“Dear You!”


Hey! Do you know how much it takes for her to actually let go?

Do you know how hard it is for  her to truly walk away?

Do you know how difficult it is for her to really be done?

Even when you lied to her, she was honest with you.

Even when you betrayed her, she was loyal to you.

Even when you mistreated her, she was appreciative of you.

She was waiting for things to get better.

She was hopeful that you would change.

She was optimistic that both of you would be alright.

The last thing she wanted was to give up on you, but you know what?

She’s finally there. You’ve finally pushed her to that point.

You’ve finally convinced her that it’s not worth it anymore.

You’ve finally made her realize that you’re not the right man for her.

Once she’s done! Then she’s done!

Not even the soft spot she has for you is enough for her to try to make it work with you.

Not even the years of being together is enough for her to put in any more effort.

Not even how much she loves you can help her ignore how miserable of a person you’ve turned her into.

It’s sad that it had to take all of that for you to realize how great of a girlfriend she was to you.

It’s even more sad that you had to lose her to realize that you’ve taken her for granted.

But, you wanna know what’s the happiest thing about this ?

Before, All she wanted was to be happy with you.

That’s all she wanted and it took seeing herself  happy without you!

Thank you still for breaking her heart.

Because if you didn’t,

She would have never been able to love herself enough to know that she doesn’t need you.

P.s, Photo grabbed from Google.  Credits to the owner!

Thank you for reading!

Till then,

Al Yolly ♥

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