“Mama Thoughts”

Hi everyone! So today is mother’s day. I love that we set aside whatever we are doing and supposed to be doing to celebrate this day with our mom who raised us. Actually, I was a little nostalgic about my mom and how much “supposed-to-be-celebrating” this day with her means a lot to me. But because she’s in the other side of the world, I wanted to sit down and type up an article for her. So this is for my mother who is doing all her absolute best despite of all the circumstances. Beautiful Mama

But before that, let me tell you first that I have no intension of “over praising” this person just because she’s my mom but I am being honest and she deserves all the praises that I could write down here.


We are very thankful for you and truly don’t know where we would be without you. You are absolutely the strongest person we know for sure and very thankful to God for blessing us with so much understanding mom. Oh gosh! I don’t want to cry. I need to finish this. Hold on please! Hold on! hehe

Speaking of understanding, I know that you love me (not only me but all of us) unconditionally. There were times where I ended like being selfish and unkind to you. But still, you loved me despite of my failures, my cretinous behavior, my selfish decisions, and my shameless flaws. And for that, I am forever grateful mama.

Looking back, I knew that there were times that you feel like giving up on me but you still convinced yourself to still love me. Those days when you were crying because of what I’ve done made me realize today that I want to hug you. Now, if only I have the power to go there right away and kiss you, then it would at least ease the pain, regrets, guilt that I’m feeling right now. If only I can bring back those time…if only! (sigh).

Those time when you made us feel that you were not just our mom but our best friend as well, our sunshine, our hero and our role model. From that Mama, again-where would we be without you? Or rather, where would I be without you? Words are not enough to praise and show to the world that we are proud for having you as our mom. You are an absolute precious mom that any child could ever dream of.

I remember how you always encouraged us to always strive for the better. In that, we admire you for how you lead us by example and inspire us to be so much. How you never gave up on us and pushed us to be the best we could be. And I’ve witnessed how you’ve shown us what it takes to be a good-loving-caring mother. Thank you mama for always catching us when we fall.

Hence, as I get older, I realize more and more how much you have done for us. I realized that the word “mama/mom/moma” is indeed not easy to come by. Because you have sacrificed so much in order to give us a better life. For that, when I become a mother, I hope I can give all the sacrifices, understanding and all the love to my future children just what you’ve done and still doing to us. Oh well, you deserve more than just a day to be recognised and appreciated. (Mama- I truly appreciate you now, I’m sorry for all the trouble. Because indeed I am no longer a child, I am already an adult. I love you to the moon and back).

From left to right – Aunty Kolyana, Aunty and Mama

So today, I humbly say that you’re the best mom ever! And you are the epitome of unconditional love mama. We love you more than life itself and we would definitely do anything for you! Happy Mother’s Day and MATAGO – TAGO KA!

However, every day is a new opportunity to say all these words.

Enough! I have to end it here because I have to wipe my glasses first. Hahahaha See? I am being emotional everytime I talk about my mom.

Author’s Note: If you are reading this blog post, let me remind you to always love your mom, respect your mom, value your mom and never ever hurt your mom.

And to all the awesome moms, step-moms, and Grandmothers in the world,

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you, today and everyday! Long live!

All right, perhaps this is enough. Thank you for reading and God bless!

Till then,

Al_Yolly ♥


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