“Continuation: Where to eat in Baguio”

With all the new food places popping up in and around Baguio, it’s nice that the old reliable still provide consistently good food and service in the city of Pines. So if you grew up here in Baguio, I suppose, you already tried all (maybe some) the restaurants/cafes and fast food places that are now here in Baguio.

I’m talking about the continuation of my first post (click here to see) which is about the wrap up of the cafes that I have already tried here in Baguio. Cafe hopping is one of my happiness so I thought of sharing it with you guys all the cafes that I’ve visited. If you’re a food lover then continue reading, just scroll down.

13. Arca’s Yard Cafe

Photo grabbed from google. CTTO

This is quite far from the city center but a must visit if you prefer a peaceful place with nature feels. So in love with the ambiance ( interior is filled with the culture of Cordillera).Plus, they have lot of books that you can actually read to keep yourself entertained.

Note: Don’t expect much with the food though, nothing special with the taste.

This is located in Tiptop Ambuclao Road.

14. Pandora’s Box Fantasy Cafe

Photo by: Lin Kamfoli

If you happen to like sort of medieval stuff, then this is a place to be. This cafe offers interesting food with a giant servings (most orders, not all). 

This is located in  5th Floor Center Mall Magsaysay Avenue, Baguio City.

15. Kai Cafe

Photo by: jmaevallejo

This is the cafe that I have tried in La Trinidad so far. Been here last year and it turned out to be one of my favorites because it’s very cozy which is good for reading, working or just having an easy time. See those gray couches? It is where I usually sit every time I dine in here. Food was okey and very affordable! So I would like to recommend this to those who are looking for a “Good Taste” price. You’ll thank me later (for sure!).

This is located in  Km4. Pico La Trinidad, Benguet.

16. Urban Seoul

Photo grabbed from google. CTTO

From the word “Seoul”, obviously that it’s a Korean restaurant. For me, this is more like a bar than a full-service Korean restaurant. It is a big place which is divided  for smokers and non-smokers. Billiards available too. Also, there’s an area where you can take a picture wearing Korean traditional attire (Hanbok). Food was so excellent!

This is located in 3F EDCO Building, Marcos Highway Coner Balsigan.

17. Forest House Bistro Cafe

Photo grabbed from google. CTTO

If you’ll ask anyone from Baguio, Forest House is always included in the list of a must eat places because everything about this restaurant  are good. Yes! I tried dining here last year and I really fell in love with  its simple yet cozy ambiance with beautiful decoration and lighting. For me, this is a perfect dining place for couples. Food was okey. It’s pricey but definitely worth it.

This is located in #16 Loakan Road, Baguio City.

18. Ketchup Food Community

(c) Travelling Knots

If you’re on a budget and you want a variety of cuisines to choose from, then Ketchup Food Community is for you! This place is like a small food park where you can choose from different restaurants. Lomo ribs at Canto is a must try. But not to recommend their pizza! It’s the worst pizza that I’ve ever tried in my entire life.! HAHA.

Note: Ketchup Food Community is the best where you can go if you’re looking for different kind of food. But I advice, It’s better to try at Canto and order Lomo ribs.

This is located along Romulo drive Pacdal.

19. Camping Date

Photo grabbed from Camping Date fb page.

Haha. I didn’t expect that there’s this Korean restaurant here in Baguio with tents as a dining setting. It was our first time to dine here last January 2017 and we love the feeling of eating inside the tent with the good Korean food. Great experience!

Note: Space inside is very limited.

This is located in Legarda Road in front of Prince Plaza Hotel.

20. Amare La Cucina

Photo grabbed from google.

Amare for me is not that that usual Pizza place so it’s expensive. When we dined here, we were given a good spot and so it added up to our wonderful dining experience. We ordered their specialty (according to the waiter) which is the Pepperoni with Mushroom Pizza and it was good.

This is located in EGI Albergo Hotel, Villamor Drive, Barangay Lualhati

21. Decades: Fusion and After Hours Joint

Photo grabbed from google. CTTO

Last month, we were in search for a place where we can eat so my friend recommended this. It’s a newly opened according to her so we were excited to try. Finally! The ambiance is nice, food was great and very affordable. I highly recommend it to those who would love to try Asian cuisines.

This is located in Outlook Drive, Baguio City.

22. Spoon and Stone Cafe

Photo grabbed from google. CTTO

This place is a transient house and at the same time a restaurant. They have a very affordable and extremely delicious food!

This is located in 46-A Montinola Subdivision, Burnham-Legarda, Baguio,

So there you go. I’ll post more if I have enough time to blog. Thank you for reading.


Till then,

Al Yolly ♥







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