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“Random Quotes : Part IV

Hi everyone! So I guess I need to accept the reality that I will no longer update this blog for more than 3-4 months for the reason that I will take on more responsibility and will be busier in other parts of my life. So it seems that maintaining this blog will be a very low priority for me (again, for only just a months). I still have plenty of quotations and photos in my gallery so I suppose, if I will have enough time, I can always post more. Anyway, you can always see me on Instagram where I always post about my activities outdoor, quotations (written quotes), some of my photography and more.

So before this blog will finally rest, I wanted first to share with you guys these Random Quotes Part IV. In this article, I have collected all those quotes that I’ve posted on Instagram. So I hope you will find all of these as useful and inspiring that will help you to live a more awesome life.













That’s all for today and thank you for reading. As I’ve said on my about me page that I love blogging because it’s my way of communicating with minded people around the world. Plus, I found out that blogging could help in so many ways. Like, to be honest here, I actually gained genuine friends online. So for sure, I will miss blogging.!

Till then,

Al Yolly ♥





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