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“Quotes on Self Respect!”

Hi! Because today is a boring day for me, I decided to write my own quotes as my way to at least ease my boredom while waiting for the time. Until I realized that you will never be bored if you really love what you are doing. And yes! I love blogging and I really missed it after almost 3 weeks of not posting any here.  So here’s a SELF RESPECT QUOTES to update this blog. Honestly, it was my first time to do this so I am hoping for your feedback guys. Feel free to leave me comments and corrections for me to improve. THANK YOU!

17309191_389158911464292_2336141621407028044_n17426029_389158751464308_4281020368476606013_n17426068_389159431464240_7686796517847709317_n17457268_389159108130939_3331426282201859379_n17362877_389159218130928_7981702983888510303_n17309885_389159001464283_3813441884982220952_nThank you for reading and have a good day!






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