“Wedding Belief : Tossing of the Bouquet is just for Fun!”

Hi! Let me start by telling you all that I have never been a mythical person. I definitely don’t agree that catching a bouquet at the wedding is a sign that you’ll be the next bride.
According to folklore, the single woman who catches the bouquet at the wedding will be the next person to get married.

So I attended my cousin’s wedding last Saturday. After the ceremony, we had this “Tossing of the Bridal Bouquet”. All the single ladies were gathered at the back of the bride including myself. Then the bride tossed the bouquet and it landed right in front of me even though I did not moved from where I was standing to try to catch it. I actually didn’t really react because I think I was just surprised. All my cousins and the other people who were there were really excited and started telling me “Yehey! You’re next! Congratulations!”. Hahahaha! Really!? I still love this belief though I think it’s just for fun.


Let me explain, Nah! This is my second time to have caught a bouquet. I once caught it 5 years ago at the wedding of one of my friends from college and look! I’m not yet married until now.

For me, I believe that it’s mere of “coincidence” if a lady got married almost after catching the BOUQUET. And though I caught it for the second time, I believe as well that I will be getting married if it is really my time to get married. And not because of this belief/tradition/folklore.

Now, I don’t know if you agree with this post but again, I caught it twice already and I was never the very next bride. So as for this belief, I have to say that it’s just for fun.

Thank you for reading!


Till then,

Al Yolly 💝

5 thoughts on ““Wedding Belief : Tossing of the Bouquet is just for Fun!”

    1. Not a reminder at all. Of course, Every girls dream is to marry their prince charming. But for me, I will be getting married if I feel like getting married and in God’s perfect time.

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