“How Long Can You Go!?”

If you have a problem with me, tell me. Not to everyone else. Quotes Life101

Hi! So here’s a truth about some people nowadays, many of them like to spread damaging information or intimate details about others, whether true or not. This is called gossip.

Now, have you been in a situation where someone would gossip everything about you to other people? I am sure most of us. So I would like to say that I have been a target of gossip these past few days.

Last Wednesday, I had an encounter with whom I call now one of the dangerous “gossipers” I have encountered in my entire life. She’s a girl, let’s call her CT and in all honesty, we don’t know each other well. As I can remember, we became schoolmates for just 1 year when we were still in high school.

About the happenings, I am not going to write the whole story here. In short, she was like spreading negative gossip about me. One of her male fb friends (let’s call him GM) sent her a message asking if she has my number because he probably saw that CT is one of our mutual friends on fb. CT even commented on one of my public posts before. Again, we don’t know each other well and we were not even close before up to now so definitely she doesn’t have my number.

After that, she kept on sending a negative information about me to GM without knowing that he was one of my admirers before.  Luckily, GM sent me right away their whole conversation. And boom! I was really bothered, shocked and trembling with anger while I was reading their conversation. It was very destructive and hurtful. I do believe that we all have the desire to prove our own innocence so I got her number from one of her relatives. I called her right away and she was like putting all the blame on me. Seriously girl!? Nyay!I just don’t want to stress my life with her so I decided to remove her on my fb list and stopped the conversation right away because nah, it was so nonsense arguing with her nonsense kind of thinking.!

Nonetheless, I just wish that she should stop doing this to me and to other people. Because it is not nice to gossip and talk poorly about someone for I experienced this numerous amount of times and I found it to be such a terrible thing to go through. Well, a gossiper from my perspective just spells trouble. And I’m brave enough to say that I can deal with them as best as I can but I just realized after this recent happening that I’d rather not let their words bother me and say “I know myself so I don’t care” rather than arguing with their nonsense drama because I value my reputation. Besides, gossipers gossip because they don’t feel good about themselves and of course, they envy the talent and passion of others that they can’t even do. Well well well..

To CT, Yes you! Why don’t you just mind your own business and look in the mirror before you judge other people hah!? But well, what goes around comes around. So go ahead enjoy! I just pray that God will touch your heart so you should be uplifting others rather spreading unkind words about them. Stop the hate girl and just enjoy life! Now, if you have a problem with me then tell me directly not to everyone else!.

let-them-judge-you-let-them-misunderstand-you-let-them-15438990So I wanted to share that I will never ever gossip another person, judge another person and damage another person’s reputation because I do believe that good people will be protected by God in the end!

Author’s Note : You will never win with gossipers while arguing with them. Remember that gossipers will always find a way to bring back to you their action once you confronted them. Just keep in mind that GOD SEES EVERYTHING,GOD KNOWS EVERYTHING. So never attempt to argue with them! Just show your beauty queen smile, flip that hair, pose like a beauty queen then walk away with your chin up and let God deal with them.

Thank you for reading.

Till Then,

Al_Yolly ♥

10 thoughts on ““How Long Can You Go!?”

    1. I even asked the same question to myself. Hehehe, maybe they are not happy with their own lives or maybe because of insecurity? I agree, maybe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, “she will lose her friends inevitably”.. For sure, for sure, THANK YOU FOR SAYING SO! 👏👏👏👍

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      1. For whatever reasons she has, one thing is clear, she doesn’t like you…. maybe jealousy, or she’s a natural nasty person who just have to say something bad about a person. At what point, people will start avoiding her. Anyways, avoid her toxicity. She will be like that for eternity, ha ha.

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      2. Perhaps for I have read several times that people gossip because of jealousy (like what you have mentioned) envy and etc. “AVOID HER TOXICITY” definitely, I will..! Thank you once again. 😍


  1. People like that will definitely have a taste of their own medicine. And that’s the best thing to leave it to God because he knows what he is doing. Just wait and see.

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  2. Hello Yolly.. I love how you designed your is so girly. And about this article, I just hope too that she will stop doing that to you. I agree with what you wrote that it is not good at all.. Clearly that she is so jealous to you..Oh well people nowadays.. Just kill her with your awesomeness! You go girl!..

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