“Mount Yangbew : A 30-45 Minutes Hike!”

Before, I thought hiking would be hard and boring but I was wrong!. Because since the day that I tried hiking, I have come to love and enjoy it with my hiking buddy. Now, I often encourage my friends to go for a hike and I always feel like “TO LOOK FOR ANOTHER MOUNTAIN” as our next hiking destination.

So just after the holidays, we hiked the one of the famous mountains in Benguet which they named as Mount Yangbew. We started the hike at 1:30 pm and we paid 30 pesos per head to the locals who were there at Yangbew as our environmental fee.

How can I describe the Hike?

The hike going to this mountain is not hard and it is an uphill hike throughout . So we reached the summit after 45 minutes. They have horse for rent. For me, this mountain is perfect for warm up if you wan’t to hike Mount Ulap.( Click here to view my Mount Ulap hike.)purple-flowers-border-6be6d978e3c631d2d011f0c6b7f1cb06 Keep this in mind! MAINTAIN CLEANLINESS!

15871670_1525296767497843_8424025909690049600_n (1).jpg
My hiking buddy!

Mount Yangbew is located at Barangay Tawang in La Trinidad and has become one of the favorite hiking destinations due to its proximity to Baguio City. This is a grassy mountain over looking La Trinidad and is the best spot for campers, photographers, nature lovers and is also a perfect place for those people who loves chasing the sun.

According to some, they named this as Jumbo or Jambo because this mountain was used by the American Boy Scouts for the National Scout Jamboree. I’ve heard several times that the name of this mountain is either JUMBO, JAMBO, YANGBEW and YANGBO. But it has been given last year that the official name of this mountain is “MOUNT YANGBEW” to avoid confusion.15977521_1525291444165042_7983551106746297653_n The 5:30 pm scenery!

Sooooo windy!

Captured this while waiting for the sunset!

The Summit!

We ended our hike by of course, picture piture. 😃 The “YES! I SURVIVED MOUNT YANGBEW” pic.

After 2 days of consecutive hiking, his skin color became like that. LOL. Nevermind love, you’re still handsome. lol!

My last picture at the summit before we left!


If you’re from Baguio, you can take a La Trinidad jeepney at Rizal park or below Centermall and tell the driver to drop you off at Pines Park km.4. Then at Pines Park, take a jeepney going to Tawang and tell the driver that you’re going to Mount Yangbew for them to know. From the city,  it takes 30 -45 minutes to get to Barangay Tawang.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading!

Till then,

Al_Yolly ❤


4 thoughts on ““Mount Yangbew : A 30-45 Minutes Hike!”

  1. Glad you enjoyed the hiking, as I enjoyed seeing the pics and reading your commentary. Hiking is one of my favorite activities and there are plenty of parks around here to accommodate hikers. I look forward to sharing more of your hiking adventures in the future.

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  2. Wonderful! I am here in Baguio and after spending two weeks exploring the city, I decided to go hiking. I am reading all your hiking experiences because this week, I will hike all the mountains you’ve been to as a challenge for my physical and spiritual training. Thank you for these informative blog posts. 🙂

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