“Cafe Review: Lolita Cafe”

Hi! This is one of my favorite spots here in Baguio because of its girly ambiance. Not only will you be welcomed with lots of stuff toys but with the colorful fabric on the ceiling as well.

Photo by: Ruth Ann Gatchalian

Photo by: Yours truly.

Photo by: Ruth Ann Gatchalian

Photo by: Ruth Ann Gatchalian

So okey, we came here last last month with my friend (sorry for writing my review only today) for our lunch and we were nicely greeted by the staff. We ordered (I forgot the name of what we ordered and the name of the shake as well. So let’s just call it “shake “ hahahaha). And let me tell you, as usual, their food and shake was absolutely good! However, very poor customer service without any advise of the waiting time! Plus, you have to follow up many times your order. Staffs were not attentive as well.!

So after waiting for almost 45 minutes, they finally served our orders one by one hehehe. But again, their food was good.

What we ordered.

See the presentation of the food? Cute right? So even if we have waited long, we still enjoyed savoring their delicious food. And according to one of the staffs, our food took a little longer (no! not little!) because it was freshly prepared.

About the price, we paid 160 (I guess or up) each and I found it as really worth it. Then after we paid our bill, we took some photo before we finally left the place.

My friend with BAYMAX

Me with BAYMAX

Author’s Note:

First, the place is very small and they only have 6 small tables inside and one outside. Not to recommend this place for a large group.

Photo by: Ira Nicole Saltat

Second, the CR is far.

Third, No wifiiiiiiiiiiii but soon.

My overall review: 

5/5 STARS – for the food despite of the waiting time.

3/5 STARS – for the place

5/5 STARS -for the ambiance

3/3 STARS – for the shake.

This cafe is located at Leonard Wood Road inside Tepeyac Hotel . And if you’re going to ask me if I’LL COME BACK HERE? My answer would be, “I don’t know!” because of the service but I am always up to give this place a nice shoot.

Thank you for reading!

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5 thoughts on ““Cafe Review: Lolita Cafe”

    1. Hello william! I recently visited your blog and I read that you’re 17 and from Pangasinan. Ay ket agilocano tan ah ngarud. Hahaha. Birbirokek ti like buttona jay post mo ket awan met makitak. Your blog theme is cute by the way.


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