“Mount Kalugong : Short But Relaxing Hike!”

Hi! Because I love hiking, Mount Kalugong is one of the mountains that I’ve tried which is located at La Trinidad. It is considered to be one of the most popular mountains in Benguet.

So we hiked it last Sunday, it was just a 15-20 minutes hike and the trek was pretty easy as the road going up is established. What we did was we just followed the street until we arrived in an area where there were some sort of small village. It is the “Mount Kalugong Echo Park” yes..it is a park . However, it is still a mountain top of sorts. The care taker let us logged in to their guest book then we paid 50 pesos per head for our entrance fee.16002820_444116992643638_4248168446670544650_n
The way going up, Be sure not to wear white shoes and wear shoes that you don’t like. As you can see, the way is muddy.16113939_444117319310272_3409300984994680088_n15965801_444117602643577_8861087446016604948_n16142287_444117349310269_883771487430563277_nAfter we registered, we immediately went to the area where there were nipa huts, table for picnics and seesaw for picture taking. After that, we decided to have our lunch first before we started the “ROCK CLIMBING”. Mount Kalugong is famous because of it’s different rock formations and it is the highest part of the area overlooking the La Trinidad Valley.15977402_444150485973622_7465834464212114477_n

The Ifugao’s Nipa Hut!
Table of picnics made of woods! (Echo Park)
And he’s preparing our lunch.
All Time Fave! Priiiiiiiiiiiingles!

So I will now show you the main highlight of our trek, “ROCK CLIMBING”. Rocks, rocks, rocks and more rocks. These pictures may not be pleasing to the eyes but once you’re on top of these rocks, you’ll appreciate God for creating such a wonderful nature.!


Rock Formations!

We climbed those sharp weird rocks for us to see the view of La Trinidad Valley. It actually excites me since it was my first time to do it.

There he is!
Still, Rocks!
Another rocks!
And more rocks!


We are now near to the main highlight of the hike!16142977_1533823839978469_3507307736304128237_n

This is it! The Summit!
He’s enjoying the view of the Valley!

I am afraid to go and sit on top of those rocks. LOL 😂😁[/[/
So How can I describe Mount Kalugong?

KASILJAS – is an IBALOI term of COMFORT ROOM/TOILET ☺☺ PHOTO CRED: The Official Traveler! ☺

I was a bit disappointed with their comfort room because it was so dirty. I don’t want to put in detail my review about this part. I just hope that they will maintain the cleanliness of their comfort room. Hygiene hygiene hygiene! Nevertheless, Mount Kalugong is good for nature relaxation and is a place if you want to get out of the stress, noise and crowded city life. I guess, this place is intended for picnic, group activities and camping. Try their improvised wooden swing~ RELAXING!

 How to get here?

From Baguio City, ride a La Trinidad jeep going to Camp Dangwa or any jeep that passes Barangay Upper Cruz La Trinidad. Then get down at Baguio Memorial Services (BMS) in Upper Cruz. After that, walk your way up through the road. Just keep on walking until where the Echo Park is located.

Note: If you prefer the rocky way which I guess is fun, you can start at Balili La Trinidad then ask the folks there for directions.

That’s all for today. Thank you for reading!

Till then,

Al_Yolly ♥

15 thoughts on ““Mount Kalugong : Short But Relaxing Hike!”

    1. Hai thechickengrandma, To sit on those rocks is just easy for me to do since I grew up in the mountain. So I was like *yuhoooow, I’m on the top of the world!* lol, except of course to the summit hah.. scary so I didn’t even try.. 😂😁

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