“Cafe Review: Gossip Coffee Shop”

Hi! I have been wanting to try this place when I saw the post of my friend on fb but I only had the chance yesterday.

So what can I say about Gossip?

Well, Gossip coffee shop is one of the best coffee shops that I’ve tried not just because of the food and drinks but most especially the ambiance of this place. When we entered, it was really nice and like a homey feel. There’s a terrace, a living room seating and a dining room seating where you can enjoy your coffee, drink, and meal. It has also lots of sayings on the ceiling.

Note: They don’t have a parking area for those who will be bringing their cars.

The nice and homey ambiance.
“Who gossips to you will gossip about you.” Agree? Yeah right! So if not today, someday they will gossip about you as it is their technique to impress other people and gain attention.  A cheap strategy used by cheap people. Ops..sarrey. Lol . This is why I don’t trust people who gossips a lot.! 

In all honesty, we had so much fun in this place just sitting, taking lots of pictures, enjoying their fast wifi, chit chats, and savoring their delicious foods. However, poor customer service! We’ve waited long enough before they served our orders and I was a bit disappointed as well because my “supposed to be” order was not available. So I just ordered sandwich and mocha coffee. Nonetheless, prices are not cheap but definitely not expensive. And of course, their food was good.

For my own taste, the mocha coffee was very sweet but still good though.

How about the staffs?

The staffs were nice and approachable. 

See that presentation of the mocha coffee? Love it.
Because we love food more than we hate being fat.
You don’t have to stop loving food. Eat whatever you want . It’s all about moderation and self control.

It has also lots of books and most are John Grisham. He is one of my favorite authors so I will definitely come back to this place maybe much sooner than expected to read other Grisham books. Actually, I’m not only in love with the ambiance but more with the booooooookks.

See those books on top.?

So if you just want a quiet place to spend some quality time with your special someone, your friends or with yourself, then this is definitely a must try! We stayed here for two hours and we were like, we don’t want to leave. Well, that’s how homey this cafe is! So go visit Gossip Coffee Shop.

FOODS: downloaddownloaddownloaddownloaddownload


SERVICE: downloaddownload

AMBIANCE: downloaddownloaddownloaddownloaddownload

Gossip Coffee Shop is located at Upper General Luna Road Baguio City.

That’s all for today and thank you for reading. 






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