“SAGADA And Its Natural Wonders!”

Hello everyone! I’ve always wanted to post this since the day that I went in Sagada. But because the internet there is close to nil, I just decided to do it once I’m back here in the city of Pines. And yes! I’m finally back after a two weeks of vacation in my hometown.

Sagada is a town in the Cordillera and is a fifth class municipality in the province of Mountain Province, Philippines. This is a famous tourist attraction because it has many natural wonders and mind you, many tourists head off to this highland every months especially this December. As I’ve said, this is my hometown so I can assure you that this place is perfect  for those who want to have a peace of mind away from the crowded and noisy cities because of its serene and breathtaking views.

So when I was in Sagada, I visited some of the tourist spots (even though that I came from this place, I didn’t visit some of the famous places there during my childhood) so I’m thankful that I finally had the time to do so. So below are the pictures of the places that I visited.

Bomod-ok Falls

This is the big falls of Sagada and is a gigantic falls in Banga-an Sagada, Mountain Province. The falls is said to be 200 meters high and it can be accessed through trekking via scenic rice paddies and native villages. (source : Google)

Pungas/Pongas Falls

This is another famous falls in Sagada that is located in the Southern part of Sagada which is Ankileng, Sagada Mountain Province. The trek to this place is about 1-2 hours from Poblacion, Sagada by foot. If you are really a nature lover then I suggest that you take a walk because there are a lot of amazing views while walking so you will definitely not get tired. And you will also pass by one of the famous caves which is the SUMAGING CAVE.

For those who are not fond of walking, then there’s a jeepney going to Suyo (one barangay of Sagada). All you have to do is take a jeep from Poblacion and drop by the  jeepney terminal once you’re already in Suyo. After that, begin now the walk going to Pungas/Pongas.

Note : The fare from Poblacion to Suyo is 20 pesos.

Hanging Coffins

Hanging coffins in Echo Valley, Sagada, are predominantly reserved for Igorot elders with families, because it is believed that the younger generations will benefit spiritually from the success of the ‘burial.’ Family members may also wish to carry the corpse to its waiting coffin at the cliff edge in order to be contaminated by the bodily fluids which are thought to contain the talent and luck of their dead relative. (c) HUMAN GHOSTS

This is just 100-200php per head. You have to trek 15-20 minutes to see these coffins and is cumpolsory to have a guide.

P.S, For me, this place is not for very old people because of the “slightly hard” way going here.

Sagada Saint Mary’s Church

This is a monumental stone church built by American Missionaries during the early 1900’s and is said to be the oldest church in Cordillera. In addition, this is the main Episcopalian church in Sagada. Inside the church are the neat and simplicity decors and this church is not always open. So lucky you, if this church is open during your visit.

Echo Valley

This is one of the places where the movie “That Thing Called Tadhana” was shot. Where in the Philippine actress Angelica Panganiban vent out her heartache.

Going here requires some effort but you’ll forget all the walking that you did once you reached this. What I love about this place is the “ECHO”..

So today is December and I’m sure that Sagada is full with so many visitors. More than the normal days. This is 5-6 hours from Baguio City if you’ll going to take a bus.




That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!






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