“Where To Eat In Baguio”

Hi! So today’s post is about a wrap up of all the cafe’s/restaurants that I have already tried here in Baguio.!

Baguio City for me is more growing in popularity in terms of cafe’s. Yes! And you’d be surprised at the number of dining options you’ll have. I love cafe hopping because I just can’t resist the cozy ambiance of cafe’s and the smell of brewing coffee. So within 9 years of staying here in Baguio, I guess, I can say that I have already tried half of the cafe’s here (except some of the newly opened). From the humble “budget meals” to the more established restaurants, I tried half of them.

So if you are in search for the restaurant/where to eat when you are here in Baguio then this post is for you.
1. Gossip Coffee Shop


I have already posted my review about this place here on my blog. Click Gossip to check.

This is located in Upper General Luna Road, Baguio City.
2. Quoted Cafe


Photo by: Peapoy

Quoted is a newly opened cafe here in Baguio. If you’re following me here on my blog, then you probably saw my recent review about this place but if not, then click Quoted to check.

This is located in V-Hotel Bukaneg, Baguio City.
3. Tajimaya Charcoal Grill


Tajimaya is a Japanese restaurant here in Baguio that offers eat all you can at 499 Php per person. Click Tajimaya for my whole review.

This is located in Military Cut-Off, Baguio City just near the Sage Cafe.
4. Cafe Yagam


(c) Pinoy Tipid Traveller

If you are looking for a Cordillerian food then this is a place to be. I have tried this place way back 2015 with my friends. Food was good and made from scratch and into something traditional and flavorful. I love the homey ambiance. Definitely coming back when I have the chance.

This is located in 25 J. Felipe St, Lualhati, Baguio City (near Hotel Elizabeth and Wright Park).
5. Manpiyaan Cafe


Tried Manpiyaan last 2016. This cafe serves a wide variety of food and drinks. They have sandwiches, pasta, rice bowls, salads, cakes, and pastries. They also serve ” hot or ice” coffee and tea and other flavored drinks. The location is very peaceful which is a nice getaway from the city.

This is located in BHM Building, Long Long Feder Road, Pinsao Proper Baguio City.
Note: Try to visit the place at night. It looks amazing!
6. Lolita Bistro Cafe


Photo by : Miss Gatchalian

This is one of my favorite spots here in Baguio because of its girly ambiance. Not only will you be welcomed with lots of stuff toys but with the colorful fabric on the ceiling as well. Click Lolita to read my whole review.

This is located in Old Orangewood Bed & Breakfast 20 Gomez St., Lower P. Burgos, Baguio City.
7. Cafe De Angelo


Chapis Village.

Photo grabbed from google. CTTO

St. Patrick Village

. Photo grabbed from google. CTTO

Cafe De Angelo has actually two Branches. First is in Chapis Village (see the first photo) where in, it’s a cafe in the garden (space inside is very limited) and the other one is in St. Patrick Village which for me, it is the best with a neighboring ambiance of alike houses.
8. Lusso Cafe


Photo grabbed from google. CTTO

Looking back, I always stay here since this place is just near in UB. I studied in UB and this place turned out to be our favorite “hang out” place. It is where I usually meet my Korean friends. For me, this is a “Korean style” cafe so you can see lot of Koreans here.

This is located in Gen. Luna Rd. Cor. Assumption Rd. Baguio City.
9. Sage Cafe


(c) Pinoy Adventurista

Sage was recommended by one of my friends so we decided to give it a try. Staffs were nice. The place is with purple and green decor and flowers on the ceiling. The ambience adds up to the relaxing and homey climate of Baguio. So if you’re looking for a place with a pretty and cozy ambiance, affordable prices and creative food presentation, then this is the place for you.

This is located in Military Cut-Off Road, Baguio City just near Tajimaya Charcoal Grill.
10. The Nook Kitchen and Pub


Photo grabbed from google. CTTO

This place is recommended to those who like to drink a good beer and eat the kind of food that they would get in a bar. Visited this last last months and what we ordered was the Nook’s platter which was worth 185 pesos. It was good and worth the price.

This is located in LeFern Hotel II 90 Upper Military Cut Off (beside Chalet), Baguio City.
11. Vanilla Cafe


And here’s one of the very cute cafe’s that we have tried here in Baguio City. Honestly, this is the cutest cafe that we’ve been to. Food was okey. However, it’s a bit expensive but to experience a very very cute ambiance is very well worth it. Recommended to try their cupcakes and cakes.

This Cafe is located at Outlook Drive, just a bit beyond Albergo Hotel.
12. Lemon and Olives


Grabbed from Lemon and Olives Fb page.

Finally! We’ve got to experience eating in a not so usual restaurant in Baguio. It was actually my first time to taste Greek foods and well, it was good.

Note: Bring an extra money if you’re planning to try here.

This is located in Outlook Drive, Baguio City.

So there! I have to end here because I’m tired and I did not have my lunch so I’m hungry. Have to go and look for food. haha

To be continued…

Till then,

Al Yolly ♥

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