“How Long Can You Go!?”

If you have a problem with me, tell me. Not to everyone else.∼ Quotes Life101 Hi! So here's a truth about some people nowadays, many of them like to spread damaging information or intimate details about others, whether true or not. This is called gossip. Now, have you been in a situation where someone would …

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“Random Quotes : Part III”

Hi! I'm so excited to share my "Random Quotes : Part III" with you guys because as usual, it's raining here in the city of Pines (Baguio, Philippines) and there's none other way to enjoy this rainy afternoon than to sit on my bed while taking a sip of fresh brewed coffee with a hot …

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“Mama Thoughts”

Hi everyone! So today is mother's day. I love that we set aside whatever we are doing and supposed to be doing to celebrate this day with our mom who raised us. Actually, I was a little nostalgic about my mom and how much "supposed-to-be-celebrating" this day with her means a lot to me. But because she's …

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“Random Quotes : Part II”

Hi! I haven't blogged lately and it's because I have been very busy. But here, I would like again to share these "written quotes" to update this blog. Actually, I made all of these last week but because of being busy these past few days and couldn't find time to blog, I am posting it …

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“Wedding Belief : Tossing of the Bouquet is just for Fun!”

Hi! Let me start by telling you all that I have never been a mythical person. I definitely don't agree that catching a bouquet at the wedding is a sign that you'll be the next bride. According to folklore, the single woman who catches the bouquet at the wedding will be the next person to …

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