google. Credits to the owner.


Thank you for reading!

Till then,

Al_Yolly ♥









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